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265: How to Create Lasting Change

Vibrant Happy Women with Dr. Jen Riday | How to Create Lasting Change

Have you been told that you give great advice? Or that you’re an amazing listener? Do you feel like your life’s purpose is to help others? If you answered yes to even one of those questions, the career of a life coach could check all the boxes for you. 

When I became a life coach, the trickle-down effect was magical. Not only did my confidence improve, but my marriage did a 180, and my relationships with my children blossomed. By helping others create lasting change in their lives, my own life transformed for the better.

Even if you don’t think life coaching is for you, I want you to listen to this episode. I remember how nervous and doubtful I was at the start, and how I didn’t think this life was possible for me. But it was, and it is for you too. I’m sharing how coaching transformed my life, how I see it transform my clients’ lives, and how you can start your journey to becoming a coach in the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification program today.

Do you wish you could unlock the secrets of creating lasting change? Are you ready to be handed a done-for-you toolbox filled with all the best tools for making those changes? Then the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification is for you! You have until April 8th at midnight CT to get your application in. I'll see you inside!

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What You’ll Learn:

  • How I found coaching and how it changed all aspects of my life.
  • Why willpower alone isn’t enough to create lasting change.
  • How to know if you are meant to be a coach and have what it takes.
  • Why now is the perfect time to become a coach.
  • Why the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification program is the best one out there.
  • What we offer in the Vibrant Happy Women Coach Certification program.

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Full Episode Transcript:

You’re listening to the Vibrant Happy Women podcast, episode number 265. I’m talking about how to create lasting change. Stay tuned.

Hi, I'm Jen Riday. This podcast is for women who want to feel more vibrant, happy, aligned, and alive. You'll gain the emotional, physical, and spiritual tools you need to get your sparkle back and ensure that depression, anxiety, and struggle don't rule your life. Welcome to the Vibrant Happy Women Podcast.

Hey my friends. I have been hearing from many of you via email and hearing your stories of giving everything for your families over the past year for sure but certainly many of you for many decades even. This episode is actually very special because it is taken from a four part video series I created called “How to Create Lasting Change”. So many of you are at this place in your life where you’re questioning what’s next for me. What is my life’s purpose? What do I want to do after the kids leave the house or when they get older? When they’re back in school?

What’s my big girl job going to be? How am I going to make a difference? What is the contribution I was born to make? In this four part video series I share my story of reaching that point in my life where I was asking, what do I want to do with myself? How do we want to make the world better? And how I decided to create a lasting change for myself by becoming a life coach, the best decision I ever made hands down. In the first clip you’ll hear me talk about how becoming a coach changed everything for my parenting, for my marriage, for my life and made such a difference.

Then in the second video you’ll hear me talking about how you can create change more quickly and hence you’ll learn a little bit more about the thought table and how I taught my clients to use the thought table. Also how so many of those clients came back to me and said, “Jen, we love this thought table. We want to learn how to teach it. We want to become a coach just like you. When are you creating a coach certification program?” I listened to them and last year at the beginning of 2020 I created the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification.

Now, I didn’t know what it would be like. I didn’t know what would happen. I didn’t know what the students would think. But it has been a roaring success. I want to tell you one thing that makes the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification different, one big thing. There are three tiers of coaches in the world, I have decided.

The first tier and this would include I would guess 90% of all coaches, the first tier of coaches teach you how to change your actions. They hold you accountable. They help you set goals and achieve results, basic functional good coaching, how to take action and create change.

Well, the second tier coaches teach you how to change your thoughts. We believe so many things at the thought level, not just at the conscious thought level but at the subconscious thought level. And if we don’t tackle those thoughts, especially those subconscious thoughts we will sabotage ourselves again, and again, and again as we try to change. Have you ever tried to lose weight without having tackled your thinking? Then you might struggle. Have you ever tried to be more patient as a parent? If you don’t change your thoughts you’re not really going to get a new result.

That is tier two coaching. There are I would say 5, 6, 7% of all coaches in the world hit the tier two level. By the way, tier two coaching is based on cognitive behavioral therapy in my program. And I teach what is called thought tables to help you help yourselves, your kids, your spouse and potentially your clients to change their thinking at the conscious and the subconscious level. So that you can create change that lasts and change that happens quickly. I talk about that in this episode.

Now, tier three, this is unique and it is my belief that only Vibrant Happy Women coaches are tier three coaches. Tier three coaches not only help you change your actions and set goals and achieve them, and change your thinking so that you won’t sabotage yourself as you work towards your goals. But tier three coaches know how to help you process emotions. The fact is we all have had experiences in our lives that leave an imprint, an emotional imprint in our psyches. And as we’ve learned trauma and other experiences can even leave an imprint in our physiological body.

There are videos that show animals having a trauma response. And it can affect everything. There are therapies created around helping to move and process emotion such as EMDR therapy. Well, you can accomplish the same results of processing and moving emotions through what I call the Feel It to Heal It method. The Vibrant Happy Women coach certification teaches all three levels. And it is the only certification out there that does that from a heart centered place, changing our actions, our thoughts and especially how we feel.

If you get that trifecta then you can truly create change that lasts, change that happens more quickly and make a huge difference in your life, your kids and spouse’s lives and in potentially your clients’ lives or other people’s lives. So if you’ve ever wondered what the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification is about this episode is for you. I’ll walk you through all of those steps, how I created a change, how to create lasting change more quickly.

