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Unleash the Most Vibrant, Happy & Productive Version of Yourself

Are you feeling

stuck, unmotivated and "meh"?

You're so tired.
Do you feel like you've lost yourself? Like you have no idea what you even want anymore?

Being a woman and a mom can be exhausting.

Your neverending to-do list leaves you with ZERO time to just BE.

You feel like you're treading water, barely able to breathe, let alone figure out what you want in life.

And at the end of the day, your dream of feeling confident, happy, and fulfilled keeps getting bumped further and further down the list.

But more than anything, you're probably really afraid...

You're terrified that 20 years from now you'll be the same exhausted, frustrated, and completely overwhelmed person you are now...

And as soon as you contemplate the realities of trying to change, you're overwhelmed by fear and "shoulds" and guilt, only to end up stuck and doing nothing at all (again).

It's no wonder so many of us never quite figure how to get off the hamster wheel and live a life that feels authentic and happy.

Here's one thing I know for sure: After years of coaching women...


We just keep going, going, going...
until there's nothing left.


You're not alone!

The systems most of us live in rely on women putting themselves last - and it's up to us to change that.

It's time that we choose to show up differently.

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As women...

we spend our lives being told lies like these:

    • "Good women" put the happiness of others (especially their kids and spouse) first - even if it means completely losing yourself in the process!


    • It's selfish to take time for yourself (because obviously nobody can function without you being available 24/7, right?)


    • If you feel resentful or frustrated you just need to have a better attitude... (this one is a HUGE problem!)


    • Your marriage and parenting will get better if you just GIVE a little bit more


    • It's impossible to prioritize your happiness while your kids are young and still live at home


    • Feeling stuck, unmotivated, and "meh" are nothing more than laziness (and could not possibly mean you need something in your life to change!)


mother cuddling her child
woman feeling anxious

living these lies can make you feel:

  • Resentful, impatient, and angry (losing your temper WAY more than you ever thought you would!)
  • Horrified that you seem to be turning into your mother (and not in a good way).
  • Exhausted, detached and shut down, a shell of the woman you used to be.
  • Like you're going through the motions and have completely lost yourself.

Are you ready to draw a line in the sand and say


This is your chance to do things differently!

close up of babies feet

Today is the perfect day to discover the tools, support, and resources you need to live TRUE to yourself and expand your soul's capacity for joy.

Today is the perfect day to take control of your life and put your life and happiness back on the front burner!

And in case you're still wondering if you SHOULD - remember...

Your kids are watching.

If they grew up to feel the way you've been feeling, would you be satisfied?


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A Monthly Membership to Help You Unleash the Most Vibrant, Happy, and Productive Version of Yourself!

In Vibrant Soul, you get all the tools, skills, and support you need to change how you show up in life and become the most vibrant, happy, and productive version of yourself.

When you join Vibrant Soul, you'll get full access to weekly lessons, journaling prompts, and a Soul Circle filled with supportive women who will help you enjoy the consistent learning, growth, and friendship you crave (with powerful women who will inspire you!)

I get it.

Living your best life looks a little different for everyone, but great things are possible when you

choose YOU.
You really can...
  • Enjoy heart-centered friendships with people who truly care about you and know how to listen.
  • Get clear on what you really want in life so you feel a sense of direction and purpose again.
  • Deeply and completely love yourself, KNOWING you are 100% worthy simply because you were born.
  • Create the healthy boundaries you need to feel emotionally safe in your marriage and other important relationships.
  • Release past traumas and stuck emotions and feel LIGHT and FREE again.
  • Become the patient, high-vibe mom you've always wanted to be.
  • Enjoy more fun and adventure in your life - with ZERO guilt.
  • Become consistently happier day by day, month by month, and year by year. (This is what the Club is all about).
  • And much more!

Now is the time to stop treading water and

start truly living
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When you invest in your happiness (even if you're super busy), it can change EVERYTHING - and it doesn't have to be hard, or expensive.

But we can always find a reason not to start.

(Do any of these sound familiar?)

