A Small Group Coaching Program for Healing Your Heart and Increasing Self Love So You Can Enjoy Greater Happiness, Increased Confidence, and Closer Relationships


You’ve always dreamed of being the confident one,

a woman who is secure and assured while also being able to...

....experience deep trust and emotional intimacy in your relationships...

...take time for yourself without feeling guilty…

...have healthy boundaries so you can keep people from draining every last ounce of your energy…

...feel confident in every conversation (and stop over-analyzing every little thing you say)…

...interact from a place of love and generosity (rather than feeling NEEDY for approval)…

...deeply and completely love yourself, knowing you are absolutely GOOD ENOUGH just as you are.

LIFE isn’t easy and things happen, including...

  • relationships suck the life out of you and never seem to get any better, no matter how hard you try
  • past hurts and bitterness that keep coming up, making it impossible to change your patterns
  • a mile-long to-do list that keeps you so busy you don’t really have time to think
  • feeling guilty whenever you try to take time for yourself
  • exhaustion from trying to keep all the plates spinning as you try to live up to all the expectations that society, your spouse, and others have of you
  • confusion about your purpose and how you should be living your life
  • fear that if you unlock your safeguarded heart you’ll release a flood of emotions that you won’t be able to handle
The result?

Your dream of feeling confident, happy, and fulfilled

keeps getting bumped further and further down the list.

“I have no idea where to begin.”

“I have tried therapy and self help books but nothing seems to work.”

“I’m worried I’ll start but then not stick with it and finish.”

“I have challenging kids who are soooo draining and have no time for myself!”

“I’m worried I’ll spend my whole life feeling like I’m not good enough, never having the love and approval I’ve probably been craving since childhood.”

“I just try to keep busy. When I’m busy I don’t really think about how unhappy I really am.”


As soon as you contemplate the realities of healing your heart and learning to love yourself, you’re overwhelmed by fear and “shoulds” and guilt and end up doing nothing at all (again).

It’s no wonder so many women end up simply continuing to meet everyone else’s needs instead of figuring out how to take care of themselves first.

But that’s the way it seems to be for

most women…

...always busy going, going, going until they’re completely exhausted and unhappy…

...When they COULD be proactive and start BUILDING LOVE from the INSIDE OUT in a way that‘s DOABLE and SAFE, with EXPERT GUIDANCE - all from the CONVENIENCE OF HOME.


It’s likely you’ve already figured out what’s holding you back...

  • A fear of unlocking the floodgates of emotion you’ve locked away for so long (scary, I know!)
  • An idea that you’re too busy and now is not the right time to work on yourself.
  • The belief that if you just ignore your past hurts, and rejections and feelings of “not good enough,” they’ll magically go away - or that they don't really affect you (when deep down, you know they do).
  • You start reading self help books but never really finish and certainly never take action.
  • A belief that you’d need YEARS of expensive therapy to solve your problems… and who has time for that?!

But you know what?

It’s not your Fault.

Society has fed us too many lies for too long.
Lies like:
  • "good moms" put their families first. 
  • you'll find love and happiness through giving and serving (to depletion) 
  • it's wrong to take time for yourself when everyone obviously needs you 
  • you need to keep your house looking like the cover of Better Homes and Gardens 
  • if you ignore your resentment and anger and hurts, they'll go away... (woah, this one is BIG!) 
  • your marriage will get better if you just GIVE a little more to your spouse

Despite your fears and worries and busy-ness,

you already KNOW that healing your heart and learning to deeply love yourself would

change. the. game.

Healing your heart and building self love could…

  • ...significantly improve your relationships with your spouse so you can finally experience the emotionally intimate relationship you’ve been craving.
  • you show up more fully for your kids in a spirit of patience, love and acceptance (the exact things you wished you’d had as a kid!).
  • your ability to stay calm and be less reactive when life gets challenging...
  • you become your best, happiest, and most confident self (and help your kids to do the same).
  • ...strengthen your boundaries so you can master the art of saying NO (so you can choose a more powerful YES).
  • …allow you to stay grounded, centered and secure in your ability to take care of yourself with strength and positivity ...model for your kids what it means to love yourself and live a life you love.

THAT’S what self love can do for you.

