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322: How to Create a Day of Rest (with Deanna Mason)

Vibrant Happy Women | How to Create a Day of Rest (with Deanna Mason)

Imagine a day where you had zero commitments. A day where you didn’t have to be anywhere if you didn’t want to be. What would you do with your time? What would you do with yourself? Can you even begin to imagine what you could experience with a whole day decided to just enjoy rest?

This week’s guest is Deanna Mason, Host of the Refreshed Moms Podcast and she helps mom leaders sustain their success by trading a lifestyle of overcommitment for one that includes rest. She joins me this week to share the benefits of creating more space for spiritual rest in your life.

In this episode, Deanna and I discuss the many different ways you can rest and show you the importance of creating a day each week specifically dedicated to rest. When you make more room for rest, you will find that you have more room for other things, so discover how to establish the type of rest you need, and how to create a day of rest, whatever your belief, religion, or culture.

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How prioritizing rest can lead to enhanced productivity in your life.
  • Deanna’s thoughts on calling and how hers showed up in her life.
  • Some of the different types of rest and how to incorporate them each week.
  • How to create a boundary and set a day of rest.
  • What Deanna’s day of rest looks like.
  • How to incorporate more rest into your life.
  • Why filling your cup is essential in living a vibrant, happy life.

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Full Episode Transcript:

You’re listening to the Vibrant Happy Women podcast. I’m Dr. Jen Riday. And on this episode we’ll be talking about creating one day of rest each week. And you’re going to learn about the different types of rest. This will blow your mind. Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jen Riday. This podcast is for women who want to feel more vibrant, happy, aligned, and alive. You'll gain the emotional, physical, and spiritual tools you need to get your sparkle back and ensure that depression, anxiety, and struggle don't rule your life. Welcome to the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast.

Hey there my friends. I am so excited to be talking about rest today. We all know we want more rest. We want to sleep. But did you know there are different ways to rest? We need creative rest. We might need spiritual rest. We might need social rest. So, on this episode I will talk with my guest, Deanna Mason, about a number of awesome things specific to moms in particular but that would apply to any woman.

And I hope by the end of this episode you’ll feel inspired on creating a boundary, telling everyone you know that this day, whatever day you choose, is my day of rest. I’m not going to be able to help you. I’m not going to be able to go anywhere. This is my day of rest. I do this myself on Sundays. And I love it. It is by far my favorite day. Yes, I do take a nap almost every Sunday and a deep restful nap that’s sometimes a couple of hours long. It’s not like my typical 20 minute nap on weekdays when I have things to do.

I also play games. We go on a hike. Sometimes we’ll have another family over to eat. There are all kinds of ways that you can rest on this restful day. But what’s important is that you don’t have responsibilities, things you have to do. And it feels so good to have a day without all of the stuff you have to do. I also find that Mondays I am way more productive. So, listen to this and let your mind percolate on how you might be able to create a similar day of rest. It could be on your day off. It could be Saturday like Deanna, my guest, does.

Now, before we dive in let me tell you a little bit more about Deanna. Deanna is the creator of Refreshed Moms where she helps mom leaders exchange a life of overcommitment with one filled with spiritual rest. She’s a former magazine publisher of an internationally distributed magazine for teen girls, founder of a non-profit, and a homeschool mom that has been forced to learn the unforced rhythms of grace and rest in order to fulfill God’s call on her life.

Now, Deanna, comes at rest from the perspective of doing it as a sabbath, a spiritual sabbath. I want to open for you permission to come at rest in whatever way feels right for you. You may or may not believe in God. You may believe in something greater. You may believe in a higher self. In any case I think we all understand rest, a change of pace, filling our cup is essential. And what would it look like to have a whole day to do this? That is the goal. So, without further ado let’s dive in.

Jen: Hey, everyone. I am excited to talk with Deanna Mason today. We’re talking about true sabbath spiritual rest. Now, Deanna comes from it from the perspective of someone who believes in God. You can come at this from any perspective, whatever you believe in. I think we’re all starting to catch on that we need downtime, we need rest. So, I’m super excited to talk about this. Go ahead and introduce yourself a little bit more, Deanna.

