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124: A Circle of Sisterhood (with Jalaja Bonheim)

Most of us crave being a part of a tribe where we can see and be seen, understand and be understood. In this episode Jalaja Bonheim shares some tips that will help you find and build the circle of sisterhood you've been seeking.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How we begin to heal, fall in love with others, and even fall in love with ourselves when we co-create circles of love with other women.
  • Why your morning routine doesn’t need to be rigid, but can follow where you energy wants to flow.
  • How movement and dance can help with healing, spirituality and connectedness.
  • The importance of developing the art of deep listening.
  • And much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Jalaja:

“My religion is kindness.” – Dalai Lama

“It’s such an antidote when you come to a circle and you get to see the best in us. I really give thanks to every woman who is in my circles. Without these circles, I think I would probably be cynical. I would love scientists to come in and measure our brain wave patterns at the beginning of the circle and at the end because I know that they are completely different. There is just this sense of profound inner peace, tranquillity, the thoughts that are rising are rising much slower and at the same time, they have greater clarity. I think that as we slow down our mind, there can be this fear that maybe I am not going to be so productive. But the fact is that as we come to our center, we become more productive because what we say and what we do is really coming from that place of centeredness. So it’s going to be more effective in the world. As we come together, we gain access to these resources that we can’t access on our own. That is part of that what I call the magic of circlework. There is a collective wisdom that together we can access. Personally, I believe that especially in these times, we need to access it.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“I need to feel myself part of a web of light that is encircling out planet and that I feel that sense of connection with people everywhere who love the earth and who are working together. One tiny drop of water is joining with the love, offerings and service of millions of other people. That awareness gives me so much inspiration and so much energy and love.”

“We’re not doing this alone… there’s this whole other reality where millions and billions of people wake up and say we want to create a peaceful, beautiful world for our children. That sense of connectedness gives me so much joy!”

A Challenge from Jalaja:

“Take just a few minutes (5-10) and write a love letter to yourself. Imagine you are speaking with that voice – whether it’s the divine mother or however you imagine it – this voice of love that really sees you for who you are at your deepest level. Write a little love letter to yourself. Give yourself that gift. It's another way to create a field of love and bask in it for a few minutes.”

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