Even if you worry you’re too old, or too busy, or that you have
too much emotional baggage to sift through...


Especially if healing your heart involves:

  • Learning powerful self-love tools and skills you can use for the rest of your life
  • Knowing how to boost your mood FAST, even when life gets hard
  • Learning how to say “NO” to what drains you and “YES” to the things that energize you
  • Experiencing how healing your own heart will simultaneously heal the hearts of those around you
  • Learning how to let go of “good mom syndrome” so you can live the version of motherhood that feels right for you - with confidence

You can keep doing the daily grind, pretending that “someday” you’ll get around to figuring out the “self love thing,” but you and I both know you can be SO MUCH HAPPIER in your relationships and life if you start healing your heart TODAY.

And you know what? Even though you’ve been putting off taking better care of yourself, your decision to wait to start a journey of self love might just be one of the best decisions you ever made.

Because a journey of self love isn’t easy.

You need a solid understanding of the theories, tools, and strategies that have worked for others in the past, a strong support network, and expert guidance of someone who’s BEEN THERE so you can keep moving forward - and not get stuck in “oh, life is fine. I’m fine.”

You could have gotten lucky and been able to ROCK the "healing your heart thing" right out the gate with little more than a few self help books, but...


It takes a lot more than a few self help books to

heal your heart and build self love.

There are so many tools, ideas and experiences from experts, reserchers, and other women that can speed up the process for you.

I would know

I had to take my own self love journey...

Years ago, I hit rock bottom. I had been a stay-at-home mom for over a decade.

I was constantly GIVING and DOING and STRIVING to be perfect, to prove I was finally good enough...

It all started in high school. I was a farm girl, a go-getter, an achiever. I was very successful at almost everything I did, but my parents didn’t really believe in praise or thinking too highly of yourself, so I never really felt good enough.

So I just kept pushing and striving and achieving, becoming homecoming queen, a straight A student, a basketball star, getting a full-ride scholarship to college...

But they didn't really ever praise what I'd accomplished (they believed that would give me a "big head" so they just said nothing.)

I just kept wishing they'd say, “Jen, you are amazing. You are doing such a great job!” But that never really happened, so I struggled with "not good enough" for YEARS.

I pushed on to earn a Ph.D. in Human Development and Family Studies. And I married a good man, but he also hadn’t experienced much love from his parents either....

Which meant that we both went into marriage with a focus on our own NEEDS and desire for love and approval...

...leading to GUT-WRENCHING FIGHTS that left both of our hearts ACHING.

Over time we had 6 kids (“good moms” have lots of kids, right?)

I decided to leave Academia and become a stay-at-home mom. I baked homemade bread, kept the house clean, made gourmet meals, threw elaborate birthday parties…

In short I gave EVERYTHING I had for my husband and kids and did almost nothing for myself until...

I hit rock bottom.

In December 2010 I suffered a miscarriage. We were on my parents’ farm - FAR from a hospital - so we had to drive 1 hour to the ER.


“What kind of monster fights with a woman having a miscarriage?” I thought.

After we were done at the ER, we drove back to my parents' house in silence. I was furious. FURIOUS that my life sucked and that I wasn't happy and that I had nothing fulfilling or meaningful.

That was the turning point.


self love...
  • I committed to taking care of myself - putting myself FIRST.
  • I brushed up on everything I had learned in grad school about attachment theory, self esteem, confidence, and more.
  • I went to hours of therapy.
  • I read hundreds of books on happiness and meditation and boundaries.
  • And most importantly, I spent hours in DEEP inner exploration, applying everything I learned, so I could HEAL MY HEART.
  • I learned SO MUCH about healthy emotions and healthy self image... and all of the tools and skills that have helped hundreds of thousands of other women to take care of themselves, let go of resentment, and experience deep self love.

And for me, the RESULTS WERE


"Healing my heart not only made me a whole lot happier, but I also noticed my husband and kids changed, too. Working on ME and healing my heart truly healed my life and my relationships, too."

Now, you could go on the same journey, which took me over 7 years and thousands of hours of reading and research and experimentation, and probably learn just as much.

But the fact is, your life is flying by, and your heart is hurting and you’re exhausted.


And You WANT to be a better mom…

...a mom who SHOWS her kids exactly what it looks like to be HAPPY.

