157 Transcript: Creating a Harmonious Home with Feng Shui (with Patricia Lohan)

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J: My guest today is Patricia Lohan and she's the author of the ‘The Happy Home: A Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life’. Patricia has a gift for making feng shui simple and easy to understand and implement and helping women make their home magnetic to money, luck, and blessings; who doesn't want that? Patricia shows you what they don't teach in school. She's a feng shui expert, a healer, and a passionate female entrepreneur originally from the West of Ireland, and she has shaped her dream life living in Bali with her husband. If not working on her business, you'll find her practicing yoga, singing, dancing, or skiing, and she's currently based in the Alps for the ski season; lucky you.

P: Mm-hmm. (Laughs)

J: Welcome to the show. I heard before we turn on the recording, you said you're in Slovenia, correct?

P: That's right, yes, that's right. And we wanted to just… we've done 3 rainy seasons in Bali and decided that, we’re like, “Oh, we want to ski, we want to ski.” And we've created an online business, we're like, “Why don’t we just go and ski then?” So we packed up our bags in November and headed here. And it’s been great to experience a new country and get to ski and, you know, be in winter, it's a very different phenomena to Bali.

J: Yeah, for sure, for sure. My husband was born in Slovenia so kind of…

P: Wow, amazing!

J: … interesting connection, yeah.

P: Have you been here?

J: He has, I have not. Although from the pictures, it's stunningly beautiful and I don't think people are aware of it, it's just not on everyone's radar, you know?

P: Honestly, it is so idyllic and beautiful and so small, you can get around it so quickly. So anybody who's listening that wants to come to a small European country that is just… has everything, like it has beach, it has lakes, it has mountains, and it has a lot of culture. So, yeah, for sure, I would highly recommend it for a trip.

J: Yeah, yeah. Well, let's dive in with your favorite quote today, Patricia.

P: So my favorite quote is, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

J: Mm-hmm, I love that one.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: Ad how do you apply that one?

P: So I role model like living my dream life. So essentially, if I want to… I want people to be able… I really believe that you can be, do, and have whatever you want, but you have to take action on it. And I am someone that takes action on all of my dreams, whether it is we're talking about going skiing, we're going skiing. And actually now, this is something that we wanted to do and literally, it kind of a pivot has happened. While we're here, I’m like, “This has been good. Actually I feel like I'm being called to New York now,” and we're just going to do it. And people kind of look at it and like, “You're so brave,” and I'm like, “It's not brave, it's just following what feels good and part of that mission of like, you know, be the change want to see in the world.” I help people make their homes magnetic to success. I feng shui in my house and I help lots of people like step into their power through doing that with their homes.

J: So feng shui, we all imagine… I'm going to present what I think is a traditional view of it, of people who might not know much about it.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: But we know might involve moving things, maybe you need a red door and maybe a mirror here or… (Laughs)

P: Mm-hmm.

J: But let's back it up, what is feng shui and how can it help us feel the way we want to feel in our homes?

P: I love this question. And you know what? Exactly what you said it's what so many people think that feng shui is about. And for me, I like to explain it like it's acupuncture for your home. So I don't tell people to knock any walls, to paint the front door red. Actually, red is a good color for some houses and not for others, because every single house is unique. And just like an acupuncturist sees a person and looks at their body, they might have some indicators of what's going on, they’ll have some tips to be able to, you know, eat healthy and get a little… do some more exercise and that on the outside, but I work with the hidden energy, the energy… the unseen energy. So when the acupuncturist checks your Chi and the energy what's going on, looks at you, I look at someone's house, and really this is the… there’s layers of it. So feng shui is really about creating a house, a happy home. The words itself, it doesn't really matter how you say, it feng sui, feng shui as long as you're kind of implementing it in some shape or form in your life and in your home, it's going to make your house and your life a lot smoother and happier. Because originally when it was created and when it came about it into formation, it was for… in ancient times, people made their money from their harvests. So it's good health and good harvest. And if we have good health and we reap the harvest that we reap from whatever work we do is good, you know, I think we're going to be pretty happy people. And that's really what this is all about, it's creating an environment for what it is that you want to create in your life. So just like at the harvest, like the farmer goes out and plants the seeds in the ground, he's only going to plant it on the best soil, the fertile soil, that's exactly what we do with people's homes, making their homes this fertile environment to support them with what it is they want.

