163 Transcript: EFT Tapping For Health, Wealth & Happiness (with Heather Ambler)

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J: You're listening to the Vibrant Happy Women, podcast episode number 163. We're talking all about achieving health, wealth, and happiness with an amazing tool, EFT tapping. Stay tuned.

Hey, friends, welcome back to Vibrant Happy Women and welcome to the month of May. I love May, it is amazing; I hope you had an amazing May Day. Well, you are in for a treat today because it's not often that we have a guest who understands brain science and energy and has a tool that can help us with every area of our lives. My guest today is Heather Ambler and she's going to be talking about EFT tapping, which is a method of using acupressure points, which is using acupuncture points in a slightly different way which involves tapping on acupuncture points while focusing on a traumatic issue or something that's bothering you or something you're

stressed about, and it results in spontaneous healing, deep healing at the energetic level, at the neuro-chemical level. So if you have an area of your life where you feel a bit stuck where you can't make progress, maybe it's like me, this is my year of health, or maybe you want to work on a relationship or you have a past trauma you haven't fully healed from or you want to achieve greater financial abundance, you can use EFT tapping; it is amazing. So that said, I won't keep you waiting any longer let's dive into this interview with Heather Ambler.

So I am here today with Heather Ambler and she is an EFT tapping expert, and we're going to be talking about that in this episode, and she helps people use EFT to achieve their goals; professional, personal, financial. She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her daughter, Emma, and their dog, Charlie, and in her free time, she loves to be with their loved ones to travel and figure out new ways to consume ridiculous amounts of butter; I love that. You should come to the Wisconsin State Fair where they have butter on a stick. (Laughs)

H: I'm there.


H: I love that.

J: Oh my gosh. Well, welcome to Vibrant Happy Women, Heather. Let's begin with a quote or a motto that inspires you.

H: Okay. So thank you so much for having me on the show, Jen, I'm really pleased to be with you today. I have a quote and a motto and I'll give you the quote first. It's from Marie Forleo and she said, “Some of my ideas will work and others won't, but I'm an unstoppable creative force of nature, the only way I can fail is if I stop trying.”

J: Mm, that's really great.

H: Isn't that yummy?

J: Mm-hmm.

H: I love that. I actually have it on my fridge, I see it many times a day and it really helps me to keep going, you know, through those moments of discouragement or disappointment or self-doubt.

J: Ooh, I love that quote because it reminds me of Thomas Edison and he had 10,000 failures before the light bulb, you know? And so we just need to start seeing failure as a success really, it goes with that quote.

H: Exactly, absolutely.

J: Yeah. And you also have a motto; go ahead. (Laughs)

H: Yep, it's, “Tap the points, change your life.” So I live by that and I encourage all of my clients and students to live by it as well because it really is true. If you give it half a chance, tapping will change your life in ways you can't even imagine, it's incredibly powerful. Even after over 10 years of doing it professionally, it never ceases to amaze me.

J: So for those who haven't heard of EFT tapping, we're going to get into it, but what's a quick summary statement you can give us before we go into your low point?

H: Sure. So EFT tapping is, like acupuncture, a Meridian based therapy, and instead of using needles, you tap on the acupuncture points. And the combination of tapping on the points while focusing on the issue that you want to heal heals it spontaneously in the moment.

J: Mm.

H: So if you have lost a loved one, if you are stressed out about someone or something, if you've experienced a trauma that's still affecting you, you focus on it while tapping and it actually heals it.

J: That's so awesome. I've heard a lot about tapping and I've done some myself and I can't wait to hear more, but go to your low point and then hear how you might have used tapping to help yourself out of that.

H: Okay, sure. So I think it was 4 or 5 years ago, I was in a relationship with a man who I really loved and he cheated on me. And because of that, I ended the relationship and I was devastated, just really crushed by this. And so I basically tapped as much as I possibly could for like 3 weeks. When I wasn't working or taking care of my daughter or sleeping, I was tapping because I was just in such a really, really raw heartbroken place. And it brought me out of it and it doesn't affect me anymore, which is so great because, for most people, just a human condition is when you experience a heartbreak like that or some kind of traumatic experience, even if you're not consciously aware of it, it's still affecting you and pretty much every aspect of your life going forward. So I was just so happy to have that tool to help me get through that and get through it quickly.

