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283: Living Your Best Life (with Nicole Walters)

Vibrant Happy Women with Dr. Jen Riday | Living Your Best Life (with Nicole Walters)

When my guest today talks about living her best life, she isn’t saying that her life is perfect and nothing ever goes wrong. It’s about expecting bumps in the road and having grace when they happen. If you struggle with giving yourself grace like so many of us do, listen in. 

Nicole Walters is a self-made power woman who built a business education empire. She has the unique ability to be real and authentic no matter the setting, and she’s done something few can say they have: she became a mom of three in 30 days. She’s also the star of the hilarious TV show based on her life, She’s the Boss

Listen in today as Nicole and I chat about life, purpose, and choosing grace and gratitude. Nicole shares how racism impacts her life, the story of adopting her three girls, and how she maintains her attitude for gratitude. As you’ll hear, Nicole is so fun to talk to and this episode is sure to leave you feeling uplifted.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How Nicole became a mom of three in 30 days.
  • What helped her step into a new version of herself.
  • How Nicole's story became a hit TV show.
  • What she learned from doing a 30-day morning routine exercise.
  • How racism affects her life. 
  • Nicole’s favorite life hack that we all need to hear.

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Full Episode Transcript:

You’re listening to the Vibrant Happy Women podcast, episode number 283. We’re talking about living your best life. Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jen Riday. This podcast is for women who want to feel more vibrant, happy, aligned, and alive. You'll gain the emotional, physical, and spiritual tools you need to get your sparkle back and ensure that depression, anxiety, and struggle don't rule your life. Welcome to the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast.

So, I have a great guest for you today, Nicole Walters. I met her through social media. I found her during the Black Lives Matter protest on Instagram. Nicole shared this beautiful — kind of a rant — but an explanation, a story about her experience as a Black American living in a predominantly white neighborhood and it just touched my heart. Well, it touched a lot of other hearts because it went viral enough that tons and tons and people saw it. So, I began to follow Nicole on Instagram and she is a character. I love her. I love her.

And I want you to feel of her energy and hear her story. So, she’s going to be sharing her story of how she became the mother of three little girls in 30 days. It’s a great story. I won’t share anymore but I do want to share her bio with you before we dive in. Nicole Walters is a self-made power woman who became nationally known when she quit her job at a Fortune 500 company Live Online. Since then, she has built a multi-million dollar personal development and business education empire using what she learned in the corporate world and sharing that knowledge with regular people.

Nicole has a unique ability to be real and authentic, which you can see on Instagram and which I saw and loved so much that I invited her on the show. Nicole was also on a TV show, on USA Network. She’s the star of the series, She’s The Boss. I can’t wait for you to hear my conversation with Nicole Walters.

Jen: Okay, Nicole, welcome to Vibrant Happy Women. I’m so excited you’re here. I want to kind of introduce you a little bit. So, everyone, I met Nicole through social media. She was once doing a rant about being treated differently in her neighborhood when Black Lives Matter was happening. And it was so moving to me I started to follow her. And so maybe you can tell us that story if it feels applicable. But far beyond that I just love Nicole’s energy.

And then I learned she had this special story of adopting some girls. I don’t want to give too much away but welcome to the show and tell us about your amazing self, Nicole.

Nicole: Oh my gosh. Thank you so much for having me and the very kind introduction. Yeah, I am pretty blessed. I’ve had an amazing life and God is all over it. And so, I am a mom, first and foremost, to three incredible girls. I am a wife. I am a wife. I’m an entrepreneur. I run a Business Education Company headquartered in Atlanta where we help everyday entrepreneurs build businesses that run as efficiently as corporations and are profitable too.

But really what you saw on social is me, a hot mess express, trying to make it happen every single day and balance the family and balance the business. And also, not lose too much of myself as I need to get it all done.

Jen: And really all women resonate with your story so much because we all want to balance all the things. We’re all juggling all the things. So, I love you because you’ve kind of stepped into that place where you’re using your intuition to live your purpose. So not a lot of people walk down the street and end up adopting some girls the way you did, and I love this story. So, tell us that story.