J: I love that. So you mentioned the happy home, let's say someone listening, okay, let's say everyone listening has those moments where their home doesn't feel very happy. But let's say it's a high conflict couple, and that was probably me and my husband in the past, but what would you say about that kind of energy if you came into someone's home and felt that, “Hmm, something's off,”? I mean, where do you even start when you feel that energy?

P: So this is a great question again and, you know, there is… just like every… like I said, every single house is completely unique energy wise. And to be totally honest, I will get an indication of like when I'm walking in towards the door… and I actually just work with clients online like 99% of the time now. But like when I would arrived… I would have arrived at someone's house, I would see in the outside to see, “Oh, what's going on on the outside?” and just with the way it set up, the location, the neighbors, having just a look around the feel of that. And then moving in, on the outside, a house can look absolutely beautiful, like interior design, like perfect, no clutter, like immaculate house, and yet there's still like that high-intensity relationship issues like arguments are bickering or, you know, just negative things happening in a home. And that, for me, is a big sign of… that can kind of be a big sign of the house type being actually a house that’s bad for people. And I don't want to freak people out because I really like focusing on the fact that anything that is happening in your home or, you know, as a result of moving your house. So I've had like clients who have… you know, had a happy generally happily happy life, a good relationship, and then they move house and then it turns into this like arguments and bickering and crazy stuff going on with their children, sickness, and they're like, “What’s just happened? We just moved house, we were fine in the last house.” And it's because this house is just a specific different energy. And the best part of our feng shui is you can change it and make it better. And a lot of this is to do it's kind of like the 5 element theory which is, again, part of what we'd be working with in acupuncture and that… working with the elements. It's like bringing in elements like fire or water or metal into the space, or plants, to just balance and harmonize this.

J: So the 5 elements are fire, water, metal, plants, and air?

P: Earth.

J: Earth.

P: Yeah.

J: Earth, okay.

P: Earth, earth, yeah.

J: Got it. My kids have watched ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ and they talk about these so (Laughs) it’s so funny.

P: I love it, yeah, exactly! And it's like, I think that one of the big things is that I'm… a lot of… you know, how I got into feng shui was really in my late teens, which is kind of weird like an Irish girl from the west coast of Ireland is like into feng shui, but we moved house a lot of times. And when I moved into… we moved into this new house and I had first free reign over like decorating my bedroom for the first time. And I came across feng shui and I asked for books about it, and I was like dived in like, “Oh my god, this is so amazing! And it’s going to help you with prosperity. And your house could be bad for money and it could be this and…”  and I was like all over it. But I got to a certain place in the book where it got a bit complicated and was all numbers and crazy stuff, and that's why I wrote ‘The Happy Home’ because people kept asking for a book to recommend and I was like, “I want something that's easy for people to read because I don't want them to be like me where they got to a page and I closed the book and kind of forgot about it for 20 years.” In my… well, it wasn't quite 20 years, maybe 10… 10 years when I decided to actually kind of came back in my sphere when I moved into a new apartment and I wanted to attract love into my life. And I created an environment that was aligned with calling in love into my life.

J: Ooh! So what does that look like?