J: Mm, that's amazing. So, I know when you're tapping, you repeat phrases, so… and then you're tapping the various points. What kind of phrases you have used during that time? I know you probably can't remember the exact ones, but the phrases that you might use to kind of soothe yourself while you're doing the tapping.

H: Yeah. So, basically, I just untapped the whole trauma; so you unpack it and then you tap it out. So by unpacking it I mean just looking at all the different aspects of what happened and how they were making me feel. So, for one, you know, just the very basic, I'm not going to say his name but, you know, so-and-so cheated on me.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And, you know, and then you gauge okay, “How much does that tapping statement (is what we call it), how much pain does that bring up for me?” and at the time, it was a 10. And so then, I would tap that through the points, repeating that statement until it was literally a 0; which doesn't mean that the whole heartbreak and trauma is healed, but it means that that aspect of it is healed. And then another aspect, you know, reveals itself or I'll go looking for other aspects like, you know, “I can't believe he lied to me and I don't know how I'm ever going to trust a man again,” etc, etc.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And then tapping all of it down to 0, just clearing it all out and so that you're actually at peace with something that was so painful.

J: Mm, that's beautiful. I know a lot of different therapeutic methods including tapping just get us to focus on feeling our pain, but I think it's really cool that tapping combines it with these acupuncture points to, I guess, really change it up how it's feeling in your brain and how it's feeling in your body. Does that sound accurate for how you interpret it?

H: Yeah, absolutely. In my experience of psychotherapy, which I did for off and on for over 20 years, therapy gives you tools and insights for coping with your issues, while tapping actually heals the issues. And so while they have in common that they help you to focus on your pain and feel your pain, the purpose of feeling your pain with tapping is to heal it.

J: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm, that's great.

H: And it doesn't come back.

J: Well, tell us more about different ways people use tapping to heal.

H: So people use it for tons and tons of different things. A lot of people use it for physical ailments and injuries. I've used it for that many times both personally and professionally, though it's really not my area of expertise. In my work, I focus on grief and trauma and then also fears and limiting beliefs. And then in the last 6 years or so, I have like a whole kind of other side of my practice, which is helping people to achieve their professional goals. And what I love about that is that I still get to do the grief and trauma work that is so meaningful to me because everything really kind of leads back to grief and trauma. When people come to me to achieve their business goals, the fears that they have, the insecurities, the self-doubt, the limiting beliefs, all of it stems from some kind of past trauma. And so in order to release the fears and the doubts and the limiting beliefs, etc, you really have to go into the roots of that trauma, heal that, then tap away the limiting beliefs, the fears, so that the way is cleared to achieve those goals from the inside out.

J: Yeah.

H: So, that's how I use it. And, you know, like I said, all different people, EFT practitioners and lay people use tapping for pretty much everything under the sun.

J: So while you were sharing, I was thinking, “Okay, there's the brain and we know we can rewire our brains through thinking different thoughts, and then there's energy.,” How do you think it's working on both the neural and the energetic levels or spiritual levels? I don't know what levels it works on, what do you think?

H: Oh my goodness, that is the question of the century, I think.

J: (Laughs)

H: I don't really know how it works and I don't keep up with the research very rigorously. There is quite a bit of research on EFT at this point and it's clinically proven to be effective, but I'm not sure that they have figured out exactly why it's effective. I do think that it rewires the brain and somehow, by working with the body, you heal the brain and the emotions. And I think it heals at all levels; spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically. I tend to talk about it metaphorically so I'll talk to my clients and my students about traumatic experiences, grief, etc, creating imprints in the body-mind. And when you do tapping on a specific thing, it erases those imprints…

J: Mm.

H: … so that the trauma is literally not in your body-mind anymore and therefore it can't affect you anymore because it's gone.

J: That's awesome, I love it. I wish we knew all the answers about energy, spirituality, and body, the mind-body spirit connection…

H: (Laughs)

J: … like you're talking about because I know there's more than just the brain involved, I figured that part out, but (Laughs) I wish I knew exactly how it works. Ah, that’s awesome.

