Growing up on a farm taught me the value of hard work; however, I’ve worried life in suburbia hasn’t instilled the same work ethic in my kids. Life has converged to help me focus on work ethic, and I share our experience laboring on Labor Day as a family.

Work Ethic

My parents’ number 1 value was hard work, and growing up on a farm gave me and my 2 younger brothers numerous opportunities to learn to work hard. We spend hours every week picking up rocks and sticks, moving cattle and pigs, and learning to push past exhaustion and the desire to quit. It taught us a sense of character, course, and pride in our ability to do hard things.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about work ethic. A podcast interview with PJ Jonas, along with a new book called Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life… and Maybe the World by William McRaven, made me worry I’m not teaching my kids the work ethic I learned as a child.

Luckily a wind storm in our area created some work for us; our family enjoyed a full day of labor this past Labor Day. I received great satisfaction from watching our kids work for several hours, most without complaining.

Your Challenge

Today when you go to bed, celebrate the hard work you’ve done.

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