Nicole: Yeah. So, I love how you talk about it with intuition and really creating a space and a life. And that’s really the season I’m in right now is just quieting as much as I can so I can listen even more. Because that is how I got my girls. The best things that have happened to me in my life happened when I slowed down and really listened to how God was speaking to me and directing my path. So, with my girls, I was going to dessert with my husband on just a random October day.

And turned down a side street to head to our favorite place in Baltimore. And when we did that, we saw a woman who was panhandling on the side of the street. And she had a little girl with her, about a little over the age of two. And we pulled over to help. That’s just kind of my nature, I always try to be a helper. I asked a couple of questions, and it was just pretty clear that there was a little more going on. So, we got them some dinner and then we gave them a ride back home. And I met the other two girls. And I just told them, “I’ll be back tomorrow.”

And I just kept coming back and bringing groceries and helping them with school. And just kind of standing in the gap wherever I could. And after about 30 days of providing that sort of mentorship support, neighborliness, if you will. The mom shared with me that she was going to be incarcerated. And once I know someone I can’t unknow them. So, I asked her, I said, “What’s the plan for the girls?” And she said, “Well, the state will take them, or I don’t know, but this is where I’m going to be.”

And so, I said to her, “Well, if you’re okay with it I guess they can stay with me. I’ve got a house, I’ve got room and then we’ll just kind of take it day-by-day and figure it out.” When she came out in about a year it was just pretty clear that the girls had built a stable routine and that they were really comfortable and that they were healthy and thriving. So, from then forward we kind of did a coparenting situation if you will. It was kind of the best way to describe it where the mother signed over various custodial rights to allow me to have more flexibility in parenting.

And then within three years, from that moment I retained full physical custody. But then I had parental custody within three years. Now I’m their full mother with birth certificates updated and all that. So, mentor to mom in 30 days.

Jen: Oh my gosh, that should be a book. How I became a mom of three in 30 days, yes. That’s great. Well, so now you have a TV show about your life. You live with The Hubbin’, tell us about how you call everyone.

Nicole: Yeah. So yeah, then we have a TV show now which the story I think, I’ve been sharing it online for so much time. So, people really were able to see the journey. I mean literally from the very first moment where I met them and I said, “Just dropped off some groceries for a neighbor around Thanksgiving time. Just helping you guys all do the same.” It was kind of my post on social kind of cavalier, not knowing that I was talking about my future children someday. That drew attention, just kind of sharing that journey online.

But also sharing the journey of how during that time I also quit my job Live Online in front of 10,000 people. And launched my business and grew it into a multi-million dollar firm. And I did all of that while becoming a mom. And that very quickly led to some TV network saying, “We’ve got to track this.” So USA Network, amazingly signed onboard and said, “Let’s make a show of this.” So, we have this great 30 minute hilarious comedy show that you can watch on USA Network. The season one’s done now but you can watch it streaming on any time.

Jen: So cool. It is funny, I love it. Your love of the special popcorn and Eddie. And she calls her husband The Hubbin’. I love The Hubbin’ as well. Yeah, it’s so fun. That’s a lot of changing in your life.

Nicole: It is, yeah.

Jen: And a lot of us as we try to step into living our purpose it can be scary to step into a new version of ourselves. What has helped you with that?

Nicole: I think the thing that’s really helping me in this season as I evolve my perspective around what purpose is, is recognizing that the pursuit is the purpose. So instead of feeling like purpose is a final destination that I’m always chasing after and that everything I’m doing up until that point may not have as much meaning until I arrive at that point.

I’m trying to really understand and lean into the fact that all along the way the pursuit of trying to reach that ultimate self-actualization, or that ultimate realization, or that place where I really feel like I’m sitting in my area of excellence the majority of time. That pursuit along the way is still really valuable. And then so that’s where I’m really leaning into in this season is what can I extract from my day-to-day lessons, my day-to-day experiences and interactions with others that really is going to help make me the person that I’m supposed to be at the end of my days.