H: Yeah, I wish I did too, especially because I get this question so often and I'm just not quite sure why tapping works or how, but I know that it does work. Another way that I like to explain it is like, you know, we all have our buttons that get triggered by life, by other people, by certain, situations and what tapping does is it de-installs the buttons on our control panel, which is incredible because you can't press a button that's not there anymore. So the more tapping you do to heal your stuff and release your past conditioning, the less you get triggered by life and other people. You're just more even-keeled, you're more peaceful, you're more able to be in alignment emotionally and spiritually with reality, however reality is presenting, which sometimes is delightful and sometimes not so much.

J: Yeah, yeah. Well, 2019 happens to be my year of health, and recently, I picked up but have not yet read a book on tapping for health and weight loss. So I'm curious before I dive into it, what would be your guess about… well, not necessarily what's in that book, but what would you say, how would this tapping help with health and weight loss for example?

H: Okay, so I'll take those kind of separately. So for health, I think the way that it works is that we know that stress affects the body and that pretty much almost every single illness has a stress component, with the exception (and maybe not even the exception) of genetic illnesses. And so the lower your stress is, the more able your body is to rest and prepare and also detox. So with tapping reducing your stress level, your cortisol levels come down (and this has been proven that tapping reduces cortisol levels), and that just improves your overall health. Now, for weight loss, reducing cortisol of course can also help with weight loss because cortisol really is a factor for some people, not only in gaining weight, but in being unable to lose the weight.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And then what also happens is that it really depends on the person. So some people do emotional eating and then some people do stress eating, which I think of as being slightly different. And then a lot of people, including many of my clients, are keeping extra weight for subconscious reasons of protection.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: So…

J: Yes.

H: Yeah, it's so, so common. So sometimes, it will be someone was actually abused and they are subconsciously creating a layer of protection around them so that they won't attract attention (sexual attention) and that feels safer to them. And mostly usually this is completely unconscious. And then when you heal the sexual abuse trauma as well as the fears and the limiting beliefs that have sprung out of that trauma, then the weight loss just happens as like a natural byproduct of the healing of that trauma.

J: Yeah.

H: And then there can be really… see, it's just it's incredible how it works and just how the body-mind really wants to protect itself, right, it wants to protect you. And sometimes it does that in ways that are not ideal, but I always think of it as coming from a place of love. And when we're carrying more weight than we want to, it's so easy to beat ourselves up and judge ourselves and feel ashamed. And when you get in touch with the fact that actually, you've just been lovingly trying to protect yourself all these years from getting hurt again, it can really shift your perspective and create a lot more ease in your body-mind.

J: Oh, that’s fantastic. What about people who have… I have a friend who thinks something traumatic happened but she has repressed it, is there a way to heal that when people aren't even consciously aware of what might have happened?

H: Yes, absolutely; gosh, I love this question so much because it's so common, you know? You know that something happened, you can sense that you're not okay in some way, but you don't remember. And so one of the things I love the very most about tapping is that the way that it is designed is to just allow you to meet yourself exactly where you are. And that is so loving and so healing and so validating just in itself without the tapping. And so in this case, it sounds like your friend where… exactly where she is is, “I know something traumatic happened and I don't remember what it is or I don't know what it is,” and so that's the tapping statement that we would begin with. And I would ask her, “On a scale of 0 to 10, how much emotional intensity or pain or stress does that bring up for you; ‘I know I was traumatized, I don't know what happened,’?” and she might say a 5 or a 7 or a 9, and then we tap that through the points until it's a 0. By the time we get to 0, more than likely some kind of snippet is going to… just like a tiny little memory fragment is going to appear. And as we've reached 0 or were approaching 0, she might volunteer or I'll ask, “What are you experiencing now?” and she might say something like, “For some reason, like I have this memory of a door slamming.” And I'll say, “Okay, how do you feel when you think about that memory of the door slamming?” “I feel terrified,” so then that's the next tapping statement. So it's like this thread emerges, and in the session, you just follow the thread where it leads, it always leads to healing.