  • You're afraid that you'll try to improve your life and none of the changes will stick.
  • You think that you're too busy, and now is not the right time to prioritize your happiness.
  • Funding your kids' sports and activities (and your spouse's newest toy or gadget) is more important than investing in your happiness. 
  • You're sure you'd need YEARS of expensive therapy to solve your problems… and who has time for that?!
  • You've convinced yourself that if you just ignore your feelings of resentment, frustration, and exhaustion they'll magically go away (or that they don't really affect you, when deep down, you know they do).
  • You're embarrassed by the half-finished self-help books on your bedside table, full of good advice that you've never acted on.
mother whispering in childs ear

I'll make it easy to "say yes to you"
by giving you immediate access to the vibrant soul fundamentals:

Woman with hands clasped meditating
Fundamental 1: B.E. H.E.R.

This fundamental brings you a revolutionary new way to start each day with the ultimate in self-care. Here you'll learn how to fill your cup first, whether you have a whole, glorious hour or just a quick 5 mins. Because when you feel good, you show up as a better version of you.

Fundamental 2: The B.O.L.D. Meditation

Part of loving yourself is truly knowing yourself, and this fundamental is just the thing you need to get in touch with what you're thinking and feeling. You'll quickly learn why taking the time to quiet your mind and observe your thoughts and feelings is an important act of self-care.

close up of womans hands crossed over heart
Fundamental 3: Thought Tables

Taking you to the root of your actions, this fundamental brings you greater awareness of how your thoughts and feelings are leading to your results. The journey to more aligned outcomes begins in your mind, and with this powerful fundamental, you'll learn how to think your way towards the positive results you want!

Fundamental 4: Feel It to Heal It

Resilience begins with emotional intelligence, and this fundamental is designed to allow you to fully experience the nuances of your emotions. You will get the opportunity to feel into your emotions and allow their energy to move through you. This awareness and release will help you become less reactive.

Woman lying down with hands covering face
womans hand writing in notebook
Fundamental 5: Creating Healthy Boundaries

In this Fundamental, you'll learn how to protect your most precious commodities: time, energy, and happiness. Learning to create healthy boundaries will help you stop feeling responsible for other people's happiness so you can concentrate on taking care of yourself for a change (without the guilt!).

As a Mom of 6, I know life is busy
but the good news is, with with an easy step-by-step program like Vibrant Soul, you can:

  • Identify your values, priorities, talents and gifts.
  • Let go of past emotional hurts and baggage so you can experience the joy and lightness of forgiveness.
  • Avoid wasting your precious money and time rehashing the past in therapy instead of going to the root of the problem and moving forward with a crystal clear vision of what you WANT for your life.
  • Discover dozens of tools, strategies and methods experts use to help people build happiness fast (without the $20K+ price tag).
  • Identify exactly how to communicate with your spouse and kids in a way that encourages them to respect your boundaries.
  • Create a solid self-care routine that you can actually STICK WITH.
  • Learn how to shift your mood FAST when life gets hard or when you're just having a bad day.
  • Identify exactly how to improve your body image so you no longer loathe how you look.
  • Develop a deep reverence for WHO you are and the gifts God/The Universe gave you.
  • Seamlessly balance your self-care with your family responsibilities in a way that feels fulfilling and guilt-free.
  • And most importantly, become your best, happiest, and most confident self.

So what's inside?

Let's break it down.

When you join the Vibrant Soul, you'll get instant access to all the learning, tools, and friendship you need to consistently (and permanently) expand your happiness and productivity.

Join today and get access to:

The Vibrant Soul Fundamentals: Complete this mini-training in a weekend or in a month - the Fundamentals give you a 5-part foundation that will support your journey of transformation, expansion, and happiness.

Woman with hand on heart

Weekly Mini-Lesson & Journaling Prompts: Like renovating a house, soul growth is best accomplished a little at a time and with consistency. Every week you'll get access to a new, enlightening exercise or tool that will help you expand your soul's capacity for joy!

Zoom meeting of Jen Riday club members

Weekly Soul Circles. Like a virtual book club that's focused on personal growth, you'll enjoy heart-centered friendships and discussions that support your journey of joy. Led by certified life coaches and intentionally small so you can form deep friendships with likeminded women.

phone showing facebook log in screen

Access to the exclusive members-only Facebook group. Connect with me and your fellow happiness travelers (and new BFFs!) - get to know yourself and each other better, celebrate your wins, and make your social media experience more positive.