Deanna: Sure. I am Deanna Mason, and I am the creator of an organization called Refreshed Moms where I help mom leaders, whatever capacity you’re leading, most of the moms in my space are entrepreneurs. But ministry leaders or homeschoolers, however your leadership is showing up right now in your season. I help you to sustain that by trading overcommitment with a lifestyle that includes rest. And that’s basically my work.

I am a marketing consultant by trade, but my passion is to help people sustain their work that they’re trying so hard to scale, so hard to build. When we’re doing it in the season of motherhood we have very unique circumstances that deplete our energy, deplete us emotionally, deplete us spiritually. That our male counterparts just necessarily are not experiencing. And we just have to be aware of that, it’s not pitting one against the other. But just being aware that we do leadership differently because we parent differently.

And in order for us to make room for all the things that our heart desires and I’m definitely a woman of faith, anything that God has put on your heart to do. He’s one that calls women to work in His kingdom or otherwise while they’re raising kids. He has no problem with saying, “I want you to do this.” But when He does that how can we hold space for great parenting, strong family nurturing our children as well as doing great work for the people we desire to serve. So that’s kind of me in a nutshell.

Jen: Yay, I love this. So, when you talk about women serving it could be as entrepreneurs, it could be volunteering, it could be in, in-home childcare. It could be helping a special needs child. Tell us more about that idea that we can have a calling. How do we know what our calling is?

Deanna: How do we know what our calling is? Well, I guess I can come from it from a couple of different avenues. I don’t necessarily think there’s just one. I definitely feel like what you feel called to do, what you feel inspired to do, what your passions are, they evolve as you evolve, as you grow change, as you change, as your seasons of life change and iterate. What I did before kids looked completely different than what I did when they came.

What I did when my children were playing LEGOs under my desk as I held meetings looks completely different now that they’re both teenagers. And I can only imagine and I’m already sensing it as I inch closer to empty nesting that the way that I show up in leadership is going to look different. And so, I think there could quite possibly be common threads throughout every season. I’ve always wanted to work with moms. I’ve always wanted to do work with families. That has been pretty consistent.

I’ve been a marketer since the time I stepped out of college. There are some things that are consistent as far as how my work shows up, how it is applied, how I allow that skill to be leveraged has completely changed and evolved. And the position it even has in importance and prioritization in my life has evolved completely. So, I think calling, I mean for some people may be it’s just been this one thing.

For me it has been more of me sensing and discerning that God ends up God, in regards to what’s important right now, what season of life is this for me. And how do you want to use me in this season? And that’s kind of what I lean into. And He’s been so faithful to honor that. And a lot of it was just based on my margin, my capacity, my understanding, my spiritual knowledge, my faith walk, all of that played a part in how that calling showed up. So, there’s my little nutshell on calling.

Jen: I love that because right now you’re a student, and you’re a mom, and you’re an entrepreneur. How do you make time for that? Do you just fit it in here and there, a time?

Deanna: Okay, so there’s two different ways that I can describe that. There is the overall arching what will you have me to do? So, this is a nine month season of school. I believe He’s asked me to set aside time in my life for bible school. So that’s a nine month, I already understand what you want me to do for the next nine months. And then there’s the daily in and out. It’s like today, my son goes to prom today. I also have homework. I also just got off the phone with my VA to help prepare what our to-do’s look like next week for a client who is launching a program next week.

And so, there are things that are on my list that I need for my VA, for Refreshed Moms, for my non-profit. There are specific things and I’m like, you know what? That’s going to wait. What is priority? The client is launching next week. Everything that we had on our plate that we were working on, just put that on the backburner until we get her through launch. And that is how I am prioritizing what gets my attention. At three o’clock I shut down my life in order to get this kid to prom.

