“I'm living the life I've always wanted.”

Would you be able to say that, right now?

Maybe your mind says, NO WAY and starts listing all the things that would need to change first:

My husband would need to be a LOT nicer…
I'd need to lose 40 pounds…
First I'd need a better job that pays more…

I know you love growth.
Improving things is an important survival instinct we humans carry with us.

But all the fixing and improving can also be exhausting.

It's almost like we tell ourselves we're not allowed to be truly happy until we've finally fixed everything.

The result?

We end up feeling depressed, anxious, and unfulfilled.

Perhaps it's time to change the way we think.

What's the worst that could happen if you started to think…

“I have everything I need, right now.”
“I'm living the life I've always wanted.”
“I adore my spouse / my friends / my kids / my life.”

Part of your brain might shout, “But it's not true!”

But maybe another part of your brain wants to settle in and ALLOW these thoughts to be true.

You get to choose what you think and believe.

Every thought generates a feeling, which attracts your reality like a magnet.

Are your thoughts attracting what you want?
Or are you attracting what you don't want?

You are the master of your life.

Focus on what you DO want, as if it's already here.

“I'm living the life I've always wanted.”
Experience it NOW, using all 5 of your senses.
You'll be in a completely different place a year from now because of it.

xx Jen