Jen: Yeah. And do you feel like God has a mission for you or do you just lean into it day-by-day?

Nicole: A 100%, yeah, I definitely without question, as a believer, know that God has something over my life. It used to bother me, just being really candid because I always call myself a bootleg Christian. I’m just really like I need to be rebaptized every four years. Just to keep it fresh, you know what I mean? So, knowing that I’m always trying to figure it out. And I realize that one thing that’s true is God shows up in the big and the small and all the little moments every day.

But that feeling that there is intention over my life, I can’t ignore because he blessed me with these three girls who are a daily example of how your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. So, I do really have faith that that is a thing because I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it, I experience it and it’s in front of me. But I also know that I’m not going to figure it out. And it’s not going to happen in my lifetime. It’s at the end of my lifetime that I’ll hopefully look back and say, “Yeah, this is what I’m meant to do and where I was meant to be.”

So, every day I just pursue things so that when the time comes, I think it’s been said before that the version of how that I think we all should be most afraid of is meeting what we could have been at the end of our days. And standing there in front of it not having realized ourselves. So, I’m just hoping that whatever I meet is at least equivalent to or worse than what I actually attained.

Jen: Yeah, for sure. So, one thing I love about you is you have big powerful energy. Nicole is in the room.

Nicole: Oh.

Jen: No, it’s good, it’s a good thing. Have you always been that way, or have you cultivated more of that? Do you have this magical morning routine? What helps you to be sparkly like that?

Nicole: Well, I should show you my kid pictures, my mom used to say since I was little, I was just always the spitfire I was always. And I mean people stop me on the street and they’re like, “Your energy.” So yeah, I just – what it is, is I just really am grateful to be alive and I like people. I really do approach every day like that. I am just super happy to be here, do you know what I mean? Having grown up really, really poor, the child of first generation, two immigrants and that worked every single day to try to change our existence.

I just have such an appreciation for the big and the small. And such an appreciation for opportunity that I really do pursue life with a lot of joy. Not that I’m a constant state of happy because that’s not real life. But I am in a constant state of gratitude and that is real. But in terms of how do I maintain it? Oh my gosh, I mean things are in flux. Sometimes I have to slow down in order to speed up. I just try to take really good care of myself and listen and go a pace that is honest to the season that I’m in.

This may be a little different than what other people say because I know the traditional entrepreneurial answer is I wake up at four and then I work out, and then I meditate, and then I have coffee and all those things. Listen, I’m a mom, that just isn’t how it works for me. That’s not real life for me. What I did was I went through an exercise where I spent 30 days tracking how my mornings actually go. And I wrote down what really happens. Because Lord knows when my kids see me I’m on duty, that’s how that works.

It’s not like I can just disappear off and they’re like, “Mom, what are you doing”, and rogue things happen. So, I tracked how my day actually went. And what I discovered about myself was how I actually made my routine. So, I don’t like waking up at 4:00am, it’s unpleasant for me. So instead of me feeling defeatist because I’m not doing the thing that cool entrepreneurs do. I’m instead going to grant myself some grace and say, “No, I prefer to work a little bit later in the day.” And start my day – I don’t want to talk to anyone before 11 o’clock, I just don’t.

I can start my day at nine, but I don’t want to have interactions until eleven because that’s my truth. That’s just who I am. And I just – that was easier for me and a way that I can be consistent. And that’s where people will get my best self. So, while I love hearing about miracle mornings, I think that any morning you wake up is a miracle, so gratitude’s a part of it. But the real miracle, especially when you’re a momma trying to balance it all and a woman who’s trying to make it happen, is being able to get as much done as you can and doing your best.

Jen: Yeah, that’s cool. So, what else did you learn from your 30 day exercise, you want to sleep in, what else came out in the pattern?

Nicole: So, I definitely want to sleep in. I learned that I like to shut down my day at around three. So, my peak work hours, interactive hours are between eleven and three. And then I can actually return to work at around five, between five and seven. So, what’s great is I can shut down, go home, prep dinner, have dinner with the family at the table, do all of that. And then when they go into their pre bedtime routine I’m actually very content to go back to the office and I can get in another good four hour workday after that.