And to find out whether you might be a natural born coach, because if you’re a listener of this podcast I already know that you’re heart centered, that you’re dedicated to family, that you’re intuitive. And that is something else special about the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification program, it is very heart centered. It is very female based or feminine energy focused. And it is very intuitive. It’s heart centered and that is important. We don’t tackle true and lasting change through our intellect alone. We need all of it. We need our heart, our mind and our emotions to make these changes.

So listen up, even if you don’t want to be a coach you’ll learn more about how to create lasting change in this episode. Now, before we dive in I want to let you know, if you’d like to watch these via video format they are available on my website at Alright, without further ado let’s learn how to create lasting change.

Hey there, I’m Jen Riday and welcome to my four part video series, “How to Create Lasting Change”. Now, in this video I’m going to share a story of how I used to think people don’t change, that I couldn’t change, that really life has to be endured, kind of bleak. And the things that happened to convince me that we can change, everything can be different. It’s quite a story.

Well, I grew up in the Midwest on a farm. My parents are of German and Danish descent, so no nonsense, hard work ethic, we got the job done. It wasn’t a lot of froufrou. Well, when I was 16 a couple of things happened. I came across a self-help book written by Tony Robbins. And I loved it. I enjoyed it so much. It was like drinking water after being in a parched desert. It just filled something in my soul. So that began my time of loving self-help books. And it has never ended.

Well, also at that time Oprah started to be on TV and I started to watch her after school. And I was like, wow, all these topics that we definitely didn’t discuss in my home growing up but it felt so exciting. So I went on to college and majored in psychology. I knew I wanted to help people. I wanted to understand human motivation, what makes people tick. Why do people behave the way they do? I wanted to help others in some way. I went on to grad school and got a PhD in human development and family studies. I learned a lot about parenting, and marriage, and family.

And I realized I don’t want to work. I want to be a stay at home mom. So I went on to have six kids all under the age of 12. Yes, I know what birth control is. And yes, I meant to have them all. Anyway had six kids, I was determined I was going to be Maria from The Sound of Music, happy, vibrant, music playing in the background. The hills would be alive in our home with the sound of music. Well, the reality, dishes, diapers, laundry, dinners, birthdays, homework papers, it was overwhelming trying to keep up with it all.

I didn’t have time to go play the guitar and sing songs with my kids, let alone read them a few bedtime stories. It just felt exhausting. Birthdays would roll around and I would try to throw a Pinterest perfect birthday party only to feel depleted and exhausted, and not feeling the joy I wanted to feel. In the end on the outside I was trying to do it alright but on the inside of me I felt empty, and sad, and exhausted, and lonely.

Now, on top of all of that my husband and I pretty much had the worst marriage ever. We fought all the time and it broke my heart to think of the effect all that fighting was going to have on our kids, let alone how it made us feel. So we went to therapy and it was a sad day when that therapist said to us, “In all my 23 years of practice I have never met a couple more different than the two of you.” He essentially fired us from therapy. Talk about hopeless, I felt hopeless. Everything I had wanted for my life was not happening.

And I’ve since come to learn that that gap between your expectation and the reality, the bigger it is the sadder and the more hopeless we can feel. I was in a place thinking nobody ever changes, my husband he has never changed in all these years. We’re still fighting. I am still trying to do it better but still losing my patience. I can’t change. My husband’s never going to change. People don’t change, we just have to survive this life, and this marriage, and this to do list.

Well, on a particularly bad day I had a miscarriage. My husband drove me to the hospital for an IV. I was really dehydrated. And we fought the entire way there. So, all of the struggle seemed to pile upon my shoulders during that car trip to the hospital, all the loneliness, and the heartache, and the pain, and the emptiness, and the lack of fulfillment crushing down on me on the way to the hospital. I got my IV, our fight ended, we drove home in complete silence and what a blessing it was because it shocked me into a new thought.

And I want you to pause for a moment here and recognize: how are you struggling? What makes your heart hurt? How are you feeling lonely? Perhaps it’s a divorce. Perhaps you’re contemplating a career change. Perhaps you’re empty nesting. Perhaps you’re frustrated with how you’re showing up for your kids. Whatever it is, it’s okay. Sometimes these struggles kind of shake us enough to get us to wake up and recognize we do not have to live our lives feeling empty, and miserable, and stressed, and anxious, and unhappy. We were meant for more.

That day coming home from the hospital I determined, I decided I will be happy no matter what. I decided to put myself first, to do some things I enjoy. I had invested so much money and time in my kids, and their soccer, and their ballet. We always had the money to buy my husband’s stuff that he wanted like a flat screen TV; we could buy braces, everything. Everyone else but why hadn’t I made time and invested in myself? Well, I decided to make a change.

And so I was in a yoga class on my mat at the end of the class in a Savasana pose, that’s a relaxation pose, lying there thinking what am I going to do? What am I going do to make this big change in my life? What’s next? What’s my big girl job going to be? My youngest was 18 months. I was ready to put myself first and do something meaningful and fulfilling for me. So a little thought popped into my head, you should become a coach, so like cool.

I went home and I researched coaches get to be their own boss. Coaches make money from home. Coaches can wear whatever they want during the call. You could even sit on a call and have on no pants. It’s funny enough. Coaches get to be flexible so they can be with their kids when they want to. It sounded heavenly. And I wouldn’t have to go back for years of additional grad school to become a licensed therapist. I enrolled in a coaching program that took six months and when I finished I enrolled clients.