J: Mm.

H: So the memory fragment of the door slamming, that might have an emotional intensity of whatever it is, an 8 or 9, tap that down to 0, “Okay, now, what's happening? Now, what are you experiencing?” and then just take it from there.

J: This is really fascinating to me because I know with… for EFT tapping, do you recommend people are tapping on both sides of their body bilaterally, you know, at the same time or…?

H: I actually do, yeah.

J: Yeah.

H: And you've probably seen since you've started to explore tapping that there are some practitioners who only tap on one side of the body.

J: Yeah.

H: And I think that's totally fine, it seems to work just fine, and occasionally, I will just do one side of the body. And when I used to give my daughter tapping sessions when she was little, she didn't like for me to use all of the tapping points, she liked me to just tap on her hand. And so I would just tap on the one hand that was closest to me, tapping through the points as we healed whatever we were working on. So it's a matter really a personal preference, and because it's more symmetrical, I do recommend the 2-handed tapping or the bilateral tapping.

J: Well, the reason I asked is I know a lot about EMDR therapy and there's not exactly tapping on the acupuncture points, but bringing the stress levels down and remembering certain things, it's so similar. I love how all these therapies relate, but it reminded me of that which requires bilateral stimulation, so really, really cool.

H: Yeah, absolutely.

J: I can't wait to try more tapping because you can do it at home without (Laughs)… without an EMDR trained therapist.

H: Yeah.

J: (Laughs)

H: Yeah, I think EMDR can be really arduous and uncomfortable with the eye movements, and I do think it's… it's interesting that EMDR pretty recently has incorporated tapping into it, when for many, many years, it was just the eye movements.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And so I think it's really, really cool because tapping is powerful.

J: Yeah, oh yeah, for sure. Well, I want to talk a little bit about financial abundance and tapping, but first, let's have a quick word for our sponsor.

Alright, welcome back, Heather, I love all of your information about tapping for health, tapping for trauma, grief, but let's talk about something a lot of people want which is more financial abundance, how can tapping help us with that?

H: So to one extent or another, pretty much everyone has what I call money blocks, and these are fears, limiting beliefs, self-doubt, patterns and habits that are not serving and are actually holding you back financially. And what happens is that, when you heal and release these money blocks with tapping, it's like things suddenly shift and you see things that you weren't previously able to see like opportunities to make more money or it becomes easier to manage the money that you do have.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And again, as I said, pretty much everything leads back to grief and trauma. And so for people who have limiting beliefs about money and abundance and their ability to earn a good living and manage their money, usually that stems from some kind of past experience that was painful or frightening or stressful, or a lot of times, we'll pick up the limiting beliefs and the fears about money that our parents had, either they pass those on to us explicitly in their teachings to us about money or it's just kind of in the water of the family household where these attitudes and beliefs about money just kind of get passed down, not just in terms of behaviors and teachings, but also epigenetically. There's a lot of research (which you're probably aware of) that we are affected by our parents and our grandparents, and I think even great-grandparents, it can go back really, really far where our genes are affected by experiences that they had that were traumatic or stressful and it affects how we experience ourselves, experience the world and experience money.

J: Mm, wow, that's amazing. So EFT can kind of release some of those intergenerational blocks as well?

H: Absolutely, yep, and I use it for that all the time. And so again, with the money blocks and tapping, you just go in and you look for whatever might be there, you uncover, identify and release, and then you're just kind of unpacking what you find so that you can tap out all the different aspects of it and then really come to a place of peace with money and not fear.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: Because, as you know, that can really, really hold you back financially.

J: Right, right, that's amazing. So if someone would want to try tapping for the first time, they find this conversation intriguing, what would you recommend?

H: Well, I actually created a guide for your listeners called ‘Getting started with EFT tapping’ that they can find on my website at heatherambler.com/vibranthappywomen.

J: Ooh!

H: And in that guide, there is a 5 minute video that shows you the basics of how to do EFT tapping, there's a tapping chart so that you can have the tapping points right in front of you and you don't have to try to remember where they are, and all kinds of other tapping resources to get them started.

J: Wow, that's amazing, thank you.

