Have you ever once observed that you are the only ones sending out negative vibes to the people around you? Observe yourself and think about the feeling or the vibe you send out to the people around you.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“‘Please be responsible for the energy you bring to the space.' Oprah has this hanging on a wall or at least she did at one time, and let me share it again. ‘Please be responsible for the energy you bring to the space.'”

“I want to challenge you this week to #1, pay attention to how you are feeling inside. #2, if it is something you do not want to feel, let it go through, let it pass. Pay attention to those sensations in your body and then let them go. And then #3, decide how you do want to feel and realize you can generate those feelings, through your thoughts and being positive and bringing forth the feeling you want. It is kind of empowering to realize, we can control how I feel and it makes all the difference in our own energy and in the energy of the space and people around us.”


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