And I took the tools that I had learned in the coach certification, especially my favorite tool, how to hold space for myself and for others, space to ask them questions that help them think. Questions like what are you struggling with in your life and what do you want to change? And then to help them make that change, I saw people change their weight, losing weight. Change their parenting style to be more patient. To change their career and do something they loved. So much joy watching these women find happiness, and fulfillment, and to create the lasting change they wanted.

Now, the best part was not only seeing other women change but I took all of the tools I learned in the coach certification like boundaries, self-love, creating an identity, how to create a vision of what I wanted, time management, decluttering, all that stuff. I improved so many areas of my life, especially how I think, that there was a major trickle-down effect. Our home became calmer and happier. I took ownership of my happiness instead of blaming my husband for my lack of it. And as I made my changes everyone else changed.

I began to hear self-help and coaching lingo coming out of my husband’s mouth because he had heard me doing it. I began to see my husband doing guided meditations to help himself with his anxiety. I saw my daughter reading self-help books. There was this major trickle-down effect.

In family systems theory, we learned that when one person in a family makes a change, everyone else has to shift and change in response. So not only did I experience a lasting change and helped my clients make lasting changes, but our family was completely changed and is still changing to this day. So that decision to become a coach was life changing. I just needed to learn all those amazing tools. Well, that was awesome. I’m still a coach. I started the Vibrant Happy Women podcast.

But I noticed a problem, sometimes I felt frustrated that change still seemed to take a while. I kind of became curious, how can we make change happen faster? Could someone change how they show up with their family, their spouse, at their work, quickly like in a matter of weeks? And so I went on a quest to find out. And I found the answer and it absolutely is a real thing, it’s powerful, my favorite tool. I’m going to tell you about that in video two where we’re going to be talking about the secret source to make change happen really fast.

Hi there, I’m Jen Riday and welcome to video two of our series, How to Create Lasting Change. In this video I’m going to share the secret of changing quickly so that you can get motivation and momentum to really move forward fast.

Most of us want to change something. Maybe you want better health or to lose weight. Maybe you want to overcome anxiety. Maybe you want to show up more patient with your kids. Maybe you want to have more love in your marriage. Maybe you want to forgive a parent or a sibling. Whatever it is most of us want to shift something so that we can feel happier, more confident, more in control, more peaceful. So how do we do this quickly? Well, I’m going to share that secret in this video.

But I want to go back and talk about video one really quick because in that video I share my story of being a super burned out mom who did nothing for herself. And I felt really empty, lonely, discouraged, depressed. And then I realized, wait a minute. I spend all this time and money on my kids. I invest in their sports and their schooling. And my husband buys pretty much anything he wants. What am I doing? I’m not doing anything fun for myself. This needs to change. And that day I decided I’m going to be happy no matter what.

And then from then on forward I determined I can invest in myself, my time and my resources. And I became a certified coach. I wanted to use my love of self-help, my favorite psychology information, I wanted to help others. And coaching is cool. In a matter of months I was certified and able to start helping people. I didn’t have to go to a long therapy program to do that. So I became a coach. I started working with clients. People would sign up for packages, 4 weeks, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, sometimes more than a year to change their lives.

And my clientele, they loved how positive they felt. They loved seeing results in their lives. I was making a lot of money. I was working from home. I was having a flexible career so I could help my kids when needed it. I was my own boss. It was sweet. Over time I started to recognize something. I wonder, I asked myself, how could I help these women change faster?

Because this client, she’s working on weight, but she really also wants to work on her marriage, and her parenting. And how can we get through the weight thing faster so she can work on the next thing, and the next thing, and get momentum? I started to scratch my head and think I wonder how that’s done.

Now, I want to give you a warning here before I explain what I found out. The warning is this. Many people think that we can change through willpower alone. That is absolutely not true. And that is the reason so many people spend weeks, years, sometimes decades in therapy not really getting a new result. Talking over and over again about a problem doesn’t lead to a new result. Willpower alone will not lead to a new result. In fact regular coaching alone doesn’t give us the quick growth that we’re looking for. So what do we need? Well, let me go back to my story.

I was working with these clients and I thought how can they change faster? And I went back to all the research, everything I had read in my PhD program. And I stumbled across cognitive behavioral therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy teaches that all of our behavior is the result of our feelings. If we feel lousy, we’ll behave lousy. If we feel great, we’re more likely to have success. So if we want success we need to make sure we’re feeling good. How do we feel good? Back it up one more step. We’d look at our thoughts.

So I took all this information from cognitive behavioral therapy and put it into what I call the thought table, my favorite tool of all time, the favorite tool of all the graduates of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. What is a thought table? A thought table visualizes the process of a baseline thought and an up-leveled thought. An up-leveled thought meaning a thought that’s going to get you a better result.

So the thought table takes all these pieces and makes it easy to see and visualize. The idea is that the thoughts that we think, generate feelings. Feelings drive actions, actions yield results. And so if you do not like a result you’re getting in your life and you feel like you can’t use willpower to fix it, that’s because you’re not thinking a thought that’s going to generate that result. What do we do? We up-level that thought to something that will give us the result.

So I introduced the thought table to my clients. I remember one client used the thought table in one session and then she emailed me afterwards and said, “Jen, you blew my mind. That thought table thing fixed in just 60 minutes what couldn’t be solved in 10 years of therapy. Thank you so much.” I was like, sweet, wow, this really changed her life.