Jen Riday video class

Monthly Mini Retreats. You'll enjoy a monthly virtual retreat with Jen filled with soul-fueling music, workshops, and discussion that will help you do the deep work of expanding your soul's capacity for joy. 


PLUS! Access to The Vault, where I keep guided meditations, worksheets, printables, templates, and more to keep you inspired and growing!

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Becoming the most vibrant, happy, and productive version of yourself? Priceless.

Coach Testimonial Images_KarenRozsyk

"Vibrant Soul has provided me with the tools and friendships to become my best self yet. I'm happier than ever!"

Karen Roszyk

Coach Testimonial Images_Kruti Desai-

“My life has changed 360 degrees! I used to be married to my job with no boundaries whatsoever, told everybody YES, people pleaser... It's amazing. My heart is so happy now… I'm so grateful. I don't talk down to myself anymore. I speak affirmingly to myself. I wouldn't have been able to do that without Dr. Jen's tools and my Soul Circle."

Kruti Desai

Vibrant Soul is right for you if:

  • You know, deep down, that giving until you've got nothing left and ignoring your feelings of resentment is no pathway to happiness.
  • You crave like-minded friendships with women who are growth-minded and heart-centered.
  • You're ready to rediscover yourself (and willing to find an hour or two each week to do it!)

Vibrant Soul isn't right for you if:

  • You're still clinging to excuses as to why you can't make your own happiness a priority.
  • You're convinced that nothing can help you out of the rut you're in.
  • You're not prepared to put in the work it takes to change.

You are never too old, too busy or too damaged to change.

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pinky swear
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Whatever you believe to be true, I promise: you can make time for your happiness!

I would know.

I'm a mom of 6 and years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was a stay-at-home mom for over a decade, constantly GIVING and DOING and HELPING everyone else, but never taking time for myself.

I felt empty inside.

I lost my temper all the time.

I hated my husband more often than not.


But every day I kept trying. I woke up each morning and pasted on my fake smile, going through the motions while deep inside I was exhausted and miserable. I spent over a decade giving everything to everyone else and never doing anything for myself, until…

I hit rock bottom.

On Christmas Day in 2010 I suffered a miscarriage. As we drove 1 hour to the nearest E.R. my husband and I had the most knock-down-drag-out fight we've ever had. All the resentment and frustration from all my years of endless giving came over me in a deep tidal wave of sadness, causing me to vow to myself, "NO MORE! That's it! I'm going to be happy, no matter what!"


  • I committed to taking care of myself - putting my emotional, physical, and spiritual health FIRST (which magically made my spouse and kids happier - go figure!)
  • I started prioritizing things I love, like yoga, long walks, movie night, and meditation.
  • I revisited everything I had learned in my Ph.D. program and studied all the latest RESEARCH and TOOLS about happiness, parenting, boundaries relationships, self-esteem, confidence, and more.
  • And most importantly, I spent months applying all the latest research and tools with my family so I could learn first-hand how it all works in the "real world" (where your spouse and kids might have mental health struggles or aren't interested in changing).

I learned SO MUCH about happiness, healthy emotions, time management, and healthy communication... all of the tools and skills that have since helped thousands of women to take care of themselves, let go of resentment, and create deep and lasting happiness in their lives and relationships.

And for me and my family

the results were MIRACULOUS!
Family portrait of Jen Riday with her husband and children

My life and our family completely changed!

Putting my happiness first had a MASSIVE trickle-down effect and has helped my husband and kids to be so much happier, too. 

And now I've wrapped everything I learned up with a bow and given it to you in a step-by-step membership called the Vibrant Happy Women Club!

I'm here, ready to take you by the hand and lead you back to your true, authentic, happiest self. 

All you have to do is take the first step...

Join Vibrant Soul Today!

And unleash the most vibrant, happy, and productive version of yourself!


  • Includes:
  • Vibrant Soul Fundamentals
  • Vibrant Soul Monthly Content
  • Membership in a Soul Circle


  • Includes:
  • Vibrant Soul Fundamentals
  • Vibrant Soul Monthly Content
  • Membership in a Soul Circle
  • 2 months free!
  • Vibrant Soul Journal!
Coach Testimonial Images_Amber Fife

"I made the snap decision to join because I felt overwhelmed with life and work and I've learned I need to come back to...

addressing myself again and again as life tries to take me away. The most important thing is I realize I am important and I have found a tribe. It's been a huge anchor for me. Everything Jen has taught us has been really valuable."

