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118: Creating a 5-Star Marriage with Maggie Reyes

Many of us believe we’ll finally be happy in our relationships when our partner changes. However, there’s an easier and much more empowering way to be happy at home. Learn all about it in this episode!

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Identify whether you’re using the Five Love Languages as a tool or a weapon.
  • Upgrade to a 5-star marriage by creating a solid vision.
  • Befriend your spouse (while sometimes putting your problems on a shelf).
  • Cook scrambled eggs the RIGHT way!
  • And much more!

Nuggets of Wisdom from Maggie:

“‘To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition.' When I read that quote, it really shook me. What is the purpose of all the things we do? It lead me to this inquiry, what do I need to be happy at home? What’s that about for me? Back then, I thought I want to get married. I’m a child of divorce; I never really knew what it’s like to have a healthy family life from the inside. That was one of my dreams, to have that. It was not that easy to make that dream come true, let me just say.”

“Here is the deal: if you ever doubt whether one person can have an effect on a relationship, think about your crankiest day. Think about how you snapped at them, at your best friend, your husband, or person in front of you and whether you had an effect on that person that day or not. Think about it in reverse. If you walked through the door and said, ‘Life is beautiful! The sun is shining. I’m so happy I’m here,” it’s inevitable, it’s going to have an effect.”

“Always be ‘friending.' If you take one thing away from our talk, if you are not sure what to do, not sure where to start, always be friending. What do I mean by that? On Facebook, when you like somebody’s things, when you comment on their things, share their things, what happens? You see more of them! They show up more often in your feed on Facebook. So what happens in your relationship when you comment on your spouse’s adventures, when you are interested in how their day went? When you share time as friends, together, you have a stronger relationship. So whatever friending looks like in the context of your relationship, start there. If you don’t know what else to do, that is my one place to start.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Vibrant means pulsating with life or enthusiasm. Vibrant is synonymous to Enthusiasm. Enthusiasm comes from the Greek word ‘en Theos,' which means “in God.” Whatever your interpretation of God may be, whenever you are experiencing enthusiasm, you are experiencing the divine in that moment.”

“My goals is to enjoy the things I have, to experience and delight in that enthusiasm and to be fully alive in the present moment because we can only have vibrancy or enthusiasm or delight in the present. We can’t have it in the past, we can’t have it in the future. We have to have it right now.”

A Challenge from Maggie:

“Ask yourself, ” What do I really need to be happy at home? Just ask yourself that question. Whatever your answer is, take a look, take out your internal GPS, and ask yourself how far close am I from that? If you do that, it will help you focus, it will help you prioritize. It will make your yes’s and no’s easier in your life and it will for sure, lead you to have a happy and vibrant life.”



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