I showed it to another student or another client and she had a problem with an alcoholic husband and she felt kind of powerless in her marriage and she didn’t know what to do and how to handle things. We had spent some time together coaching trying to learn boundaries. And I introduced the thought table, the same result. We looked at her baseline thought and the result it was giving her in that relationship she up-leveled it through my coaching prompts, we up-leveled it together.

And then she emailed me later and said, “Jen, everything is different. That thought table thing is awesome. Can I do it every day?” I’m like, “Heck yes, you can.” So I went on and told all my clients how to use the thought table. After a time my clients started to say, “Jen, I want to become a coach, so many of my friends need this tool. When are you starting a coach certification?” So after all of the prompting from some of my past clients I decided, okay, intuitively I think this is right, let’s do it. The Vibrant Happy Women coach certification was born.

Now, a number of women enrolled. Some enrolled because they wanted to use it with their families. A number of moms enrolled who had no intention of becoming a paid coach. They just wanted to learn the thought table to change their own lives quickly and to quickly change their family’s lives. Well, that’s what happened for me. As I changed over the years, my family has changed right along with me. And that happened for all of my clients as well. You change something, the ripple effect. Your whole family will change. It is such a gift that just keeps on giving.

We had people enroll in the coach certification who were already coaches but wanted to be able to coach with that tool because it is so powerful. We had people enroll who hadn’t been coaches yet but they’d been a client with me and wanted to use that tool to help others. It ran the gamut.

But what is true about everyone who enrolled is this. All the women who enroll in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification are heart centered. They love self-help. They want to be better. They want to make the world better. They are beautiful, beautiful souls. And it’s amazing to see how they are changing lives because of it.

Now, a word about the thought table. Thought tables help you up-level your thought and your limiting beliefs quickly, they work in any situation. They solve any problem. Anybody can learn it. Anybody can teach it. You do not need a special degree. You do not need special talents or skills. They work. What else is cool is once you become a certified coach there are some things that can be scary when you put yourself out there with your clients for the first time or when you’re starting your website. There are some fears you might face.

The certified coaches that have been through the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification use their thought tables every single day to up-level their thoughts again, and again, and again to generate confidence, to generate motivation, to generate excitement so that they can take the actions and get the results they’re looking for in their coaching practices and in their lives. It’s powerful. So to recap, you can change quickly by using thought tables, it’s a powerful tool.

So in my next video I’m going to answer the question, are you a natural born coach? How do you know if you’re meant to become a student in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification? Do you have what it takes to learn about thought tables, to use them in your life, to use them with your kids and your spouse? And potentially to use them as a paid coach to change the lives of people around you, there is no more meaningful career than being a coach, working from home, making money from home in an unregulated industry.

It is beautiful to have that level of fulfillment and flexibility all with the thought table and with the other tools we learn in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. So stay tuned for video three. I’ll answer the question, are you a natural born coach?

Hi there. I’m Jen Riday and welcome to video three in our series of How to Create Lasting Change. In this video you’re going to learn how to know if you’re a natural born coach. Now, in video one we talked about how to create lasting change. I shared my story of wondering, do people ever really change? Could I change? Could my family change? And I shared my story of becoming a certified coach and learning that yes, indeed, learning the tools of self-help, and self-love, and boundaries, and relationships, and communication, and asking powerful questions.

All of these skills trickled down and made my family so much better. My marriage improved a 100%. I parented with more patience. Not to mention I had a career where I could work from home, make money from home, be flexible with my kids, be my own boss. What a dream. So in video two I shared the way you can create change quickly. I taught you about thought tables. The most powerful tool that will help you change anything fast, thought tables work for any situation, for any person to change any behavior.

Now, today I want to talk about how can you know if you are a natural born coach? Do you have what it takes to not only use the skills and the tools that you might learn in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification to change your life? But can you use these tools to change your family, and eventually perhaps to become a paid coach where you help other people? How do you know if that’s for you?

Well, I want to give you a warning first. I want to warn you that this is a heart centered decision. You can put your hand on your heart even, a heart centered decision that only you can make. And I want to encourage you to tap into your intuition, your feelings. This isn’t always a logical decision, although I’d recommend you use both. And it doesn’t matter what anyone else says. I want you to tap into your heart and answer this with your own inner wisdom.

Okay, so how do you know if you’re a natural born coach? Well, if you can answer yes to any of the following questions you’re a natural born coach. Throughout high school, throughout your life did people ever come to you for advice? Have people ever told you you’re an excellent listener? Maybe you’ve thought about going into therapy or going into a career where you could just make a difference. Do you have a desire to share your talents in a way that makes the world better? If you can answer yes to any of these you are definitely perfect material to become a coach.

Now, coaches typically love self-help. Many coaches love Tony Robbins or Oprah. They are drawn to this idea of self-improvement. If you love to grow, and improve, and develop personally so you can be a better mom, a better wife, a better friend then you would make a fantastic coach. Whether you use it just for your personal life to be better in your relationships, and as a person or you want to go on and use your tools to help other people. Coaches have an impact in their lives, their family’s lives, their friends’ lives. They help to transform other people.

If this sounds appealing to you, if you love to learn, and grow, and develop then coaching would be awesome and you probably are a natural born coach, whether you use that in a paid capacity or not.

Now, I spoke with recently many of the graduates of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification to ask them about some of their fears that they thought about as they were making the decision to join the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. And I wanted to share some of those fears with you today to see if you can relate as you think about should I become a coach? Would I be a good coach?

