How to get rid of stuff and save energy for what’s important!

In just 10 minutes a day you’ll be able to accomplish MASSIVE change in your home after 40 days. I’ve created the “40 Way to Declutter Your Life in Just 10 Minutes a Day” worksheet. Print that out, hang it up and start now!

If you struggle with motivation, do it first thing in the morning when your energy is highest, turn on some music, and set a timer for just 10 minutes. Knowing it’s a finite amount of time – a DO-ABLE amount of time – will help you overcome inertia and procrastination.

The goal: to feel more VIBRANT. This is the Vibrant Happy Women MOVEMENT and the word “vibrant” is related to the word “vibration.” Let’s play our lives like a violin, on that highest most beautiful note of alignment. Use this 40-day Decluttering Challenge as a chance to raise your vibration and energy and to live your life more ALIVE.

You deserve it.

Now let’s get going… click below and print out your worksheet and get started today!


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