H: Oh, you're welcome.

J: Yeah. Yeah, we'll put a link to that on our show notes at jenriday.com/163, yeah. Okay, awesome, thank you so much for that, Heather. Let's talk about some of your favorite things. What does your morning routine look like?

H: Okay. So I really like to start my morning off kind of slowly; I like to ease in to my day. So, for me, that means waking up without an alarm, staying in bed for a bit before I get up, and then having a leisurely breakfast before I dive into work. Because once I start working, it can be really challenging for me to come up for air. So the morning is an important time for self-care, setting intentions for the day, and making sure that I experience some real joy, love, and laughter before my workday begins.

J: Yeah, fill the cup (Laughs) so you’re ready to hopefully…

H: Exactly.

J: … yeah, not deplete the cup, yeah. (Laughs)

H: Yeah. And part of not depleting the cup for me is not looking at email.

J: Yes.

H: So I do not look at email until… yeah, right, it's so important. And it's almost like sacrilege in our current culture to just completely shut down email at a certain time of the evening and then not go back to it until a certain time of the morning or even the afternoon, but it's so, so important for not depleting the cup and not stressing yourself out. I used to look at email before I got out of bed in the morning, which…

J: Yeah.

H: … just (Laughs) it's like so like unbelievable to me. And one thing that I did to make sure that I can't do that is I took email off my phone…

J: Smart.

H: … which still gives me a little bit of anxiety and I worry sometimes when I'm out and about that I don't have access to it, but it's just so much healthier for me, and I more efficient that way because when I am looking at email that I don't have time to respond to, all it does is stress me out and take me out of the present moment.

J: Yeah.

H: When I finally do look at email, it's when I'm ready to respond to whatever is there and give it my full attention. And then it's not just like this thing that's sort of itching at my brain, you know, as I'm trying to have breakfast or take care of my dog or do other work things.

J: And by extension, it's really nice to remove social media from your phone as well (Laughs), I’ve found.

H: Yes.

J: Have you done that as well?

H: I'm almost there. I took Facebook off my phone a long time ago kind of by default. I got a new phone and I just intentionally did not sign into Facebook and I don't have the Facebook app and I don't know my Facebook password. (Laughs)

J: Nice.

H: So if I want to sign it on my phone, I’m going to have to change my password.

J: (Laughs)

H: But I do have Instagram on my phone which I use a little bit for my business, and also my dog has his own Instagram that I like to check in with. (Laughs)

J: Aww, that’s cute.

H: (Laughs) Yeah, that brings me a lot of joy, love, and laughter.

J: That's great. I want to be honest with the listeners, I still have email and social on my phone. I have experimented with taking them off and I love it, but I have found it can't quite keep up with my business and life if I don't have it on my phone because I spend lots of my day driving my kids around and that's when I have to do some of the business while I'm waiting for them, so that's my excuse. (Laughs)

H: I totally feel you. And I toy with the idea of putting email back on my phone for that very same reason, because when you're out and about and you need to check in for whatever reason, it's incredible to have it right there. And I just have to learn, and I probably… I definitely could use tapping to help me to be selective about when I'm going to use the email that's on my phone and not just reflexively reach for it because I'm bored or I'm standing in line or whatever the case may be.

J: Mm-hmm, it's smart. I think the benefits of taking it off outweigh the benefits of keeping it on, for sure (Laughs); so, good for you. What is your favorite easy meal, Heather?

H: Oh my goodness. Okay, so I love to cook and I have been working like a fiend basically since my daughter went off to college 3 years ago now, and so I am not cooking very much. When I do cook I love making casseroles, and the faster they are to prepare, the better. I have a Mexican style one I call Fiesta casserole that's super quick and yummy with canned black beans, pre-cooked white rice (because it's fast), frozen corn (precooked because it's fast), chicken, cheese, and some Mexican seasonings like onion, garlic, cilantro, cumin, and chili powder. It takes me like 10 minutes to throw it all together, and then once I pop it in the oven, I can do other things while it gets all hot and bubbly and delicious.

J: Yum, yum. Do you think you have a recipe you might be able to share with us? Because I like the sound of that.