The first fear that a lot of the graduates talked about is worrying that they would invest in the coach certification but not complete it. Many people enroll in online programs and then never finish. Well, the beauty of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification is that we meet in class every week, we work together and we cheer each other on. There is a live class component as well as a video component that you can watch at any time. And every single person who enrolled completed the program. Pretty cool.

Now, you also might be worried like some of our graduates were before they decided to sign up that you don’t have enough time. It’s a busy world. Perhaps you’re a mom. You have kids. You have so much to do. Perhaps you have a job. I remember talking with Rebecca one of our graduates who is a single mom and she made the decision to enroll even though she works full-time. She comes home to interact with her kids. She made it work.

And if you think about the amount of time that many of us spend on our phones, or on Netflix, or on social media, a great strategy is to cut those things out for a time so you can concentrate on your personal growth.

Now, another fear many people have is that they’re not good enough to be a coach or that they need to fix their own life before they can help others fix theirs. This is a common struggle and worry that people have shared. Well, the fact is we are all on a lifelong journey of growth. And we are all always improving. So as you coach another person or learn how to coach you will simultaneously help yourself.

I can’t tell you the number of times I have been coaching a client and as I ask them open-ended questions and help them think about what they were feeling and help them change their thoughts, I learned something in the process, too, in the back of my mind. As you help others, you’ll often help yourself. So you don’t need to fix yourself first in order to be ready to enroll. In fact, the thought tables that I mentioned in the last video, they will help you fix anything.

And the fact is most of us are working on our growth and personal development for our whole lives long. We’ll always be fixing and that’s cool because if we ever stopped growing what would be the fun in that? We can always up-level. We can always get better. And you’re ready now just by nature of being able to say, “Yes, I want to grow. I want to be better. I want to have a better family. I want to be a better friend. I want to help others.” That means you’re ready.

Okay, another common fear people approached me with, there seems like a lot of life coaches out there. Is the coaching market saturated? And I want to answer this. Recently the coaching industry reached three billion dollars a year. There are 20,000 coaches in the United States and 300 million people. That means there is only one coach per 15,000 people.

You can walk into any Target or any store and there would be an entire pool of people who need a good coach, who need to up-level something in their life, who want to end their struggle with some situation, who want to better themselves. There are definitely not too many coaches. In fact this is the perfect time to become a coach. People are awakening to the fact that coaching can be so much more powerful than therapy in many ways, particularly for people who want to grow and become better and move forward rather than talk about the problems of their past.

There’s never been a better time to become a coach. The world is waking up where we’re growing and wanting to be better and you can be a part of that.

Another fear that many graduates of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification program faced before they decided to sign up is the fear of what will my family and my husband or my partner think of me? Will that be weird when I tell them I’m becoming a coach? I remember when I became certified I had the exact same fears and they’re the funniest.

Well, I want to tell you that all of the graduates who have been through the program they said to tell you that it’s not even an issue. They’ve never been more proud to be able to call themselves a coach because they know the secret that thought tables are way more powerful than any other kind of self-help you could ever do. So being graduates from the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification makes them feel proud of this title. They know that they are quality coaches, the best coaches out there.

And I wanted to say something for a moment. When we took our first group of students through the program I didn’t know how it would go. I knew how powerful thought tables are. But just maybe halfway through I looked at these coaches and I knew without a doubt these are the highest caliber coaches that exist in the entire coaching world. I have zero doubt.

Not only through just going halfway through the program where they’re super skilled at using thought tables. But they became super skilled at other tools that we teach in the program. Tools like the Feel It to Heal It method, which is a powerful way to let go of negative feelings and limiting beliefs and letting that ick leave your body so it doesn’t affect your thinking as you move forward, so many amazing tools.

Vibrant Happy Women coaches are masters of setting boundaries. I think they are the best in the world at teaching boundaries, knowing what it means, knowing how to not violate other boundaries and what to do when other people violate your boundaries. These skills are so powerful when these coaches work one-on-one with their clients to change their lives. We can only grow, and progress and feel empowered one person at a time. And that’s why one-on-one coaching is so amazing. And yes, coaching can make a huge difference in so many lives.

So if you are thinking about becoming a coach, what’s going through your mind right now? I would love to talk about it. Do you see how coaching could change your life, could change your life in a lasting way and a quick way so you could love yourself, forgive other people, control your thoughts, think empowered thoughts, up-level, and improve, and grow, and feel successful, and confident?

And do you see how that confidence and that improvement for you will have a lasting effect in your marriage, with your kids, in your ability to be patient, and loving, and your ability to hold space for your loved ones and to listen with deep ability to show empathy and love? Coaching will give you all that and more. And maybe you’ll only want to become a coach to use this in your own life, that’s absolutely fine. We have tons of women who only came through for themselves, many of whom by the end actually decided to become paid coaches and that is fine.

Or maybe you do know right now you want to become a paid coach. Maybe you’ve been through another coach certification but you want to gain the skill of using thought tables, and the Feel It to Heal It method, and everything else we teach in the Vibrant Happy Women coach program. You are welcome. We would love to have you. So what’s holding you back? Do you worry about having enough time? Do you worry you don’t have enough talent?

I want to remind you, you’re ready, everyone can learn how to use thought tables. It will change your life powerfully and quickly. You have everything it takes. You can make an investment not only in your growth, and your happiness, but in the growth and happiness of your family.