So, I can record content, or I can meet with clients, or whatever. I can lead a training, do a webinar, you name it, I’m able to do those things in the evening. And then I can get back home by around eight-thirty, nine and kind of wind down with my husband, watch a show or something and be in bed by ten-thirty. And that’s my best schedule for me. Yeah, it’s different.

Jen: Yeah. So, you have an earlier dinner?

Nicole: It’s just one of our little goals. Everything else we do is a hot mess but that’s one of our traditional family things that we try to do together all the time, yeah.

Jen: You started gardening during the pandemic, is that right? How is that going?

Nicole: Well, so I’ve been a gardener for years. But during the pandemic I returned to it because you can’t have a garden when you’re traveling and speaking, and doing events and you know what I mean? So gardening is like children, you have to nurture it.

Jen: Yeah. And you had your melons growing in pantyhose, I love that idea.

Nicole: I did. I did. I did vertical cantaloupe gardening. So, a lot of people don’t know but if you’re growing melons or cantaloupes or anything like that, they just – I mean the vines just take up your whole garden. They sprawl everywhere. And things can get to them. So, I made cantaloupe bras for them, like little slings. So, my family was joking about how I had my melons hanging all over the place.

Jen: Oh man. Well, so at the beginning I mentioned how I met you was this beautiful rant about how you are treated differently. Do you feel like sharing that story again?

Nicole: Sure. I mean I can definitely speak to it. So, I mean one of the blessings that I have is my platform. A lot of people have shown up and they’re part of that experience. And they’re tuned in for the journey and I’m grateful for it. And so, as awareness has changed around the Black experience and around the experience of our neighbors possibly being different from our own. And the conversation starting to happen in a more open and public way and in a larger way.

I had the opportunity to enter that conversation with my own experience to my audience that may not have met me before, but they were my people. Or maybe was similar to their own in so many ways that they just wouldn’t have expected. So, I took the opportunity in June of 2020 to share that I experience a lot of things. And that racism can have a lot of different looks to it. And not just racism but just implicit bias where it’s like you may not be intentionally or outwardly racist but you may have informed perspectives that aren’t really as reflective of how your heart may be feel.

But it may be learned from your environment, but you didn’t even realize it. And so, I spoke to that, and I shared that, look, you may be following me and thinking that Nicole’s just like me, no big deal, these things happen to her, that sort of thing. And I just wanted people to know that it actually is very true. I get pulled over four to five times a year for various things. I’m a terrible driver, I’ll own that. I’ll own that. For those times I get pulled over another six to seven times a year.

But I do get pulled over four to five times a year ago for being in the wrong neighborhood or for just questions about what I’m doing and where I’m going and why. And those are things that as a Black American I’m aware are likely or possibly due to race. And it was important for me to share that navigating that is a really frightening thing. And it is something that happens more often to Black Americans. And it’s something that isn’t good, and it isn’t a way to live. And it adds an anxiety to something as simple as driving every single day.

And the routine that you end up having to develop and teach your children is something that I really shouldn’t have to do but I definitely do just to assure their safety and security. And that we all should be invested in working to create a world and an existence where it’s not like that for any of us because we’re all deserving of a similar experience and comfort level in our everyday lives.

Jen: Yeah. Yeah, well said. And I am assuming you highlighted that story on your Instagram? Could we go find it there?

Nicole: Yeah. So, if anyone wants to listen, yeah, I actually have a category on my Instagram called Tough Talks. And I love doing these tough talks just as a God girl. I try to extend a lot of grace and compassion because I am aware that despite I think our world trying to always polarize us, red versus blue, black versus white. And there are some things we shouldn’t have a grey area about like racism and, tolerance, and being kind. I think we’re all more purple than we know.

