Do you have a relationship that seems more challenging than the others? Maybe it's with a parent or a child, or with a coworker or a neighbor. In this Happy Bit you'll learn 3 easy tips to help you improve that challenging relationship. 

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The 3 easy tips to improve a challenging relationship:

  1. Write down 10 positives about that person.
  2. Do something kind for them every day. We love those whom we serve.
  3. Say something kind to or about that person every day.

Doing these things will help you brain shift into a place of positivity. Like attracts like. When you focus on the positive, your brain will find more of the positive. This happens because of your brain's Reticular Activating System, which filters information in a way to help you support what you believe. If you start to see the positive, your brain will give you more evidence of positivity. You have the power to make any relationship better. Empowering, right? You bet. That's what the Vibrant Happy Women movement is all about.

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