So, what can I realistically get done between the time I get up in the morning till the time I have to shut down. And sometimes in my brain, think I’m getting all these things done. But when I sit back and I do, do it in the morning, I do contemplate what do I need to execute. Many times, if not every time, that list is significantly trimmed down to being realistic. You know you can only hold these three things, Deanna, you’ve got six things on this list. What three things? And here’s the kicker, here’s where my faith absolutely kicks in.

There’s three things that I’m taking off in order just to focus on the three things. I have to surrender them and believe that they’ll get touched. They’ll get done. It may not get done in the timeframe that I would have liked but I have to trust that when I let it go that it’s still going to be cared for. That God is still working even when I’m not. Imagine that. Who’s really in control here? It’s not me. But that is something I’ve had to learn. That is a muscle I am still exercising, that I can release something with the assurance that it’s going to be okay.

And I do know that that is a struggle that moms have because we hold so much. It’s just our nature to want to carry and hold and make sure everything is cared for and nurtured. But we don’t have the capacity to hold it all, nor were we created to have the capacity to hold it all. Culture has told us we’ve got to work like we don’t have kids. Then we have to raise kids like we don’t work. And that is not divine culture. That is not the nature of the Father.

And He’s like, “No, I created motherhood because motherhood is good.” A season of motherhood is not one to be resentful of. A season of motherhood doesn’t slow you down. No, motherhood is good because it came out of me. And you have been created good. And the parenting season is good. You’ve just got to let me show you how it needs to go. And so anyway, I’ve got all type of soapboxes, Jen, just tell me when you want me to [crosstalk].

Jen: Well, no, no, this is good. Well, what I heard you saying is you step back with your VA, virtual assistant if anyone doesn’t know what that stands for. And you looked at the big picture, priorities, this, this, and this. And I also hear you saying at three o’clock I’m on for my son, getting him to prom. You’ve got sections of time where you do whatever. And I’ve been having a lot of success with that too.

In fact, going back to that old way of doing things. I remember reading Little House on the Prairie where, I don’t know what order it went but Monday was baking, and this day was washing. And I’ve been sticking tasks on certain days. And if I don’t get it done I know it’s the next week. And I don’t have to freak out each day. So, I hear you chunking your time in a similar way.

Deanna: Yeah. And I love you pointing that out because – okay, what you just pointed out is the same way I approach rest. When you have those containers set, you know when you’re going to make room for it. You know when it’s going to be touched. You know that I have such a heart for a sabbath practice. I literally got this, a 24 hour sabbath practice. It’s not law or realistic. I flex in and out of it as needed. But generally speaking, every Saturday there’s a 24 hour sabbath happening for me.

But because I know that’s coming every single week I know where rest is for me. And I also know how to rest when it gets there. So, the six days and I’m completely on whether it’s family, school, whatever those things are. I can fully be on knowing that I have a container waiting for me to refill, to restore and to recover. And when people ask me, “Well how can you?” And I homeschool, people are like, “How are you doing all this?” It’s not that I am that good at holding a lot of things. I’m just really good at resting.

I am really good at resting and people get it backwards. How can I get more done? How can you rest more is my question because I trust my ability to rest to fuel the work. And so anyway there you go.

Jen: It’s absolutely true. I am so much more productive on a Monday after a solid weekend off than any other day of the week because of that rest.

Deanna: Yes, exactly. And I believe in it. And I’m in a school where I’m the oldest person in the classroom, everybody except for one other person. They’re in their 20s so I literally am going to school with college age kids just because it’s the season I’ve decided to go to school. And it’s just really interesting to see how my life experience impacts how I progress through and how they’re learning the skill. And so, one of the students came up to me because I get up at 5:00am to do homework because that’s, first of all, the time of day where my brain is most able to process the homework.

And evenings are literally, they’re not good for much of anything for me. They’re not good for work. They’re not good for – definitely not good for homework. About seven o’clock everything starts going downhill in regards to brain cognitive function. I just don’t have it. But I do have room for going for walks with the kids, or exercising, or cooking. There’s other things that I can put in those spaces. And one of the students says, “Well, how do you get up at five?” I said, “I go to bed at nine.” I was like, “There’s no magic formula to it.”

