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123: Make Yourself Happy First (with Lisa Corduff)

We moms tend to put ourselves last, giving us zero energy to manage our lives… But what happens when you start putting your own well being at the very tip-top of the list and make yourself happy? Guest Lisa Corduff shares her exact formula for being 100% responsible for her own happiness – no matter what happens, and how this new approach to life has completely changed the dynamics in her family.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • Identify your glass balls (those most delicate and important parts of your life that you really can’t stop juggling).
  • Build compassion by putting your own heart first so you can make yourself happy.
  • Shift the energy of your kids and spouse simply by shifting your own energy first.
  • Make a batch of delicious Aussie-style porridge.
  • Show up in a way that guarantees your own happiness.
  • And much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Lisa:

“You’re not taking responsibility for your life.” James Wedmore

“If you're 100% responsible, then anything is possible.”

“The only person responsible for turning this around… is me! What I realized is that I was so powerful that I created all this around me. It was actually coming from me. My outside world was a reflection of my inside state.”

“My business is about helping people with food. I can make food, simple whole food, family food that kids actually eat. I can make that as simple as possible for women. But if their life is so overwhelming that they don’t even have 4 or 5 minutes to watch a single video each week then they are never going to change their food habits. We have to tackle the overwhelm, and the busy first. It is actually the priority. Once again, we have to take responsibility for our busyness.”

“That is where the responsibility piece comes from. Owning your own emotions but don’t get stuck in them and just sit in them when they are not serving you anymore. Do things that make you feel happy and, as bizarre it sounds, you actually start to feel happy. It’s sweet. It’s quite fun. Choosing to be happy and doing things that make you feel good gets the result of making you feel good.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Choosing happiness. Knowing I have a choice and choosing happiness is the goal. Make yourself happy. If I’m choosing happiness I feel really vibrant. I’m doing things that lift my vibration. Be a joy chaser. Go where the joy is.”

A Challenge from Lisa:

“What’s one small step you can take to feel happy today? How can you be a joy chaser today? Don’t wait for that deadline to come. Take a step towards joy today. Right now.”

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