The ability to be closer and to have a happier home and life, not only that, as you change and as your family changes you can also make this investment to help other women and other people grow in their lives. So that they can feel happier, and more aligned, and more high vibe, and empowered, so they can have greater confidence and success. The fact is when we find something good and we’ve experienced amazing change we want to tell others about it, we want to share our gift, share our knowledge. And that’s what coaching does.

You’ll find when you enroll you will love all the changes you make. Your family will benefit, everyone around you will benefit, you’ll be happier, more empowered, more confident. But then you’ll feel a desire to share it with others, it’s too good not to. So there is always the option to become a paid coach and I think that you would love helping others. There is no more fulfilling career out there, getting to work from home, making money from home in an unregulated industry, where you get to be your own boss. It is totally, totally amazing.

Now, in the next video I am going to talk about why the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification is the best certification out there. I truly believe this. We produce the best coaches with the most tools, with the greatest empathy, and the ability to help, and listen, and change lives. And I’m going to tell you why that is in the next video.

So I want you to think about what would your life look like a year from now if you had an entire new tool belt full of tools that will not only make you happier, and more successful, and more confident, but will make your family happier, and more successful, and more confident. And maybe, just maybe you want to use everything you learn in the certification to become a paid coach, to work from home, to help people feel happier, to help people learn to set boundaries, and to love themselves, and all those juicy things that you already love or you wouldn’t be here listening to this video.

Hey my friends, it’s Jen Riday and welcome to video four of our series “How to Create Lasting Change”. In this video you’re going to learn exactly why the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification is the best program available in the world to help you change your life and to help you help your family, and your loved ones, and your clients change their lives.

Now, when we started this video series you might have wondered, can people really change? Jen, I’ve been trying to lose weight. I’ve been trying to be more patient. I’ve been trying to fix all these things. Well, you can change. I remember how miserable and sad I felt, sometimes I didn’t even want to be alive, at the overwhelm, and the chaos, and the confusion, and all the things that happen in our lives. We deal with a lot of emotions just to be here on this planet.

And I know all of you watching this video want to be better skilled at handling your emotions, handling your thoughts so that you can up-level and start to get a different result in your marriage, different results in the way you show up for your kids, being more happy, and patient, and calm. Having the tools that your kids need from you to teach them how to manage anxiety, and depression, and stress, and overwhelm, having the tools to manage your time, to help your loved ones manage their time.

And then the coolest part is to take all of this that makes you so excited and overwhelmed with excitement to have changed your life and your family’s lives and to get to use it in a paid capacity to help other people change their lives. We don’t have to live in misery and endless feelings of being stuck. That’s not what we’re here for. We’re here to grow, and develop, and up-level. And there is a greater and greater joy and vibrance that comes when we do that.

So if you want to grow and you want your family to grow and change for the better and you’re thinking about maybe, just maybe becoming a paid coach so you can help other people do the same thing, the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification is perfect for you, you’re in the right place.

Now, I want to tell you a little bit about what we offer in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. The program has two parts. In the first part which lasts 20 weeks you will become a certified Vibrant Happy Women coach, a certified life coach, qualified in every way to be paid to help other people overcome a challenge, to get unstuck, to improve a relationship, to lose weight, to overcome stress or depression. To learn how to manage time or declutter, whatever area of interest interests you, you can help someone in that area.

Coaches can do anything and you will have the most amazing tool available to do so, the thought table. Remember, thought tables help us to figure out what we’re thinking, to find our baseline thought and see how does that baseline thought affect our feelings? How do our feelings drive our actions and how do those actions give us the result that we might not have loved in our life so far? Then we uplevel it, new thought, we feel better. When we feel better we take a different action.

When we take a different action we’ll get a new result that not only lasts, but it happens very quickly. You can uplevel all the areas of life, you build momentum. It’s so joyful to help clients through this process and to be paid for it. Now, a lot of you might be thinking, gosh, I don’t know if I want to be paid to help other people.

Well, let me talk for a moment about money. Money is a form of energetic exchange. I help you using a skill that I have, you pay me in return showing that you value the investment of my time. You’re investing back in the form of money. Money is not good or evil. It just is a form of energetic exchange. When you look at that and realize, hey, when you get your clients to invest in their growth by paying you for your time and effort, they are more committed to the process.

The same works here, when you invest in your education you better believe you’re going to show up in class, show up for the content, for the video lessons, show up for your peer coaching. And show up to learn the skills that will help you up-level your emotions, your thoughts, your happiness, your family and ultimately to help change the world which I know you want to do.

Okay, well, I want to tell you now about all the details of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. We have two parts. The first part is the actual coaching certification which lasts 20 weeks. Now, in the first section where you become a certified coach, you will have a video lesson that is released every week and you can watch it at any time.

It includes also with that video lesson you’ll get a workbook that you fill out with journal prompts that will teach you so much about yourself, about your self-love, about identity, how to use thought tables, how to Feel It to Heal It, how to set boundaries, all the skills that every human being on this planet really should have and that will serve you so well throughout your life. So that’s the first 20 weeks.

Then after we graduate and you become a certified coach you have options. You can either apply to be hired as a coach with the Vibrant Happy Women Club and the Vibrant Happy Women world through Jen Riday LLC. Or you might decide, hey, I love this. I’m going all in and you can apply to be in the Business Builder program that is also additional 20 weeks included in the price. So, 20 weeks of learning marketing, entrepreneurship, how to overcome fear so you can keep moving forward.