...a mom who stops the pattern of self loathing and people pleasing and perfectionism and guilt and who shows her kids (especially her daughters) that life is meant to be JOYOUS and FULFILLING (rather than a struggle).


Women are like the sun. When we shift, everyone around us shifts in response.

That means when we heal our own hearts, we simultaneously heal the hearts of those around us.

As an experienced mom of 6 who has healed her marriage, who is happier than ever before, and who has a tribe of thousands of followers who are now experiencing a similar transformation on their own journey of self love, I want to give you an easier way.

All you need is a foolproof system that walks you step by step through a proven process of healing your heart and building self love.

...a system that includes all the tools, strategies and formulas you need to learn to love yourself so you can HAVE CLOSER RELATIONSHIPS, have more CONFIDENCE, and experience genuine HAPPINESS and PEACE.

...without the risk.

It’s not that hard to build self love, as long as you have guidance and support…


changes for the better
  • Starting a journey of self love gives you the perfect way to uplevel your life, engage in massive growth, and develop deep inner confidence.
  • When you love yourself, you wake up excited to face the day - you’ll literally jump out of bed with enthusiasm because life feels EASY and REWARDING.
  • You’ll be so much more patient as a mom.
  • Your relationship with your spouse will shift in ways you never could have imagined (seriously, this energetic shift is still blowing my mind and it’s been over 7 years now).
  • There’s nothing better than being able to look in the mirror and think, “WOW. I’m a PHENOMENAL human being and I love myself!”

What would it mean if at the end of 2020 you could look inside and feel deep love and acceptance for yourself and have more confidence, peace and happiness - AND enjoy closer relationships?

Guess what?

The ONLY thing that stands between you and the rewarding relationships, happiness and confidence that come with HEALING YOUR HEART and LOVING YOURSELF is a PROVEN, step-by-step system that will help you LET GO of emotional baggage, TRANSFORM your thinking, BUILD healthy boundaries, and STRENGTHEN your relationships - all from the convenience of home.


  • Identify your values, priorities, talents and gifts.
  • Let go of past emotional hurts and baggage so you can experience the joy and lightness of forgiveness.
  • Not waste a penny or a minute going to HOURS or YEARS of therapy where you spend time rehashing the past instead of fixing the heart of the problem and moving forward with a crystal clear vision of what you WANT for your life.
  • Discover dozens of tools, strategies and methods experts use to help people build self love fast - without the 20K+ price tag.
  • Identify exactly how to communicate with your spouse and kids in a way that helps them to respect your boundaries.
  • Create a solid self-care routine that you can actually STICK WITH.
  • Know how to shift your mood FAST when life gets hard or when you’re just having a bad day.
  • Identify exactly how to improve your body image so you no longer loathe how you look.
  • Develop a deep reverence for WHO you are and the gifts God/The Universe gave you.
  • Seamlessly balance taking care of you and taking care of your family in a way that feels free, fulfilling and amazing (and without guilt that you’re not spending enough time with your spouse and kids!)


You won’t waste a minute of your time or a penny of your money doing things that won’t get you closer to your goal of healing your heart and loving yourself more deeply.

You’ll be SO MUCH FREAKING HAPPIER and your relationships will be SO MUCH CLOSER.



Are you ready avoid the “gotta-take-care-of-everyone-else-but-never-myself” trap most women fall into and finally discover the self-love system I’ve used to heal my heart, to heal my marriage and to become WAY more patient, confident and happy?

Welcome to Heal Your Heart, The Complete Program for Healing Your Heart and Increasing Self Love So You Can Enjoy Greater Happiness, Increased Confidence, and Closer Relationships!

I’ll walk you step by step through all the pieces I’ve used to heal my heart and build deep self love.
This is your chance to easily and quickly build self love without years of therapy or giant time-wasting distractions.

What’s the result? 20 CORE LESSONS and 20 SMALL GROUP COACHING SESSIONS and a beautiful collection of trainings and swipe files that guide you step by step to home plate.

It’s everything you need to heal your heart and build deep self love.

…so you can experience better relationships, more confidence and deeper happiness.