And we all have moments where we may be reflective of one side or the other. Or we have issues that we may be pretty solidly one side about but other things where we’re not that. And knowing that we’re more and people I like to have tough talks from that place where it’s just saying, “Look, if all I can you to do is open up your heart to understand that someone may think differently from you. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t have a heart to care. That hopefully we can see each other’s experiences a little more.”

So yeah, it’s on my Instagram profile, it’s called Tough Talks. And I talk about everything from voting, to politics, to racism, to child rearing, you name it. I don’t claim to be an expert in any of these things, quite the opposite. But I can share an honest perspective and hopefully lend a voice of compassion and grace so that we can understand each other a little better.

Jen: That’s great. So, you have a business, and you help entrepreneurs to do what?

Nicole: What I found when I came out of corporate America because I did this for over a decade was that a lot of entrepreneurs just really got started and made it up as they went. And that’s really, really normal, that’s so normal. Because you just kind of start doing your craft, but your front end looks great. You may have a beautiful website or whatever. But your back end is a mess. What is a profit and loss statement? Do I need an accountant? And do I also need a bookkeeper? What is legal? And you don’t really know those things until they end up being a problem.

And so, what was great was that’s squarely where I fit in. I can actually help people build beautiful businesses that are not just financially profitable because you put things into place the right way. But also have products that really do sell, both service and product based because they’re built correctly. I had to do that in corporate America day in and day out. I’ve been fortunate to build countless million and multi-million dollar businesses and even better.

The focus is always on trying to get people to be debt free and trying to get them to build a business that doesn’t suck the life out of them and their families and compromise their values. So that’s what I do every single day and it’s a real blessing to get to leverage my gift to help them realize a life that they deserve.

Jen: That’s great. And where can people go to learn more about that?

Nicole: You can head over to I-n-h-e-i-r-, wait, no, I’m spelling that wrong. Just go to I’m sure it’s going to be in the show notes.

Jen: Yeah, very good.

Nicole: Why am I trying to mentally spell? What is even going on?

Jen: That’s great.

Nicole: Oh, a mess.

Jen: That’s great. Well, let’s do a quick lightening round. I’m going to ask you five questions.

Nicole: Ooh, fun.

Jen: And let’s just see what you have for an answer. Favorite food?

Nicole: Right, let’s do it.

Jen: Favorite food?

Nicole: Pad Thai.

Jen: Okay. Favorite person?

Nicole: I want to change my food. See, I literally said the last thing I ate.

Jen: Back up, back up.

Nicole: It’s popcorn. I love popcorn. Tropical Shores Popcorn, that’s my answer, movie time flavor.

Jen: Okay. Here I have a question for you, Nicole. You’ve lost weight lately and I’m like how is she doing that and she eats popcorn. What?

Nicole: Yeah. So, one portion control. When I tell you, I used to clean up, I think they’re five cup bags, I could eat three of them a day, so 15 cups of butter popcorn is not a good thing for you. And I just I can tell you, it’s good but you don’t eat that much. And what happened was during the pandemic I was a snacker. And I did not care, and I still don’t care. I did the right thing for me during that season. If girl needed a Krispy Kreme to get through, she was eating her Krispy Kreme or a dozen of them, that’s just what, I love myself thoroughly.

But post pandemic girl also needs to film a TV show. So, it’s been that. I just I’m moving my body more. I’m getting out more. And I’ve virtually eliminated extra snacks and that has literally taken my calorie intake from – I was probably taking in something like 4,000 calories a day. I gained about 25 pounds. And 25 pounds is a solid two and a half dress sizes. So, when I stopped doing that the weight essentially came off. And then I also, I got a trainer, but I don’t do anything crazy. I literally yell at my trainer, “Stop trying to kill me, it’s not funny.”

So, I mean I just do normal workouts. I’m not doing throwing bricks across the room or anything. But I see a trainer three times a week and then I just walk. And the trainer’s for strength training so I don’t hurt myself because I don’t want to hurt myself lifting. Yeah, that’s what I’ve been doing. And I’ve only been doing that now for I’d say 70 days, not quite 90 days.

Jen: No way, and you lost all that weight, that fat?