P: Yes. So first of all, like the nice thing is every part of your home reflects a different part of your life. So it's just like your body, like your organs have a job, your heart, your lungs, they have a job, they’re doing their job, same as your house. So you have like a love and marriage area, so what I did was I energized the love and marriage area. So if that family is… that couple are bickering a lot, first thing I would tackle in a house would be, I would go and find the southwest areas are home and see what's in it. Like… and I would certainly place a picture of them and I really… you know, like their engagement or a wedding picture or something that remain that anchors in a really positive energy of them together. Now, I was single so I want to attract love, so I put something in, an image or a little statue actually of a couple dancing together and I placed that in my love and marriage area. I brought some like love rose quartz into my love and marriage area, and I just kind of like made this space like really clear of anything that was not like… that was singular or on its own because there was like, “This needs… I need to think in pairs.” And then I set my bedroom up. Again, this is something I would look out for that couple as well that… you know, that hypothetical couple, I would look at their bedroom and be like, “What's in their bedroom that is not aligned with these 3 words, rest, romance, relaxation?” 3 words, you know? So if you're like, you know, a couple and you have like kids, maybe one of the kids is coming in and sleeping in the bed and you're like, “Okay, this isn't going to be rest, romance or relaxation,” time to create clearer boundaries, you know? This is a room for intimacy, it's for only the 2 of you, so it's about, “What is in the room that's not aligned with it? Is it you bringing your work to bed like you have your laptop under the bed, slid under the bed and books that are not like aligned with what's kind of going on present?” So, you know, I've often gone to bedrooms and there's like a library in the bedroom.

J: (Laughs) I'm laughing because that's me. And I have my…

P: Yeah.

J: I set up my work in the bedroom. My desk right now…

P: Okay.

J: … I'm in the bedroom. Oh my goodness, you're going to shame me now. (Laughs)

P: So… no, no, no. And you know what? This is okay. So I'm totally able to help you with this and be able to give you some suggestions for this because I have clients who have exactly the same situation, they have like… they need to create a space in their house where they can get quiet and do their work. And, you know, it's about the boundaries when it comes to this situation of you working in your office… working in your bedroom, like creating clear boundary between work and like rest, romance, and relaxation. So whether you clear off that desk at night and you put everything away, you put a little off sign, you put a small little throw over your desk and you just like, “Okay, I'm off,” because it'll be hard to switch off from work and kind of be able to kind of just be like, “Oh, I'm in my rest, romance, relaxation mode.” And in your bedroom as well, it's important to have like a picture of, you know, yourself and your husband or your partner, or if you're single, a picture of a couple. So it's really… but it's not just any old picture of a couple, like you want a picture of a couple that's like, “That's what I'm calling in. Like, that's what I'm attracting into my life.” Because the imagery in your house… and I really like to recommend making your house a vision board for what you want to create, like for what it is you want to call into your life, because…

J: Ah.

P: … your subconscious mind is taking in a lot of information as it walks through your house all the time. And if you're sleeping… and I have like this crazy story (Laughs) because I decorated our bedroom in Ireland and it was this beautiful master bedroom, I had it like totally… I was like, “Rest, romance, relaxation,” these beautiful things and gold and real luxurious like energy about it. And at the end of the bed, it happened to be my love and marriage area, which might not happen for everyone in their bedroom, like it might not necessarily your bedroom. And don't worry if it's the bathroom like, you know, if the love and marriage area is there. You can still like put the picture in, put things in pairs like, you know, make sure it's clear of clutter. But at the end of the bed in our house, it was the love and marriage area. So I got this beautiful picture, a painting of a couple that I was like, “That reminded me of our first date,” and I didn’t really take any more information… take anymore note of it, I just put the picture up. And then a few weeks later, my friend came over and she's, like, “Oh my god, the house is lovely,” showing you the room, and she looks at the picture and she’s like, “Oh my god! There's you and Ken and there's Miley.” And within 6 weeks of me putting that picture up, not even kind of fully taking in what was in the picture, there was a woman in the picture had a little dog on a leash, and within 6 weeks of that picture, I had literally adopted a dog. My neighborhood rescued a dog, I adopted it and it was identical to the one on the picture.

J: Ooh.

P: This little black curly-haired one, she's like, “There's Miley,” and I'm like, “Oh my god, that is so crazy.”