And I want to tell you a little secret, becoming an entrepreneur is one of the best things you will ever do for your confidence and for your growth because every day you get to decide again and again that hey, I want to show up and serve the world. I want to make the world better. It doesn’t matter what people think of me. I’m here to serve. And when you have that attitude you will not be stoppable, you’ll be unstoppable. People will be attracted to you because of your light and your willingness to make the world a better place. So it’s really, really fun and really, really awesome.

So yes, two parts, the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification has the 20 week certification where you learn all the tools, thought tables, brain downloads, Feel It to Heal It, all the things. And then in the second part you learn how to build a business or you can apply to be hired as a Vibrant Happy Women coach through Jen Riday LLC. This means that ultimately you can earn back your investment in this coach certification very quickly. It’s pretty, pretty awesome.

Now, remember class is one time a week. There’s the video and the workbook. And then we meet in person for class every week. And we practice coaching. We practice talking about the lesson. We practice whatever is coming up, we ask questions. And we work together and hold each other accountable. You will become amazing friends with the women or the men, whoever’s there in your group. The groups are limited to 10 people. So you get personalized one-on-one attention. And you really will grow at a phenomenal pace.

So many of the graduates have remarked that they can’t believe how much different they show up, how much differently they think after going through just that first 20 weeks.

Okay, so all the classes are happening over Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing chat, it’s all online, so class one hour a week, the video content you can watch it any time and then a workbook. That’s what we do every week. It’s simple, you can make time for it and you will grow like crazy.

Okay, now, when are the class times? Class happens at a number of different times. There are day classes, there are evening classes. There should be a class that will work in any time zone of the world. So don’t worry about that, you can specify that after you’ve signed up for the program.

Okay, so think about this, in just five months, the first 20 weeks you will actually be a coach, 20 weeks from the time that we start you will be a certified coach. Then you get to decide, do you want to apply to be a coach for Jen Riday LLC? Or do you want to be in the Business Builder program?

Now, that Business Builder program is available forever, just as all of the content in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification, forever. So that means whenever I upgrade you will get the upgrades. Whenever I add a worksheet, or a new program, or a new thought, or something I’ve been thinking about you will get access. That is one of our cool bonuses.

Additionally there will be a monthly Q&A call with me forever, for the life of the program so you can ask me anything about how do I handle this situation with a client? How do I do this particular marketing thing? And that will be available forever, awesome, awesome support that is ongoing.

Okay, additionally you will get access to one year of the Vibrant Happy Women Club. This is a program where I teach women the basics, the one-on-one or maybe the two-on-one levels of changing their lives, their thoughts, and their results. And doing everything from healing relationships, to having better health, to working on finances, every single week in that program I do coaching. And you can be there to watch how I coach and to also be coached by me if that’s what you would like to do. That’s really beneficial to keep learning and keep educating yourself on how to be an even better coach.

Okay, there is also a special app just for the graduates of the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. This app is really cool because it doesn’t require to be on Facebook. You can connect and stay connected with all the other coaches who have graduated from the program to ask them, “Hey, what’s working? How are you guys getting clients? How are you guys handling a problem when this happens with a client?” And you can have that support system plus some of the best most up-leveled friends you’ll ever meet. It is so cool to talk with the women in the app.

Okay, additionally every year you get to come to the Vibrant Happy Women convention. Now, the fun thing at convention is that as you increase your revenue you get to walk across the stage. We have The Five Digit Club, The Six Digit Club, The Seven Digit Club. And once you’re in The Seven Digit Club you can even apply to be in the Millionaire Mastermind with me. An elite group of women who have achieved one million dollars or more a year in revenue through their coaching program. Yes, coaching can actually yield that much money.

You can be paid 200 to 300 dollars an hour to help people up-level their lives. Remember, it’s an investment from them, signifying they understand the value you’re bringing to them by offering them thought tables, brain downloads, boundaries, all the many, many, many tools you will learn in the program. And what’s really cool is most of the time you don’t just sign your clients up for one session but you sign them up for multiple sessions. Now, speaking of multiple sessions, this is really unique. There is no other program that offers what I’m about to tell you.

Vibrant Happy Women coach certification offers a program called Up-level. Up-level is a 12 week one-on-one coaching program that walks a client step by step through a process of creating a new identity. This is like taking the thoughts, all the thoughts that form a picture of who you are and changing them. So you have more empowered thoughts, thoughts of loving yourself, respecting yourself, knowing what your gifts and talents are, knowing how you think, knowing the questions you’re always asking your brain, understanding what has kept you stuck in the past.

And then taking it all and creating this new identity. The Up-level program is powerful and it’s ready for you to sell. You can sell it immediately after your first 20 weeks in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification, after you graduate. Five months from now you could be selling Up-level. Every graduate gets to sell it. You do not need a website for it. You do not need any marketing for it. Maybe you tell your friends, “Hey, you’ve got to do the Up-level program because it’s so amazing.” And you’ll get to go through the program yourself as part of the certification.

So Up-level is awesome, I can’t wait for you to be introduced to it through the program and thereby to introduce it to your clients after you’re a graduate. Powerful. This means Up-level, if you sell just three people into the Up-level program you will have paid for your investment for the coach certification. Your return on investment is big. If you choose to become a paid coach you will make a lot of money and Up-level is available for you to sell right away without having to learn any of that marketing.