I was like, “ I honor a bedtime.” Because I know I’ve got to be up at five. And it was like I just said the most genius Einstein thing. And I’m like, “No, I go to bed. I go to bed so I can get seven or eight hours of sleep.” Because I know I have to get up at five in order to get this done. I don’t have another option. It’s not going to get done at seven.

Jen: Yeah. I recently read something about this tendency, when we as moms stay up late trying to just have a moment to breathe, it’s a sign that we haven’t filled our day with enough fun or pleasure. Do you find that to be true? Are there times when you don’t want to go to bed at nine, you just want to have a guilty pleasure or binge a little Netflix? There’s discipline.

Deanna: There’s definitely guilty pleasure binging. I’m very disciplined on the days that I know I’ve got to get up. On the days where I have flex I am not one to turn down a Netflix experience. I love Netflix and I love relaxing to Netflix. Do I find that true for me? In this season, I’m going to speak to this season. No, because I’m exhausted. It’s a joke now. It’ll be 8:55 and somebody in the house will be like, “Mom, it’s your bedtime.” It’s a joke because I ain’t playing around with my bedtime. I’m ready to go to bed when it’s time to go to bed.

I don’t even have a wind down routine. Normally I would need something to wind me down, to get me ready to sleep because before school I literally had a problem waking up in the middle of the night. That problem has completely left. Because by the time I go to bed I am exhausted, and my body honors my window of sleep, and it lets me sleep. And I’m like, I don’t know what it’s going to look like after December. But right now, my body is responding to the demands that I’ve put on it in the day.

And by the time it’s bedtime I don’t care what is needed, I don’t care what the family’s doing, because there isn’t nobody in this house getting up at five. I’m the only one. Goodnight, I love you all. Your father is in the front room. I’m done. I’m done.

Jen: Yes. I love that. I love that. That’s a boundary. And everyone knows the boundary, I love that.

Deanna: Yeah, and they honor it.

Jen: Yeah. They want you in bed so then you don’t…

Deanna: Yes, they do.

Jen: Well, so how does that look for your sabbath? What are the preparations leading up to it so you can really honor that 24 hours of having nothing you have to do?

Deanna: Yeah, okay. So, I’m going to talk about what I would love for it to look like. And I will talk about what it really looks like. So, I have done a lot of study with sabbath in just the history of it with the Jewish people. They have such a beautiful way of honoring it, that I don’t do it anywhere like, I’ve heard stories. I’ve never been to Israel to actually witness this, but I’ve heard from people that have. I’m going to say Jerusalem, I’m going to assume that it’s Jerusalem, how the city just shuts down at sundown.

And there’s this mad rush of getting what they need from the market. And it’s like this really, really, really busy, busy time because the whole thing shuts down at sundown. And everybody’s trying to get what they need in order to get home and get off the street. And once sundown hits it’s silent except for the people that don’t necessarily honor the sabbath ritual. It’s just silent. And the next day, they do all their cooking and preparation on Friday because they honor a Saturday sabbath. And they do it on Fridays.

And then Saturday is just set aside for connecting with the family, connecting with God and worship, prayer, resting. That’s what their days look like. And they literally have their food already prepared so they’re just sitting down to eat it. That’s a dream of mine to be able to prepare the meals for my Saturday on a Friday. There’s no rhythm for that right now, it’s not created. And my husband cooks on Saturdays so technically I’m not even cooking because he’s taking responsibility.

But I still would love for us to be able to have meals already put away and we’re just setting the table and sitting down. That’s a dream of mine. But what it currently looks like. What do I do to prepare it? There’s really no preparation besides the forecasting of it. I know that it’s coming and everybody that needs to know in my life knows what’s happening. So, friends, my family, extended family, and my immediate family, we all practice together even though we didn’t used to. That’s a whole another story.

