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127: All the Women in My Family Sing (with Deborah Santana)

Do you ever feel like your voice isn’t really heard? Or that you’re not truly valued? We can shift that when we speak our truth AND when we allow other women to do the same. In this episode guest Deborah Santana explains why it’s especially important that we share and listen to the experiences of women of color so we can collectively rise up in a spirit of love, compassion and connection and experience a truth healing of our hearts.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • What it means to practice compassion.
  • The importance of listening to the experiences and stories of women of color.
  • The power of looking in another person’s eyes and connecting soul to soul.
  • How to use meditation to tap into your authentic divine potential.
  • The secret heart-healing properties of serving others in ways that align with your passions.
  • And much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Deborah:

“Keep your heart with all diligence for from it flows all the springs of life.” Proverbs 12:23

“Love originates from the heart. NO matter what happens in the world, in my personal life, I can always go back to love.
Meditation brings me back to love.”

“If I can be in the world and feel that my life is worthwhile because I am helping someone else or because I am being of service for the greater good, then that is a way to definitely keep me focused and keep me in alignment with that interior spirit. But that is also very difficult to do because there is so much to do. I get burned out. I have a nonprofit called Do A Little. You have to begin with your own passion – school, books, shelter, knitting caps for babies… Edelman said, “Service is the rent we pay for being on this earth.”

“When I see someone looking directly toward me. I say, don’t look for the obvious. Find out something that’s inside them. That totally changed my perception and way of looking at people.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Be enlivened with the spirit of love for people, to care for and protect the Earth, to be fulfilled by simple pleasures and in connection with friends, conversations, and enjoying art, music, and nature together.”

“I believe happiness comes and goes depending on our circumstances. I’m always looking for the ability to Be PRESENT in what this moment is bringing right now, because it’s never good or bad, it just IS.”

A Challenge from Deborah:

“Do something kind for someone else because it will fill you with joy. Offer them something sweet.”


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