Nicole: Yeah. Well, I mean it just, it was weight that really never had to be on there. And then my eating has changed drastically too. So, I lead with protein and again don’t snack. And I’m eating way more vegetables, so my skin’s gotten better. I mean there was a lot of stuff. And then also I don’t know about you but as I’ve gotten older, even though my spirit age is 25, that’s the age I receive. However, whatever’s on my driver’s license is of this Earth and I reject it.

But that age, that age I’ve noticed that my body responds to food differently also. So, if I eat, like yesterday I had Pad Thai. And I was like, “Oh, this is just one of those days.” I had Doritos, Pad Thai, peanut M&Ms. I just went off. This morning my body’s actually puffy. So, it looks like I probably gained three to five pounds and I haven’t, you know what I mean? But I look it, my pants are tighter. And that’s new to me. That’s not something I ever experienced before. But I’ve noticed that about, not just with age, but it just happens.

So, thank you, I appreciate it. At any given time if you see me in real life, please tell me I also still look skinny.

Jen: I love it. I love it.

Nicole: Yes. But yeah, no, so popcorn, I still eat popcorn, I literally just had some yesterday. I have a subscription to Tropical Shores, so they send me three bags of popcorn every single month without fail, I love them.

Jen: So, I noticed the Tropical Shores thing. I mean you give them a lot of coverage.

Nicole: I just like them.

Jen: I know, and it seems a really generous thing to do. But you genuinely just love their popcorn, right?

Nicole: It’s funny because a lot of – I don’t really do the influencer promo thing. So, anything you ever hear me talk about, it’s just because I genuinely really love it and I know it actually works. And it’s always exciting for me to be able to support small women owned businesses, minorities that deserve the press because their product is actually good. So Tropical Shores is that, it’s small batch. During the pandemic this was one of those boardwalk companies in Sarasota, Florida and they got hard hit, you know what I mean? They were hard hit.

And so, they actually reached out to me and said, “Hey, we’re trying to pivot our company into being a nationwide distribution.” So, I gave them some tips and I walked them through. And I was like, “Look, I hope it works out for you, but can you send me some popcorn because if it’s good I’d love to tell people about it if you’re making these pivots.” And I literally was not a popcorn eater prior to Tropical Shores. I hated premade popcorn. I only liked movie popcorn when it was fresh. And their popcorn is truly the best popcorn I’ve ever had.

And I’ve had other premade brands, theirs is far superior. So, it’s like I had no problem speaking to it, one, to support the changes that they made at my guidance. But two, to also help them get the press that they need because they are competitors, because their product is good, and their service is better.

Jen: Yeah, that’s great. That’s great. Okay. Person you most admire?

Nicole: Right now, it can change but I really admire my middle daughter, Christina, she’s 19. Gosh, that girl, I wish I could be like her. I mean her work ethic is unmatched. Her focus and her compassion, this girl has heart. I really do admire my daughter. And I mean the things that my kids have been through are things that people only have nightmares about. And just every single day they’re just an example of resilience. So, my babies, I admire the heck out of them. They are incredible.

Jen: And that daughter started a business and she’s premed too, right?

Nicole: Yeah. She had stage 4 cancer and praise God she’s great, she’s totally healed, doing amazing. But she went through chemo and all that, but she had these great headwrap turbans that I wear, too, just for style reasons, that look amazing. And she started selling those and now she has a six figure business. So, she’s running during the summer and all by herself and crushing it, yeah, she’s crushing it.

Jen: That’s so cool. That’s so cool. Your favorite hobby, favorite pastime?

Nicole: Paddleboard yoga. So, it’s like – I know, it’s the most random thing. I picked it up in California. You get on a paddleboard, and you do yoga. It’s good for your core. They kind of mix everything with water in California. I don’t know what’s wrong with them. Everything looks good on water.

Jen: I’m impressed. I’m impressed you can do it, it’s not easy, yeah.

Nicole: It’s really, really hard to do, yeah, it’s definitely hard to do. But if you nail it, you feel really good about yourself.