But everybody knows that the Masons do a sabbath rest situation on Saturdays. So, nobody’s asking me to do anything that could take me away from that. I separate from my phone for a period of the day. I’m really, really in good relationship with the do not disturb feature on my iPhone. I don’t know why I haven’t been using this as long, that is saving my life because I don’t get any notifications. But I usually take off apps and things that were notifying me. I can just say, “Do not disturb” and nobody’s bothering me unless it’s somebody that I want to bother me.

My mom calls or somebody, it interrupts and at least I have it set for the people that can’t interrupt me. But other than that, there’s really no preparation now. That’s because I’ve been doing this for five years. Before there was a period of time of self-awareness around what actually needed to happen on a Saturday for me to feel rested on Sunday. So, I had to learn how I actually rested. I have a mini course called Make Your Rest Plan. And I go through the seven ways we enjoy rest. I’m not the maker and creator of these seven ways.

I actually learned about these through someone I love. She talks about rest in such a beautiful way. Her name is Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith. And she wrote a book called Sacred Rest, that’s where I learned about the seven ways of resting. And what I did was figure out what deficit was I experiencing. Because rest, people think it’s sleep. Sleep is a form of physical rest but it’s not the only way we enjoy rest. And sometimes you can go to sleep and wake up and be just as exhausted because it’s not the rest that you actually needed.

Jen: Interesting. Okay.

Deanna: Yeah. And so, what I had to learn was how do I rest, in what areas am I currently experiencing a deficit in? And when I understood where the deficits were I knew that the replenishment efforts were going to be focused on those deficits. So, example, let’s say I am showing – and the reason why I know how to identify it is I have a quiz that lets you know where the deficits are. So just letting you know, that’s in the course. Take the quiz, it’ll tell you where you’re needing to focus on some rest right now.

So, let’s say it happens to show up that I’m craving social interaction, social rest. So, I know that I’m going to be reaching out to people and saying, “Hey, do you want to meet me for coffee? Do you want to meet me before brunch?” Because based on my quiz, I don’t even need to use my quiz anymore because I’m self-aware enough to be able to identify what I’m needing. But in the beginning I had to figure it out. And so, I’m now meeting somebody for coffee and we’re sitting outside on a patio and we’re talking.

Or I’m inviting somebody over to sit around the firepit and we’re drinking a glass of wine and we’re chatting and just with no timeframe around it. I know that I need to fill my social rest bucket on sabbath. Or possibly I’m showing a deficit in creative rest. I love doing things and creating things with my hands. And I love wooden signs like this one that’s above me. I created that.

And there’s this place near my home that is like a paint and sip, but you create the wooden decorative signs instead of the painting, which by the way, I’ve learned the paint and sips do not refill me. They are very stressful because I am type A. And if my painting does not look exactly like the example I am not having fun. And I just stress myself out and so I don’t do paint and sips because they’re not fun, they’re not restful.

But creating these wooden decorative boards magically are. I don’t know why. But I love sanding them, and staining them, and painting them, and all the things and stressing them, all of it. And so, I have decorative boards all around my house because this is one of the thing that I do when I know I want to rest. And there’s others, there’s seven total, sensory, mental, emotional, spiritual. I can tell when I’m craving spending time in prayer. I can tell when I’m craving spending time in the Bible. And if I know that that is a deficit then I know how to craft a sabbath day.

Jen: Wow, that’s huge. That’s not even really a part of most of our vocabulary. We recognize the need for sleep rest but all those other types of rest.

Deanna: Yeah, I know. It will change your life, I’m telling you.

Jen: A funny little kind of a pun kind of came to me. You used the word ‘restful’. It’s almost like, you know this analogy of the empty cup, we’re filling up the rest full. It’s silly.

Deanna: I love it. It’s not silly, it’s a great visual in your brain, yeah.

Jen: Isn’t that the point, yeah.

Deanna: I love that.

Jen: Okay, the sabbath isn’t just a rest and sleep, it’s filling up that cup. It sounds [crosstalk].

