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115: Intentional Simplicity with Allie Casazza

It’s one thing to minimize clutter as an individual or a couple, but how do you simplify your life when you have kids? In this episode guest Allie Casazza gives you step-by-step instructions for creating an intentional clutter-free life for your family.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Put an end to the constant clean-up in the wake of young children.
  • Make laundry something you never have to think about again.
  • Easily eliminate all paper clutter with one easy app.
  • Live your life intentionally (and not let stuff suck up your joy).
  • And much more!

Nuggets of Wisdom from Allie:

“Simplicity is less stuff, less work, less expense and this equals more money, more time and more joy. So less equals more. It’s about having less for the sake of having more of what matters. Less stuff and more time to be with the kids, friends, spouse. More energy and having more time for family and friends.”

“Now that I am doing what I’m doing, I have seen that science backs us up on this. It shows what exactly happened with my kids. Kids just play a lot better with less. Kids don’t do well with a lot of options. That’s why if you are reading a book about raising a toddler, almost all of them will say something about giving them just two options: ‘Do you want to put your sandals on? Or do you want to put your tennis shoes on?' instead of saying, ‘Go put on your shoes.'”

“Being a careful and ruthless editor of what you are allowing to take up your time and your space is so important. Be pretty minimal with the amount of clothing you have and just keep up a small load of laundry every morning. Washing something every morning keeps a rhythm at the end of the day and it helps keep things afloat. I would rather do a little every day than to have a day dedicated to laundry and folding and all that.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Having less home clutter and less life clutter plus intentionally living the rest of the time and energy and moments that are left. Intentionally living those moments – that’s happiness for me.”

A Challenge from Allie:

“Find one area of your physical space, your home, your apartment that is really bothering you and make time to get rid of that – to GUT it and make piles for KEEP, TRASH, DONATE. Get Ruthless. Make that appointment in your calendar and show up for it.”


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