J: Oh, that is weird. (Laughs)

P: I have literally been bringing that into my life. So, again, it's important as you move around your house and kind of look at the things that are up and that you're seeing right regularly, like for sure, if you do have a family, I would avoid having pictures with your family in your bedroom because you don't want them looking at you while you're in bed.

J: Ah.

P: Like this is rest, romance, relaxation.

J: Interesting. I've never thought of that, making your home a vision board for how you want it to be. Well, it's funny, I have a picture of my husband and I hanging on the wall, but how did it get there? Well, it used to be a different picture, my housekeeper took it down and put it up. And now I realized she must have known about feng shui (Laughs) because it’s been there ever since.

P: I love it!

J: Isn't that funny?

P: Oh my god, that is so good. And she really had like positive intentions for your relationship in the bedroom…

J: Yeah! Yeah.

P: .. and for you because that is so good, like just anchoring that in is so powerful. And I've had clients who've literally messaged me after just doing that, like putting a picture of them in their bedroom, putting something in their love and marriage area and they're like, “Oh my god, things have really shifted,” you know, and taking the work stuff and anything that's not related to you and rest, romance, and relaxation out of your bedroom. Like, so like exercise equipment, it's exhausting, you know? It’ like…

J:  (Laughs) Oh no, I have that in the bedroom too; oh my goodness. (Laughs)

P: So you could maybe cover it, like something over, whether you can put a screen between it or, you know, and I'm… I'm really one for being super practical. You know, I didn't say to you, “Oh no, you can’t have your office in your bedroom!” you know, I was like, “This is something you just work with what you've got.”

J: Mm-hmm.

P: And I find a lot of people have like heard something about, “That's bad feng shui,” like, you know, “You have to have your toilet… my toilet in this area of your home,” and I’m like, “That's not practical, there's lots of houses in the… you know, that may not be perfect on shui.” And even I seriously don't know if I've ever come across a house it's like exactly perfectly feng shui. There’s things that are going to… but it's many, many layers. So you've got these small tips at the top so which would be like, you know, the pictures and the art and keeping your toilet seat down so money doesn't rush out some toilet, you know, and making sure your front door is easy to open so you can bring the energy into your home, and that's kind of like the tip of the iceberg. And every little thing that you do is going to change your interpretation of your house and start to care for it a little bit more. And then you go down to the next level kind of in the iceberg where the water is down a little bit and it because more visible. And that's what I do cover in the… in the book is more about like these specific areas, you know? So the love and marriage area, the health area, the career area, the family area, how to energize that space and how to, you know, find it and really do some work on it. And then below that is what I was talking about these different hidden energies and the different house types. And that's where I help people like when they kind of dive a bit further and they're like, “Okay, I know I've done all this stuff that I can kind of do without a professional,” and I'll go underneath and this is where I'd kind of dive in and see, “What exactly is going on?” and, “Let's just fix it.”

J: Hmm, that's so cool. Well, so we talked about the love and marriage area, what other areas are there? You mentioned a career area and…

P: Yes. So the career area of your house is your north part of your home. So this is where… and it's career like it's your job, but it's also your life's journey. It's like, “What are you doing? What are you experiencing? Where are you going? What's your bigger picture, your bigger vision for this journey that is life?” And in that area, you know, I would love recommending people to put things like accolades, you know, a words that they've won or kind of accreditations that they want to get, you know, “Where are you going? What do you want to be recognized for? How do you want to be seen in terms of your career?” I've had clients like put their ideal job descriptions in this area, I've had them put their dream companies that they want to work for it in this area, and they've just like really manifested it. And it's super interesting because when you start really, there's a beautiful synergy between your house supporting you with what it is you want. And once, you know, what you want and you've been doing kind of the personal development work around clearing the beliefs, clearing any of the limiting beliefs and the traumas or anything that kind of blocks you internally from moving forward and you get this vision, then it's this… like, for me, it's like this third piece of the jigsaw puzzle that's like, “Oh, right, if I can do, give, and bring my house into this and have that working with me and kind of like holding the space for your dreams to unfold, it's very, very powerful,” and it's one of my… it's just one of my favorite things to do.