Deanna: Yeah, there’s so much more. I mean and as a mom when you think about just having uninterrupted time to pour over and enjoy your children without being on a schedule, without looking at the clock.

I have a friend, her name is Christy Thomas and she taught me, she has a podcast, and I cannot think of the name of her podcast. But look her up, her podcast is amazing. I think it’s called Keep Calm and Mother On. I think that’s what the name of her podcast is. And she’s the first one, similar to how I talk about the seven ways of rest, she talks about, I believe it’s seven, seven ways of play. Maybe seven or nine, I think it’s seven.

Jen: I love these seven numbers, okay.

Deanna: Yeah, I know. And it changed my world when she taught it. She taught it on one, a podcast episode on my podcast years ago. She was one of my first ever interviews. And just how I remember when my children were young and they wanted to play with My Little Ponies, or dinosaurs. They wanted me to get on the floor and play with their toys with them. And I just would feel so guilty because I never wanted to do it. That was not fun. I didn’t like imaginative play with them.

And they wanted me to do it and because I didn’t like it, I didn’t do it. And I felt bad. And she introduced me to the seven different ways we play with our children. And I identified four things that I was doing already that qualified as play. And it relieved the guilt that I was feeling about not choosing that particular thing. But the running around the house, chasing them or going outside in the backyard with the dog and all of us playing with the dog. Or getting on the trampoline and jumping with them.

And all these different other things that she identified as play. And she named them just the same way as I talk about the seven ways of rest. There were seven ways of play and it just, I’m like, “Are you kidding me? So, I am playing with my kids.” And it just made me think, when I think about sabbath, it’s like the windows of being able to do that during the week are just short for us, especially for a mom that works. They’re just short. You don’t have a lot of time because you’re getting kids in and out of school, dinner, bath, bed.

It's just the routine of the week, the routine of the responsibility, the routine of accountability. On a sabbath day which most Americans are not used to enjoying, it is a gift. If you get a chance to create this rhythm, it really is a gift you’re giving yourself. But it’s the one day where you’re not letting the busy of our culture dictate how you need to spend your time. And you get to fill it with the things your heart craves.

Jen: Fill it, yes.

Deanna: Yeah. Anyway, so just imagine what it could be for you. Imagine. I’m going to throw this out. It’s going to blow a lot of mom’s minds, but it is what it is. Imagine a Saturday where you’re not shuffling kids back and forth to soccer and games. Now, I’m not telling you to stop that. Just imagine it. A day where you didn’t have to be anywhere if you didn’t want to be, just imagine. What would you do with your kids? What would you do with your time? How would you reacquaint yourself with your own self?

I talk about, one of my favorite activities is afternoon intimacy with my husband. People are like, “How do you get away with that with kids?” And I’m like, “Well, I’ve got big kids and they tend to have their own things going on.” So, there’s usually a window on Saturdays where they’re not paying me or my husband any kind of attention, to just have a time of intimacy. But we can go a whole week without the intimacy if I’m tired enough. And so, Saturdays is like we’re going to connect on Saturday without feeling is tonight a good night.

It's like, no, Saturday is always a good day. So anyway, just imagine what it could be and what you can experience personally and how your family could benefit if there was a day that you dedicated to just enjoying rest.

Jen: Absolutely. And it’s important to do what you did which is to tell everyone, “Masons have a sabbath on Saturday. Do not bother us.” And you honor that. I recently, you know, you and I talked, I was on your podcast a while back and you mentioned this idea.

And just the other day someone wanted to meet on a Sunday, I’ve honored a Sunday sabbath for a while. But I did think of you immediately, I said, “There’s an episode coming out on my podcast when we’re talking about the sabbath. And I really do honor that so no, I can’t meet with you that day, sorry.” And they were like, “Whoa.”

Deanna: Good, Jen, yeah. And everybody may not get it but it’s okay. It’s okay, you teach people how to treat you. One of my favorite things to say is, “I can’t do this, but I could do that.” If there’s something I want to do, if it’s something I want to do, I aren’t going to give you an option but I’m just saying. The only reason why I’m saying no to this because I’m trying to honor my commitment to sabbath but are you available on this day or this time? You can still make room.