What else? Well, I want to say that convention is awesome, you want to walk across that stage but even if you don’t want to walk across that stage you can come to convention and be totally uplifted and energized, meeting up with your coach friends who have become so close with throughout the certification.

These group of 10 people you will be besties for a long time because you will have been in class together every week for the first 20 weeks of the program for the certification portion. And the second 20 weeks of the program, the Business Builder portion. That’s 40 weeks of getting to know this awesome group of 10. You’re going to love it.

Okay, so what do you need to do now? I want to tell you first that there is no better program out there. I am confident that the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification creates the best coaches with the best tools and right now happens to be the best time to be a coach. People don’t want to struggle emotionally. People want to change, and up-level, and have more meaningful careers, and have more confidence. They want to be better parents. They want to have a happier relationship with their parents or with their spouse. There’s no better time, no better program.

So after you’ve signed up you will get to pick your group time in an email that will be sent to you. And if you choose the payment plan you will be charged every 30 days for 12 months. This is an awesome investment. I want you to think about the ROI, the return on your investment. In just five months you can be a coach. You can not only help your kids open up, learn how to process feelings, handle stress and overwhelm, be better at time management. You can learn how to listen to your partner and communicate better, improve your marriage.

You’ll improve your health, your mindset, whatever else you want to work on, you’ll get to improve all of that plus you get to have a career that’s fulfilling, that lets you work from home, that earns plenty of money, that gives you all the flexibility you need to be a mom and to be available to your kids. You get to be your own boss. You get to be creative. It is the best career you could ever choose. I have loved it.

So fill out your application and sign up. Your spot will be held in the next group of 10 and I cannot wait to meet you and be a part of your journey to becoming a vibrant and happy life coach.

I want to thank you for listening. I hope you learned something about how to create lasting change for yourself, for your kids, for your relationships, for your life. And for some of you listening that may have resonated very much. Maybe you, too, like I did ,have wondered whether you could become a therapist, or a social worker, or a coach wondering whether you could make a difference in people’s lives and do something meaningful and fulfilling. And my answer to you is you absolutely can.

There is currently only one coach per 15,000 people in the United States. There is a huge demand for coaching. And this is an easy, fulfilling, beautiful way to make a difference in the world and to get paid doing it. You might be wondering, well, what would others think? Well, guess what? What other people think of you is none of your business. Also you might worry you don’t have time, or you don’t have what it takes, or you’re too flawed. Listen, when I became a coach I had the worst marriage. I felt so incredibly flawed as a mom and as a person.

But coaching became the thing that changed everything. It changed everything way beyond any therapy ever did, way beyond any self-help books ever did, way beyond Oprah even did. You can change when you learn the tools and fill up your tool belt with all the things that can help you not only change your actions. But to go deeper and change your thoughts and to really change your feelings by processing those long held emotions that kind of keep us stuck.

I want to invite you to go over to my website and watch the video version of this. If you want to see my pretty little face you can do so at And while you’re there under each video is a button where you can join the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification. Our next session starts the week of April 12th. You have until April 8th end of day midnight central time to join us.

And if this resonates at all I want to encourage you to take the leap and dive in to start creating the next version of yourself. A version of yourself who is more empowered, more heart centered, more intuitive, who knows how to hold space, who knows how to ask open-ended questions. Who has the skills to help people change their thinking and get new results, and especially who has the skills to help people process and shift emotion which is a powerful tool. I use it all the time with my kids and they are getting really good at it.

There’s something magical about coaching which is the trickle-down effect. My husband is a master of coaching terminology at this point. Well, not a master, but for someone who didn’t even do a certification he is really good. My kids know how to talk about their emotions, they, I would say have really high EQs because I’m always just sharing some of my things, teaching them how to listen, how to hold space.

And my daughter was on the phone the other day talking to someone and she came out after her call and said, “Mom, one of my friends, it needs to stay confidential.” She’s 13 by the way. “It needs to stay confidential but one of my friends needed someone to listen and she knew that you were a coach and she asked if I might be able to help her. Do you think it was ethical that I did that?” And I said, “Well, what did you say?” She said, “Well, I asked her about her feelings and I told her about the feeling wheel.”

And she went on and on talking about some of the tools that she has learned from me. I was really proud of her. If you feel any resonance at all and feel like yes, yes that would be great. I want to encourage you to not let your doubts or fears get in the way, to not worry that you don’t have enough time or that it’s too big of an investment of your time or your income. Because look, this is an investment in your future, this is your chance to do what you want to do, to live a fulfilling life, to make a difference beyond your family.

As positive and important as it has been to make a difference in your family or whatever other career you have, I promise you the things you’ll learn in the Vibrant Happy Women coach certification will not only change your life but they will give you a passion for helping others to change their lives. Whether that’s for your family, which is fine, or if you want to go on and do it in a paid capacity, which many do, that is also amazing as well.

So again if you want to watch the videos and learn more go to to sign up. Again, we start on April 12th, the week of April 12th, 2021. Your last day to sign up is April 8th at midnight central time.

Well, my friends I want to thank you for listening, I hope that you, too, can go forward to create lasting change not only for yourself but for your family, your loved ones and maybe even potential clients one day. I know you can do this. You have everything you need within you now.

Alright my friends, I will see you again next time. Until then make it a vibrant, and happy week, and life. Take care.

If you enjoy this podcast, you have to check out the Vibrant Happy Women Club. It’s my monthly group coaching program where we take all this material to the next level and to get you the results that will blow your mind. Join me in the Vibrant Happy Women Club at

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