5-Day Vibrant Happy Declutter Challenge

FREE challenge to help you simplify + declutter your life so you can feel more balanced, calm and in control.


Hi! I’m Jen Riday, host of the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast and a mom of 6 and I'm here to help you declutter and simplify your life. 

Believe me, I know how clutter can collect and crowd not just your physical space, but also your mental space. It can affect your productivity and create feelings of overwhelm. This is the last thing you need in your way when you have plenty of other things to do.

But often, finding the motivation to declutter can be difficult. That's why I created this 5-day declutter challenge. In just 5 days, we'll tackle the clutter together in short, super easy challenges. I'll be with you every step of the way!

The Declutter Challenge is for you if...

  • You're an overwhelmed mom craving more order and ease.
  • You want to declutter but don't know where to start.
  • You constantly feel pulled in a hundred different directions.
  • You crave clarity and focus.
  • You're seeking motivation and would benefit from some group accountability.
  • You're looking for a simple way to get results without a crazy clean-out-your-whole-house challenge.
  • You want quick and easy plus results - in less than 10 minutes a day. 

What is the 5-day Vibrant Happy Declutter Challenge?

  • Receive 5 simple exercises delivered to your inbox or on Facebook each day which are going to create some (much needed?) space in your life
  • Join a group of like-minded women who are all working together to conquer their clutter. It's important that we don't do this alone!
  • A challenge focused on YOU and how to simplify and quickly get rid of overwhelm without spending hours and hours going through every part of your house.
  • Finally feel focused and calm even if you're wearing all the hats (mom, boss, wife).
  • Let go of anxiety and stress to feeling more in control.
  • Take small steps towards decluttering without feeling guilt or overwhelm.

What happens after I join?

  • You'll receive a confirmation email with more information about when the challenge starts and where to join the Facebook group. 
  • You can join the Facebook Group, where we're already getting to know each other and sharing our struggles with decluttering. This is also where I share some motivational tips to get you excited for the challenge. (The Facebook Group is optional but I highly suggest joining so you can get the most out of the challenge).
  • The challenge starts on Sunday, March 15, 2020. You'll receive an email every morning with the daily challenge task. This task will take less than 10 minutes of your time
  • When the 5 days are finished, you'll be in a completely new mindset and feeling WAY MORE in control of your life and time!

Destress, declutter, and simplify your life. You deserve it. 

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