And you may find that if you make room for rest you have more room for other things. I don’t know how it works. I told you, I am a believer of Jesus, my faith is in Jesus and in His principles and in His way of living. And I know He’s a supernatural God. I don’t know why God created that rhythm of six days of work and a day of rest. But I trust it. I trust His divine wisdom in it. And I trust His desires for me as I make room to honor it. I don’t think He’s punishing people for not honoring it.

But I think He’s like, “It’s available. I think it’s a gift that I’ve created for you that’s extremely countercultural. But I’m an upside down God, I do things countercultural. I didn’t come to do things to fit within whatever status quo your particular culture is pushing. I have a way of the kingdom.”

Jen: [Crosstalk].

Deanna: Yeah. “And this is my way, and my way will help you flourish in whatever culture.” I know how to make it work, yeah.

Jen: Yeah. I’m all about countercultural. I think all those shoulds…

Deanna: Yes, you are, I’ve listened to a few of your episodes.

Jen: Shoulds press on us, and we need to, no. And whatever that version of God is for you, I mean a higher self, the universe. For me it’s God just like you Deanna. But whatever that version is to take quiet moments and hear and get the bigger picture, I think that’s really the uniting link between all of it. So, thank you for sharing this today. I hope our listeners will figure out a way to have a sabbath day, why not?

Deanna: I hope you get a chance to do it too.

Jen: And my son does it on Mondays and Thursdays, he has two of them because those are his days off work, so why not?

Deanna: Love it. Why not? Good for you, son. I love it, yeah. There are no hard rules. It’s just you create a container of rest. And if it can’t be 24 hours, what could it be? Just where is your rest container? And can you put it on the calendar for your week and honor a rhythm of enjoying it every single week?

Jen: Yeah, for sure. Well, Deanna, where can people connect with you if they want to have more motivation to rest fully? Because that’s your thing.

Deanna: Yeah, that’s my number one message to these busy, busy women. The first place to start is probably my Make a Rest Plan mini course. It’s free. It’s quick. I have short three to five minute videos on each of the areas of rest. So, I do invite you to take the quiz first so you can focus on those videos first. So, your deficit is going to show you what you’re saying you need. Those are the videos that are going to benefit you the most right now. But you have access to all seven. There’s also some meditations for you to use.

Jen: And where can they find those?


Jen: Okay, Okay, yes, this is great. Well, very good. Thank you so much for being on my show. I feel honored. I feel recommitted to resting in all seven ways, plus now I’m going to look into the ways to play, play and rest my friends.

Deanna: Amen. Thank you.

Jen: Thank you.

I hope you enjoyed that, and I hope you feel a desire to have that deep meaningful day of rest, your own sabbath. I was recently telling a friend about this, and I was able to say, “No, I can’t meet with you, I’m going to be resting that day, that’s my sabbath day.” I don’t always tell other people about it because sabbath sounds so religious. But I think Deanna has a great approach to this. We all need a day of rest. Jewish people have their sabbath on Saturdays, Seventh-day Adventists have that.

Anyone can have one, it doesn’t have to be connected to any certain religious ideology. You can be spiritual, not religious, you can be an atheist, agnostic, just have that day of rest, it is good for the soul. So, try it out. I would love to hear how it works for you. Send me an email, tell me what your day of rest looks like. It might be a fiasco at first, don’t get me wrong. When we add new systems to our lives our kids can be up in arms, but they get used to it. So, try it out and let me know how it goes.

Well, my friends, I love you so much. I’m so glad you are listening. I hope you get to have some more rest, deeper meaningful rest, and play. I wish you a vibrant and happy restful week. Take care.

If you enjoy this podcast, you have to check out the Vibrant Happy Women Club. It’s my monthly group coaching program where we take all this material to the next level and to get you the results that will blow your mind. Join me in the Vibrant Happy Women Club at

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