Heal Your Heart


  • Takes you step-by-step through all the sticky details involved in letting go of past emotional hurts (where many women get lost and throw in the towel).
  • Gives you a quick and easy path to build a solid self love routine that you'll STICK WITH.
  • Research-based knowledge about how to establish solid boundaries that actually work!
  • Easy steps to help you manage your emotions and mood so you can stay grounded and centered in your day-to-day interactions.
  • Includes guidance from a MOM with a Ph.D., who is also a certified self love coach, and who has made the self love journey herself - with massive success.
  • Focuses not only on healing your heart, but on how self love will help you heal your marriage, your relationships with your kids, and have a dramatic impact on almost every area of your life (including health, weight, career, and more).
  • Provides you with every video, guide, worksheet and coaching strategy you need to heal your heart and build self love fast - from the convenince of home and without years of expensive therapy.
  • Guides you from knowing almost nothing about self love to being a confident, aligned, happy and completely transformed woman by the end of 2020!
Here's how it all breaks down...

The Content

Throughout 2020 you'll receive 20 jam-packed lesson guiding you through the research, skills, and tools related to tons of self-love topics, including:

  • Changing your mood
  • Mirror work
  • Self talk
  • Manifesting
  • Self care routines
  • Inner child work
  • Self-discovery of gifts and talents
  • Boundaries
  • Listening to Intuition
  • Letting go of “good mom” syndrome
  • Using meditation to change your behavioral patterns
  • Emotional detox and forgiveness work
  • Building a solid self love morning/evening practice
  • And much more!


You’ll also get to do some DEEP WORK through a weekly, intimate small-group coaching session with Dr. Jen and up to 15 other members of the Heal Your Heart Program. These will happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays at your choice of time (day or evening).

Small group coaching is a POWERFUL way to build self love fast because talking and exploring within a group with the guidance of an experienced coach will help you identify your limiting beliefs and emotional blocks so you can let them go and start training your brain to follow new behavioral patterns.

AND you’ll form THE MOST AMAZING FRIENDSHIPS with other heart-centered women who will have your back for life!

And I want to make sure you feel supported every step of the way, so you’ll have lifetime access to the Heal Your Heart program!





(Value $997)

Let’s face it… your self love journey won’t always be easy. It takes focus, and breaking through limiting beliefs and fear...

All the other members of Heal Your Heart will be there to support you in our exclusive members-only Facebook Group.

Ask questions. Brainstorm. Share ideas. Get through discouragement - all with the help of your new fellow self love travelers and new best friends!

You’ll have lifetime access to this exclusive Facebook Group.



(Value $997)

You’re going to have lots of questions along the way, and I have answers. Every week until the end of 2020 I’ll offer a live video Q&A "office hours" session so you can chat with me face to face about ANYTHING you want to know related to healing your heart and building self love.

This is an INVALUABLE resource and will help you move forward at lightning speed - without getting stuck - so you can have a healthy self image, stronger relationships, and lots of self love at the end of 2020 with an experienced self love coach at your side.



(Value $997)

As much as I’d like to squeeze EVERY aspect of self love into the weekly and monthly lessons, there are some things that you’ll be ready for AFTER you’ve walked through the Foundation material, like the “Self Love Online Summit” featuring presentations from dozens of self love experts. You'll also find lots of guided meditations, worksheets, printables, and templates on a number of self-love related topics - and lots, lots more!



When you enroll

during this limited-time promotional period, you’ll get:


The FULL Heal Your Heart Program: Exclusive access to 20 lessons of heart-centered video trainings and worksheets plus 20 Small Group Coaching Sessions... Value - $3,494


Private Heal Your Heart Facebook Group: Build powerful friendships with a community of like-minded women on the same self love journey who will inspire you, uplift you and support you - and probably be your friends for life! Value - $997


Live Weekly Q&A Calls With Dr. Jen: Ask any question and I’ll give you an answer. This is like having a personal self love coach at your beck and call for an entire year! The videos provide you the opportunity to chat face-to-face so I can hear exactly what you’re struggling with and give you a clear solution. Every week. You’ll never be stuck because I’ll be right there at your side. Value - $997


The Bonus Content Library: There’s so much great stuff I want to share with you, but I want to keep things simple, so I’ll be putting lots of EXTRAS here in the bonus content library. Once you finish the Foundation material, you can dive into “The Self Love Online Summit” or any of the many guided meditations, templates, printables, and bonus trainings I’ll be giving you, and so much more! Value - $997

The price goes up in just...


