Last night I tried to teach my family about the relationship between thoughts, feelings, actions, and results (aka, Thought Tables!) 

Let's just say this teaching moment went worse than I ever could have imagined. 

I selected a random negative thought (My son always lies) then asked Heathcliffe (my hubs) how that thought makes him feel. 

I *thought* he would say SAD or FRUSTRATED. 

His actual response: “He doesn't always lie so I wouldn't think that.” 

Thinking I’d have more success with one of my kids, I turned to Silas (age 17) and asked him how that thought made him feel. 

Silas: “I don't have a son so I would never think that.” 

Frustration beginning to bubble up at my edges, I tried a new angle.

Turning to Jane (age 12), I asked, “What are you thinking right now?” 

Jane: “I don't have thoughts. I think in pictures.” 


Making one last attempt, “How about you, Lorelai (age 14)?”

Lorelai: “I'm thinking about beans.” 




Wherever you are on the journey of understanding your thoughts and feelings, my greatest wish is that you can think thoughts that help you feel AMAZING! 

What thoughts help you feel amazing? Excited? Empowered? 

Thinking thoughts that generate positive feelings will make you behave completely differently than if you think thoughts that generate negative feelings (i.e., frustrated, sad, or unworthy).


Not sure what you're thinking at any given moment?

Try doing a brain download (aka, brain dump) and write everything that comes to mind, without judging or filtering your thoughts. 

When you finish, you'll see a range of empowering thoughts and disempowering thoughts on the page.

Disempowering thoughts (i.e., I can’t do anything right! or My kids never do their homework!) lead us to feel low-vibe emotions, like self-pity or frustration, which often tend to keep us stuck.

Empowering thoughts (i.e., I’m going to rock this day! or My spouse is an amazing, unique human being!) help us to feel higher-vibe emotions, like confidence or determination, which tend to help us take action toward the outcomes we want.

It’s so simple, but not always easy. 

One powerful tool that can help you uplevel your thoughts from disempowering to empowering is a Thought Table. 

Thought Tables help you see exactly what you’re thinking and how your thoughts impact your emotions, actions, and results.

If you want a new result (outcome) in your life, you simply need to change your thoughts, like this:  

Want to lose weight?

Have a happier marriage?

Experience more fun and adventure?

Thought Tables will absolutely get you the results you want in your life, just as they have for hundreds of other women. 

Try it for yourself to see Thought Tables in action.

How to Get What You Want:  

  1. Do a brain download by writing freely without judging or filtering your thoughts. 
  2. Label each thought on the page as empowering, disempowering, or neutral. 
  3. Select one disempowering thought from your page and uplevel it like the example above.


BONUS: Repeat daily and watch the magic happen! You’ll not only feel more empowered and happier, but a regular Thought Table practice will help you take the actions that will get you the results you want in life. 


Want to learn how to do Thought Tables like a boss so you can have the relationships, finances, and wellbeing you crave?

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