Jen: Yeah. Have you ever fallen in the water?

Nicole: Every single time without fail, yeah.

Jen: So, your make-up is the best. What’s your favorite make-up line? Do you have a line? Do you have tips? I want make-up like yours.

Nicole: You’re so great. No, I don’t have a favorite make-up line or product, but I do have a tip to help with that. So, what I did was I actually booked a session with a make-up artist. And I think it cost me 300 bucks. So, it wasn’t cheap, cheap but it was the best money I ever spent. And I basically said, “Show me how to do my make-up. Give me the list of the products that I need, the perfect match foundation, the perfect concealer. It needs to be a routine I can do in 15 minutes when I get really good at it. Show me the right brushes.”

And basically, they showed me how to do my make-up one way. And then they showed me two ways to switch it up, meaning if you want to get fancier put on this lip. If you want to have smokier eyes, just do this. So, it’s all based on the same basic foundation of basic look, kind of a neutral look. And all through the pandemic and when I did it myself which is most of the time, it was that, it was the exact same look. I just tweaked one or two things. So, it was the best 300 I’ve ever spent. So, I actually I just rebuy the same stuff. I use the same blush, everything. Best money ever spent.

Jen: You guys, you have to go check it out because Nicole you even did your make-up for the TV show, right?

Nicole: Yes, I did but because we didn’t have a thing, yeah.

Jen: That’s insane, so good. Okay, I’m going to do that one day.

Nicole: Yes, you can.

Jen: Current favorite book?

Nicole: Mine.

Jen: Yeah.

Nicole: Actually, getting off this chat, having a meeting with for more publishers. I’ve been really blessed to get a lot of offers coming in, so just trying to find the right publishing partner to get this thing to the world. But all the big names have shot up and we’ll see what happens. But I’m working on the book right now and it’s been quite the process. I always joke, I can’t tell if the book’s trying to kill me or save me. It’s going to be an incredible book, so right now it’s definitely my favorite.

Jen: Final question. Favorite life hack?

Nicole: I don’t know if this counts as a – well, Target, just as a concept. If we can just shut that out. I literally, when I tell you when I’m packing to go places for trips and for travel, it’s become a phrase in the household. If I know, when I’m done packing, I’ll look and I’m like, “Did I forget anything?” And then I’ll be like, “You know what? Everywhere has a Target.” It gives me peace to be like you know what? If all else fails, I’ll find a Target because I can get clothes. I can get shoes. I can get whatever I need.

So, Target for sure. But outside of that just granting yourself grace, recognizing, and holding awareness of the fact that you will screw it up whatever it is, parenting, your dinner, your business, you name it. And if you can really get good at the hack of expecting that to happen, it can change everything for you. It can bring a lot more ease to your life as you navigate the crazy and the chaos.

Jen: That’s a great tip. Very good. Well, I appreciate you being on the show. I know you have a publisher meeting right after this, so thank you. How about one last piece of advice for our listeners on how they like you can live their best lives.

Nicole: I mean am I the person to ask? I don’t know. No, I guess my one last piece of advice is chase joy. Know that you have a right to do it. Know and grant yourself permission to pursue it. We spend so much time giving, and doing, and prioritizing others. And it’s really important that we say to ourselves that we have the right to do that. We don’t just have to chase and pursue joy as a reward or as a permission after an occasion or something happening. You actually have a right to chase joy every single day just because you deserve it, so go for it.

Jen: Very good, we’ll end right there. Thank you so much for being on the show, Nicole.

Nicole: You’re amazing. Thank you so much for having me.

Jen: Take care.

Nicole: Bye.

I hope you enjoyed Nicole as much as I did. And I want to challenge you to try to channel your inner Nicole and live your best life. Take little leaps every day that might lead you somewhere you had no idea you would get to like when Nicole became a mom in 30 days. What can you experience or achieve if you have a similar mindset? I’ll leave you with that question and thought. I’ll see you again next time. Until then, make it a vibrant and happy week. Take care.

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