Marriage Makeover – Day 1

Introduction and Alignment

Welcome to the 10-day Marriage Makeover Challenge!

You’re probably here because:

  • You want to have that marriage you’ve always dreamed of…
  • You want to show your kids what a great marriage looks like so they’ll have better odds for greater marriages one day…
  • You want to have greater trust and feel loved and nurtured…

How do you break out of the negative cycles you might have gotten into in the past?

You get to take charge and make your marriage amazing, no longer waiting on your spouse to change. This is your chance to learn how to be happy no matter what and to meet your own needs. It’s very empowering to lead the way as you shift into a place of positivity.

Alignment: when you’re living as your best self, listening to intuition/God/The Universe (whatever language you use) and you feel GOOD about life… balanced, in control, happy, calm, peaceful.

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When you’re living “in alignment” marriage becomes so much easier… you’re not easily offended, you’re more hopeful and optimistic. Follow your feelings: the things that make you feel good are the things you need to do.

Here’s what you should do now:

Look at your calendar and set aside 20 minutes a day for the next 2 weeks (especially on the weekdays). I like to recommend doing it early in the morning so you can make sure it happens.

Then, do today’s CHALLENGE items:

  1. Get yourself into alignment every morning with some meditation, prayer, journaling or exercise… do what raises your energy so you can feel amazing (and make marriage so much easier!). 10 minutes is all you need!
  2. Silence that inner critic that’s constantly looking for the negative in your spouse (and in yourself). Start looking at your spouse as if he’s already his best, most aligned self. Help shift your thoughts by making a daily list of 10 pleasant interactions and thoughts about your spouse. (do this for the remainder of the challenge, maybe even the rest of your life!) What you focus on increases; like attracts like, so train yourself to see the GOOD!


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