H: You know, when I cook, I rarely use recipes. And so like when I make this casserole, I basically… I don't have a recipe, I don't measure anything, I just kind of eyeball it.

J: Okay.

H: But I could easily come up with one and I can send it to you for the show notes for later. It would take me like 5 minutes to write down because I know basically how much of this and how much of that that I throw into this, and so I'd be happy to provide that for you guys.

J: Thank you, that’s great.

H: Yeah, Fiesta Casserole is fun.

J: Fiesta, I know, the name.

H: (Laughs)

J: My daughter just told me… this is random but you could have Fiesta Fridays, but my daughter just said every day needs something so she said we have Massage Mondays, and listen to this, my 3 daughters come and give me a massage. (Laughs)

H: Oh goodness.

J: It’s so great.

H: Wow.

J: So you can have Fiesta Friday, we have Taco Tuesday, but you and we… we all need Massage Monday; everyone, do that. (Laughs)

H: Oh my gosh, I think I'm going to do that.

J: (Laughs)

H: Massages are amazing, and daughters that massage you for free, oh my goodness, you are a blessed woman.

J: Well, sometimes they ask for it back, but I'm okay with that. I can like rub someone's arm while I get 2 other people working on me.


J: So fun; random, I know.

H: Perfect.

J: Well, what is your favorite book?

H: Okay. So I have a lot of different favorite books of different genres, and probably the one that I'd most like to share with your community is ‘Tapping into Wealth’ by Margaret Lynch. It's a really powerful guide for using EFT tapping to identify and release your money blocks so you can create more abundance in your life. And not only that, the exercises in the book also help you to identify and heal past traumas and release conditioning, fears, and limiting beliefs that aren't serving you, because again, whatever money blocks we have are always rooted in this past stuff that has been painful or stressful. And once you heal that, then you can permanently remove the money blocks.

J: Wow.

H: And this book absolutely changed my life, and it really wasn't that long ago. I knew about the book and I'd been planning to read it, I think I had actually even already bought and it was on my Audible just kind of sitting there gathering, you know, metaphorical dust.

J: Mm-hmm.

H: And I was working with a client who came to me to achieve her professional goals, her business goals, and she had read this book. I already knew it was a great book, but for some reason, her recommending it to me kind of gave me the little added nudge that I needed. And I tapped my way through this book with a lot of dedication and discipline, like I really made it a practice that I sat down with this book every day for an hour and tapped through every single exercise.

J: Wow.

H: And it absolutely changed my life, Jen. I had already been doing EFT professionally for like 7 years, 6 or 7 years when I read this book, and through it I was able to clear and heal and release in… by using this book as my guide, my business has absolutely taken off. And I am so incredibly free from the inside to work toward my goals because prior to that, I was just paralyzed by my blocks. I had so much grief and so much trauma, and as a result of that, so many limiting beliefs, so many fears, so much self-doubt and shame that I just could not take action on all of the many ideas that were always coming to me for how to further my business and grow my business. So this is the books that I love to recommend to people.

J: And it's ‘Tapping into Wealth’ by Margaret Lynch?

H: Mm-hmm, oh my gosh, it's an incredible book. And even if you don't have any financial issues whatsoever, if you're just rolling in dough, you should still get this book because of the healing that it will make possible for you around, you know, just things that happened in your childhood and beliefs that you have about yourself and fears and everything. Everybody's got something around money to heal, even if you don't have the outward many issues of struggling financially and you have, you know, as much money as you could possibly need, everybody has something that they need to shift. And even if they don't (which I don't believe that that's the case for anyone), it really is going to guide you through how to heal past traumas that are still stuck in your body-mind, like those imprints that we discussed a little while ago, and it's going to set you free from those so that they cannot affect you anymore.

J: Wow, I can't wait to read it, I'm getting it as soon as we get off our call.

H: Oh, I really, really hope you read it. (Laughs)

J: I’m going to; thank you, I appreciate that. Well, Heather, this has been amazing and I want to ask you my favorite question and then we'll have a challenge. What does it mean for you to be a vibrant and happy woman?