With everything combined,
that’s a total value of


And that doesn’t even include all the other surprises and bonuses I’ll be dropping throughout the program.

BUT, I’m not selling this to you at that price. Instead, because I’m super excited for you to heal your heart and develop deep self love so that you can be more confident, be a better mom, and have a happier marriage...

I’m giving you the opportunity to enroll in

Heal Your Heart

at the special price of just…

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If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us.
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If you’re not sure…

Or other online programs have left you skeptical…

Then I’m giving you a risk-free opportunity to try Heal Your Heart.

If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, then you can receive a full refund any time within 2 months.

But, you DO have to attend at least 3 small group sessions and complete at least 3 worksheets to get your refund.


Heal Your Heart is for the women committed to IMPLEMENTING what they learn. It’s not for those who want to observe without
taking action.

We’re strict about this - you must do the work and give it a shot before asking for a refund.

I’m helping to hold you accountable to ensure you’ll take this seriously and take action so you can have the transformation and self love success you WANT.

Colleen Healy

“Heal Your Heart has been was so wonderful. I have better energy and sit taller and that’s what I need.


It’s internal work, but it’s the external group and support and reminders that is priceless and invaluable. When I read about HYH and what Jen was offering, I had no clue about the relationships and how I wouldn’t just heal my heart, but it would be a collective healing of hearts.”

“Through Heal Your Heart I have found my TRIBE.”

Mutale B.
Danielle Mendoza

“I’ve changed so much since last year.


It’s just a world of difference with what’s going on inside my head and my heart. I’m feeling the way I want to feel more and more. Changing that inner dialogue has been the biggest thing. Before it was really easy for me to get to the place where I felt worthless. I just don’t feel that way anymore. Now I kind of laugh at myself because I feel borderline arrogant because I think, ‘I’m freaking amazing!’”

“I love my Heal Your Heart small group.


It is hard to make friends in your 40s and sometimes it feels like I am the only one with kids that do XYZ, or a husband that isn't the most supportive. It is comforting to know I am not alone. Jen is a WEALTH of information. She challenges us, supports us, and is FUN!!! I feel lighter, not so burdened by my stuff.”

Catherine C.

“I made the snap decision to join because I felt overwhelmed with life and work and I've learned I need to come back to...


addressing myself again and again as life tries to take me away. The most important thing is I realize I am important and I have found a tribe. It’s been a huge anchor for me. Everything Dr. Jen has taught us has been really valuable.”

“Jen Riday has a way of challenging me in ways unfamiliar to me but exciting!


I look forward to our group heal your heart calls.”

Kathy B.

“Last year I was married to my job with no boundaries whatsoever, told everybody yes, people pleaser...


my life has 360 changed from January until now. It’s amazing. My heart is so happy now… I’m so grateful. I don’t talk down to myself anymore. I speak affirmingly to myself. I wouldn’t have been able to do that without Dr. Jen's tools and lessons and without the other Heal Your Heart women.”


How do I know if Heal Your Heart is right for me?

If you can answer YES to any of the following statements, you’re the PERFECT person for Heal Your Heart:

  • You're burned out and exhausted.
  • You catch yourself with a stream of negative self talk running through your head regularly.
  • You want to improve your marriage and your relationships with your kids and other loved ones.
  • You struggle to boost your mood sometimes.
  • You're tired of carrying resentment and negativity from people or situations that hurt you in the past.
  • You want to be a confidence ROCKSTAR!
  • You want to get your "sparkle" back and be your most vibrant, happy and successful self.

If any of these are true for you, then...

I want to reward you for daring to dream about loving yourself, building deep confidence and self worth and healing your relationships.

You can get started RIGHT NOW
by choosing the plan that works best for you:

Pay Monthly

12 payments of


Pay Upfront

Single payment of


(save $147)

Secure Checkout
You can trust us

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, please contact us.
I'm so excited to help you make 2020 your year of self love and healing your heart so you can leave a legacy of healing and love for your kids and the generations of women who will come after you.
- Dr. Jen


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