J: Mm-hmm. Well, okay, so we have these areas and we can learn more about all of those in your book, ‘The Happy Home’.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: But give us some examples of changes people have made by applying the principles from your book.

P: Yes, okay, this is one of my favorite questions (Laughs). So I'll just give you an example, the first one that comes to mind is a lady in Washington, and she came to me to get more visible in her business. She wanted to be more visible but she also wanted to role model to her son just a woman who has inner power and really like going after her dreams and achieving them. Like so she was really like… like a conscious mother, which I know that all mothers are, but she was really like, “I really want this, like this is important,” I was like, “Yeah, of course.” So we worked together and we looked at her career and she was like, “This is it, visibility in my career is where I wanted to really work on.” So when we looked at her career area, it actually happened to be her bedroom, believe it or not.

J: (Laughs)

P: And it doesn't matter… it doesn't matter if it is your bedroom. She wasn't working in her bedroom, she had an office, so we did rejig her office and we… in terms of like setup of her office. So if we want to talk more about office setup, we could totally touch on that one, but we also looked what the energies were going on in her bedroom. And in her bedroom, she needed to add fire element, so we're talking about fire element. And she didn't need to actually… you don’t need to add an actual fire, and I think I just want to show like how it is and easy to do. And she went at Target, she bought a purple quilt for her bed, and the next day, she's in Washington and she got invited to be on the board of advisors for women in business in like the University. And this is like huge, she's like I'm like, “Oh my,” this is amazing for her. And subsequently, she's just had a TV show done about her and her brand in her business, and I'm like, “Oh, go visibility!” you know?

J: Yeah.

P: Like, your business and the visibility. Now, at exact, literally within the 24 hours, her husband got a new construction job and her son won a scholarship worth $70,000 for Japanese language immersion program that she's like, “We would never have been able to afford this and he's just got this. Like, the only thing I did was put the purple thing on the bed that you told me to do,” because purple is in the same range as fire element. And that was like pretty much immediately after we worked together and she started implementing. Now, that's like one kind of like, “Wow, amazing!” And then there's the others that would have like financial windfalls like because… it's almost like, you know if you have the garden hose out in the garden all through the winter and then you turn on the water and the water kind of comes out, but it's like, “(Spraying sound),” and there's all like leaves stuck in it that's been there all winter getting clogged into it. And what we do with kind of clearing the energy, it's literally just unclog it so it like brings the flow out and through, and now just allowing that energy to flow. So I always kind of come to mind one of my very first… actually she was my very first like client in terms of like doing feng shui professionally, even though I've been doing it for years. And how that came about was, I was actually working with clients one-to-one, working with like helping them release their stress, trauma, anxiety, I've kind of like this Mary Poppins bag of like other modalities that I was working with at the time. And this lady, her daughter was my client, she was 4 at the time, a little nonverbal girl. And I just kept like doing the sessions and I'd be like, “Tell me about her bedroom,” and her mom will be like, “She's here to do stuff on… like, we're here to work with her voice and sound healing,” and blah, and I was like, “There's something in her bedroom.” So a couple of months later, I bump into her in the streets and she'd seen like I'm professionally doing feng shui now, I have always been interested but I'm just doing it for clients. And she stopped and she's just like, “You used to always talk about her bedroom, come and do our house.” So I got to their house and when we looked at the energies in her bedroom, so her entrance setup wasn't ideal. Like, so for example, this little girl's bed didn't have a headboard, which is really, really important for support, her head was to the door so you couldn’t see what's coming at her. There was a few like fundamental just like, you know, there is a little bit of moving furniture stuff with feng shui, but not like fully, fully, fully. The other thing is, yes, so in that room, when we were looking at… when I was looking at the hidden energies of the room, it was coming up like an energy of like fighting swords, like a war zone, it was just like, “Ugh, this like really, really hard fighting energy.” And the dad came in while I was doing the consultation with the mom and she said, “Guess what she called it? A war zone,” and he's like, “You know what? All we want is our daughter to sleep. Like, if she sleeps, the sister sleeps, we sleep, everyone gets productive and work, and it's just like so much more… you know, and it's sort of that ripple effect of everyone having sleep.” You know, I have some clients that'll come to me because they are having trouble financially, so I was like, “This is a, you know, like the basic need of sleep.” So we did her bedroom and the remedy that needs to go in there was water element. And she bought like a bubble machine, like, you know, those bubble makers, and she put that in, and within a week, she was sleeping soundly. And I'm happy to report that she's still sleeping soundly. But, you know, and that's just that positive ripple effect into someone's home and into their family. And, you know, like I said, there's homes I have gone to that have been absolutely… you know, I’ve did small studio apartments in New York to huge multi-million dollar mansions, and it doesn't actually matter the size of the house, the apartment or, you know, how beautiful, aesthetically beautiful it is because, you know, I have gone to houses that have been super wealthy people and everyone's fighting like that bickering couple that we kind of hypothetically put in and, you know, the children arguing 100% like, “Urgh!” to really just wanting to count the energy where there's more ease, more flow, better communication, more friendship, like and just a sense of like being supported.

