Marriage Makeover – Day 2

Shifting Your Marriage Into a Place of Positivity

Welcome to Day 2 of the 10-day Marriage Makeover Challenge!

It’s so important to wake up each day and start your day in a place of alignment and positivity. Some people call this “raising your vibration.” However you refer to it, the best ways to get in alignment include dancing, upbeat music, exercise, journaling, prayer, meditation, and gratitude.

Once you shift into a place of higher positivity and alignment, you’ll feel less easily offended and more resilient when difficult situations happen.

It’s important to focus on the positive in your spouse and marriage because that which we focus on increases.

Your brain has something called the Reticular Activating System, which helps you sort through millions and millions of pieces of information going into your brain each day. Your brain literally works to help you notice the things which support your beliefs. if you believe your spouse is amazing and that you have a good marriage, your brain will find more and more evidence of it. Practice makes perfect. And why not focus on the good? Just as believing you hit more green lights than red lights FEELS BETTER and when we feel better we’re more in alignment.

Which leads to another deep thought: When we feel bad, we are usually thinking a thought that isn’t in alignment, or isn’t true. In contrast, if a thought makes us feel happy and positive, then it is in alignment. We can literally choose our thoughts and even shift our beliefs to give us the feelings we want.

Another important point to remember is that we all have needs, and a big one is to feel loved and important. What would happen if you decide to belief that statement is already true? “I am loved and important, independent of what others around me think.” Powerful, right? You can repeat statements like this, doing your best to FEEL the truth of these words, and you meet your OWN NEEDS for love and approval. When you do that, you aren’t “needy” with your spouse and your marriage becomes more stable and positive because you can focus on the good rather than the perceived lack of your needs not being met.


  1. Do 10 minutes of meditation, journaling, prayer, exercise or anything else that raises your “vibration” or puts you more into alignment every morning.
  2. Set aside 20 minutes and journal about what you’d like your relationship to look like. Paint a picture of what it could be. Having a vision gives you something to aim for. This is called scripting. You need to picture it using all of your 5 senses. Imagine your spouse already being a person who’s in alignment. See yourself living in alignment. Recreate or reinvent your spouse in your mind as the person you want him to be each morning before you actually interact with him. He will shift in response.

Don’t forget, that which we focus on increases. Like attracts like. Feel differently first, then engage. As you do this, your relationship WILL shift. You hold the power. When one person changes, everyone around them will change in response. Raise your own vibration and live more in alignment yourself and others will do the same.

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