Amber Fife

Coach Testimonial Images_Alberta

"Vibrant Soul has been so wonderful. I have better energy and sit taller and that's what I need.

It's internal work, but it's the external group and support and reminders that are priceless and invaluable. When I read about Vibrant Soul and what Jen was offering, I had no clue about the relationships and how I wouldn't just increase my happiness, but it would be a collective increase of happiness."

Alberta McKnight


You'll need 1 or 2 hours a week, depending on how deeply you want to dive into the growth work of expanding your joy. Worried you don't have that much time? We all have the same 24 hours in a day and 168 hours in a week. Just reduce your time on Netflix or Social Media and you'll have MORE than enough time, I promise (from experience). 

Vibrant Soul is a buffet. You get to decide what you'll consume. Love learning about boundaries? Go all in that month. Love the Mini Retreats but no time for Soul Circle? No problem! This is YOUR journey and you get to run with the pieces that work for you and leave the rest. 

Recordings are always made available so you can put your favorite buffet items in a metaphorical "to go box" and watch them when you're ready.

You have to take enough risks in life, this program shouldn't be one of them. Try Vibrant Soul for 30 days, and if you don't experience the soul-expanding growth and friendships we promise, we'll be happy to refund your entire purchase.

The first payment takes place immediately and the other payments are every 30 days. Vibrant Soul has 12 themes and we cover one per month.

If you're ready to go "all in" for expanding your joy, the best option is to pay annually, which gives you 2 months free!

After you join, you'll get access to the "Fundamentals" lessons that will give you a solid understanding of the B.E. H.E.R. Morning Ritual, B.O.L.D. Meditation, Thought Tables, the Feel-It-To-Heal-It Method, and Boundaries.

After you complete the Fundamentals (1 per day for 5 days), you'll get access to monthly content and be able to join a Soul Circle!

As soon as you join, you'll get immediate access to the Vibrant Soul Fundamentals that will give you a solid understanding of the B.E. H.E.R. Morning Ritual, B.O.L.D. Meditation, Thought Tables, the Feel-It-To-Heal-It Method, and Boundaries.

After completing the Fundamentals, you will get access to the monthly content that becomes available on the 1st of each month.

You must join on or before the 1st of any given month to get access to that month's content. For example, if you join on June 20th, you will have 10 days to work through the Fundamentals before your access for the July content begins on July 1st. (In this scenario you would NOT have access to the June content).

You will only receive access to the monthly content you have paid for (this works on a month-by-month basis).

Soul Circles take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays at a variety of day and evening times. You will have the opportunity to select a Soul Circle at a time that's convenient for you.

If you can't make all the Soul Circle sessions, that's OK - in fact, that's normal! We all have lives to live and your Soul Circle friends will understand completely.

Some women have even been known to attend Soul Circles while driving (and staying safe by shutting off their video and only listening!) Do what works for you!

We are here to help. Simply email us at, and we'll be happy to assist you.

Jen is also happy to stick around after the monthly Mini Retreats to answer questions face to face via Zoom.

Coach Testimonial Images_Michelle Petitpas-

"Through Vibrant Soul I have found my TRIBE."

Michelle Petitpas

Coach Testimonial Images_Danielle

"I've changed so much since last year.

It's just a world of difference with what's going on inside my head and my heart. I'm feeling the way I want to feel more and more. Changing that inner dialogue has been the biggest thing. Before it was really easy for me to get to the place where I felt worthless. I just don't feel that way anymore. Now I kind of laugh at myself because I feel borderline arrogant because I think, 'My life is freaking amazing!'"

Danielle Mendoza

Get started today!

Unleash your most vibrant, happy, and productive self

Join Vibrant Soul today
by choosing one of the following options:


  • Includes:
  • Vibrant Soul Fundamentals
  • Vibrant Soul Monthly Content
  • Membership in a Soul Circle


  • Includes:
  • Vibrant Soul Fundamentals
  • Vibrant Soul Monthly Content
  • Membership in a Soul Circle
  • 2 months free!
  • Vibrant Soul Journal!