J: I love that. And if someone bought your book, would they be able to do this on their own?

P: So what they will, get when they buy the book, you will get a clear, clear energy, a clear path to like where to start with feng shui. And that will bring you to a place of like where I have at the very end a quiz of like kind of analyzing what your house type is. I don't go into the nitty-gritty of like how I calculate those numbers and find these specific energies and I have to fix them, but I do give you like a really clear roadmap into like feeling the energy of your home, connecting with the energy of your home, doing any kind of analysis of it, because a lot of people don't… kind of like it's almost like this place that's been taken for granted, you know? And once you start, you know, taking notice of it and organizing in and, you know, becoming aware of the different area, so you will find the areas, you'll find different suggestions of things you can do, and then after, they can do a quiz. And that's where kind of leads on to you like there's a… you need a professional eye to actually analyze and say, “That’s specifically exactly what's going on with your house,” to fix this. But I've seen and heard absolutely amazing, amazing results from people who've read the book and the program that's similar, and this actually is the same name, The Happy Home course. And really just huge aha moments as you just move through your home and it starts kind of like communicating back with you.

J: Hmm, The Happy Home course, where could we learn more about that?

P: So I also have The Happy Home course and the Feng Shui Mastery program, and essentially, ‘The Happy home’ book leads into kind of just preparation of your house for diving into the deeper levels energetically and getting a specific report based on what is going on in your house and how to fix it. You know, so these are like these hidden energies that without being… you know, without fear-mongering everybody, but like if there is stressful things happening in your home and you have gone through, for example, watching Marie Kondo and tidied everything up, like even when I watch the program, there's some things that I would be fundamentally be like, “Well, that needs to be change and this needs to be moved, and that, this,” and there's some things that I would see just on the surface that could be you've done to improve the house, and that's what I talk about in ‘The Happy Home’ book. And then the next level is that level where I work with people in our amazing program, Feng Shui Mastery, where, you know, every house is unique, we create a personal report for your home and tell you how to get it as supportive as you possibly could for you and your family.

J: Cool, that sounds amazing. We'll have links to that on our show notes page at jenriday.com/157. And, Patricia, let's talk about your favorite book, aside from the one we've been discussing. (Laughs)

P: Oh my god, I just love books so much, this is like the hardest question you could ever ask me! (Laughs) But honestly, one of my favorite books is ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ from Deepak Chopra. It's one of my very early days of spiritual books, and when I read it, I was like, “Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh,” so I absolutely adore that. But in terms of biographies, I… because I just read so many different books, I really, really loved ‘Open’ by Andre Agassi.