H: For me, it really means having a balanced life and being as kind as I possibly can to myself and others. I also eat well, though I'm not rigid about it, I make sure to get exercise most days of the week, I make time for fun and connection with my loved ones, and to minimize stress, I'm sure to work in some active relaxation time as often as I can.

J: Mm, awesome; great advice. And a challenge from you to our listeners.

H: Well, I sort of already gave it to them which is I really want to challenge everyone to try EFT tapping because it will help to improve every aspect of your life. And for those of your listeners who are already familiar with tapping, I would encourage them to take it to the next level by taking a course or working with an EFT practitioner or developing some kind of regular tapping practice.

J: So what do you recommend? Do we fit it into a morning routine, at lunch time? When do most of your clients find the time to tap?

H: I'm not really sure when they're working it into their schedule. So… and some of my clients do not like to tap on their own, which is totally fine. They've hired me to use EFT that help them heal their stuff and that's what works for them and they don't tap between sessions. But I have a lot of clients who do like to tap, and I'm not exactly sure when they fit it in. My number one superstar tapping client who does so much tapping on her own is super busy, she has little kids, she works full-time, and somehow she manages to fit it in. And I give her really specific tapping assignments at the end of our sessions together, things that she knows exactly what to tap out and what the charge is. What I think is the best way to do it or at least a really good way to do it, there's 2 ways. So for one thing, if and when you feel stressed throughout the day, just tap on 1 or 2 of the tapping points (which you can find on my website on the tapping chart) and just tap there. You don't have to say anything, you don't have to make it like an official practice or an official session, but if you're feeling stressed about an email that you received or something that you have to do or you're worried about one of your kids, if you just tap on the points for a few minutes as you're going about your day, it can really just kind of take the edge off, bring down those cortisol levels and help you center and feel more peaceful.

But where the real money is so to speak is that deep transformational healing work that EFT makes possible. And so for that, either work with an EFT practitioner, or if you're going to go for it on your own act, as if you're your own EFT practitioner and make an appointment with yourself. Put it on the calendar, and when that time comes, you turn off all of your phones, all of your notifications, anything that's going to beep at you or interrupt you, be in a private room that's quiet where no one is going to interrupt, get some Kleenex in case there are tears, get some water in case you get thirsty, and then do a deep dive on your stuff. And you can pick like a specific traumatic memory from childhood or a fight that you had with your partner or something you're stressed out about about work and just tap. Begin with one statement and gauge what the charge on it is from 0 to 10 and then tap it down to 0 to the best of your ability. And before you get to 0, you're going to notice some kind of thought or feeling or belief or memory is going to pop into your mind. That's that thread that we talked about revealing itself, and then you just follow it. So that thread, whatever pops into your mind, that's your next tapping statement, tap that down to 0 and then another one pops up. And then you're following the thread, following the thread, and before you know it, your timer has gone off and your session is over. And then if you do that once a week, oh my gosh, even for a month, I think you would be absolutely amazed at your results.

J: Mm, I love that, that’s so practical, and I’m going to do it; I commit. (Laughs)

H: Yay! Let me know how that goes.

J: I will.

H: That's so awesome.

J: I will. Well, Heather, this was amazing, I really, really appreciate it. I had a lot of listeners asking about an episode on the EFT tapping, and you more than delivered, so thank you.

H: Oh, you're so welcome, Jen, thank you so much for having me on the show.

J: So Heather really inspired me. I have done some EFT tapping before, but I'm going to dive in much, much deeper. I have been to her website, heatherambler.com/vibranthappywomen, and seen her videos, seen her site, it is excellent, an excellent foundation. Grab the book ‘Tapping into Wealth’ by Margaret Lynch and let's do it together. I'm going to go through my journey, I'm going to document it. Follow me on Instagram at the handle Jen.Riday to be inspired and let's do it together. I will kind of post little videos about my progress and you can share your progress with me in the comments. So that is our episode for you today, I am excited to be here again next week with another amazing guest. And I hope you're having a fantastic spring if you're in the northern hemisphere or an amazing fall if you're in the southern hemisphere; you Aussies and New Zealanders (Laughs). I will see you next time. Until then, make it a vibrant and happy week. Take care.