Lost track of what makes you happy?

Learn how to implement the boundaries you need so you can feel happier. 

Our relationships with others (and ourselves) can be tricky, complicated, and confusing - especially for women who spend their lives giving their time and energy for the happiness of others.

If you're a giver - Momma you need BOUNDARIES.


Here’s what you need to know: 

“Boundary” is not a dirty word. In fact, if you use it right, it could take your relationships to a new level.  

In this free video training, you’ll discover:

  • What healthy boundaries look like  
  • How to change your life by reframing your “facts” 
  • Tips for handling criticism (without breaking down) 
  • Why “shoulds” can be so damaging 
  • The positive impact your boundaries can have on your family

Meet your host, Dr Jen Riday.

Dr. Jen Riday is a mother of 6, and while she didn’t technically INVENT boundaries, she is a living proof that with healthy boundaries you can live a fulfilled, happy and purposeful life.  

Host of the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast, Creator of the Vibrant Happy Women Club and the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification, she believes every woman on this planet has something special to contribute to the world and will be happiest when she is living true to her purpose.  And to do that - you gotta have boundaries first.

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