J: ‘Open’, oh, I haven’t read that one, okay.

P: It's amazing, like amazing.

J: Okay, check it out.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: Cool. And what does your morning routine look like?

P: So my morning routine varies a little bit. When I'm in Bali, it is get up, do a little meditation, head to yoga, have a coconut after yoga, scooter home, dip in the pool, have a smoothie, and get down to work for the day, and then head off to singing or to choir or to like a sound healing or some kind of like meet some friends and kind of just a pretty easy life in Bali. Here in Slovenia, it's a little bit different. We actually had planned to go ski most mornings, but our accommodation fell through so we're in a different place. So we usually wake up, do a little meditation, head for a walk, have our breakfast and then dive in to do some work. And in the evenings, actually I’ve been just doing a lot of connecting with some people online, because living in Bali with time zones haven't really worked out so I'm having a great time just like connecting with friends and reading…

J: Oh, that’s fun.

P: … and I’m here.

J: Yeah, that’s fun.

P: Yeah.

J: And what's your favorite easy meal?

P: So my favorite easy meal is roast chicken (Laughs). I absolutely just love a really nice roast dinner, and I do find it really easy. And I love making really good gravy.

J: Yum, oh, what’s your gravy recipe? How do you make it?

P: So I make an gravy with a splash of white wine, and when I cooked the onion, I usually have lemon and garlic inside it roasted. So then, the gravy also gets the lemon… the garlic squished into it…

J: Wow!

P: … and the lemon. Yeah, so it's like the stock of the gravy, some white wine, some… maybe a… it depends on how good the stock is, whether I'd like burns a little bit or not. If it's a bit crunchy, I'm like, “Oh, okay, I need to use a cube,” and then some flour and water and just whisking it all up.

J: Ooh, sounds yummy.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: And what does it mean for you to be a vibrant and happy woman?

P: Being a vibrant and happy woman for me it's just about freedom. Like, freedom and fun are like two of my like core values. So the capacity to kind of go where I want and do what I want, but also just share my message. So freedom and fun and kind of like… for me, I think that other people I've heard about feng shui can get like really serious about it, “Ugh!” and I’m like, “I just want it to be approachable and easy.” Like, I think that if we could try and make life as easy as possible, that makes life a lot more fun and you can get more freedom as well from that.

J: Awesome, freedom and fun; who doesn't want that? I think…

P: Yes.

J: Yeah, for sure. Well, everyone, check out Patricia's book ‘The Happy Home: A Guide to Creating a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life’, all the things.

P: Mm-hmm.

J: And where can we find you if we want to learn more about what you're doing?

P: So you can find me at patricialohan.com, and I have actually a weekly tip that goes out, and you can go to my website and get like tons of tiny little 1 minute miracle tips that you can… how to get started what's feng shui, like, “Oh, I’ll just watch this one today,” and do that one. And also on Instagram, I'm at Lohan Patricia where I share plenty of stories kind of behind the scenes of my life and also some more tips there too. If you are an entrepreneur and you're listening, I have a beautiful guide, ‘How to Feng Shui Your Office for Success’, so there's some more tips on setting up your office and getting your house kind of aligned. And then I have another guide around money and how to block some of those money leaks that could be happening in your home that you may not even realize.

J: Those are on patricialohan.com.

P: Yes.

J: Cool, we'll put links to those both on our show notes page at jenriday.com/157. Those sound great, I want to feng shui in my office for a success.

P: Yay!

J: I keep thinking I need to get it out of the bedroom, but then I look at all of our 6 kids around this house and don't know where I would go (Laughs) so I’ll have to figure it out. Well, Patricia, this has been fun and I appreciate you being on the show.

P: Thank you so much for this opportunity, I really enjoyed it and I hope that everyone got some useful nuggets and you can start just small. Start with just like cleaning your front door and welcoming in some new positive energy into your home.

J: Hmm, beautiful. Thank you so much, appreciate you being here.

P: Thanks!

J: Take care!