Are you hurt? Do you feel pain? Normally, we tend to try to numb the pain. Say, you have a fight with someone, you try to avoid it. However, it would be best to feel the pain so you can heal it and let go of it altogether.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“I want to challenge you to really feel it. Feel it to heal it. So there are many interactions we can have with family and friends throughout the holidays as we spend more time and probably usual with our loved ones where we have this opportunity to forgive and let go and forget about hurts.”

“The only way to heal those emotional hurts is to feel it. So, this is a quick challenge for you, the next time you find yourself feeling annoyed or overwhelmed or frustrated with another person. Just stop and take a break. Maybe you go use a bathroom or whatever it takes to be alone, and feel it, where do you feel that hurt in your body? Maybe the heart area, the chest area, the stomach, wherever. Where do you feel it? And do not be afraid, do not run from it. Truly feel it. What does it feel like? And as you feel it, you will notice that it will begin to dissolve.”


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