Marriage Makeover – Day 5

Identifying Your Core Values

VALUES: Beliefs that reflect Your opinion of good and bad, right and wrong, what’s most important in life and which provide a standard of behavior. Your values are formed through experiences and they affect your choices, who you spend time with, how you respond to situations and more.

Values are about what you NEED to feel happy and grounded, not what you WANT. When your values are being respected, you feel good. When someone else (or even yourself!) is pushing against your values, you’ll feel uncomfortable, out of balance and out of alignment.

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Values Assessment

  1. What do you value and why?
  2. Does your actual behavior and/or use of time reflect what you value?
  3. How are your values different from those of your parents?
  4. What do you believe your spouse values and why?
  5. Ask your spouse what he or she values and why.
  6. Do you embody the things your spouse values?
  7. Does your spouse embody the things you value?
  8. Discuss the differences between your values. (Remember to respect differences and honor diversity. The world is not black. Find the values you have in common and focus on those, making sure much of your together focuses on some of your shared values.)

Core Values: non-negotiables. You can identify your core values when you put them side-by-side with other values. For example if you believe your spouse should be kind, but he isn’t, and therefore the fact that he’s attractive, wealthy and influential are irrelevant in comparison. This means kindness is a core value and attraction, wealth and influence are secondary values.


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