Sometimes criticism can leave us feeling raw and frustrated, feelings we definitely want less of.

What do you do when somebody seems to be hypercritical, constantly pointing out your flaws or how you “should” or “could” do something better?

In this Happy Bit you'll learn a powerful strategy to stop criticizers (and whiners) in their tracks so you can stay in a more positive frame of mind more often.


When someone is critical, calmly say, “Thanks for your opinion; however, I would feel so much happier if you could share a positive with me as well.” Then leave the ball in their court; you might need to establish an even stronger boundary for people who seem incapable of positivity by saying, “My hearing works so much better when the words are positive rather than critical, so I'll be somewhere else. If you need something from me in the future, please be sure to use positivity and praise, two things that work so much better for me. I'm always more than happy to interact with people who use positivity and respect.” BOOM.


John Gottman

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