Ever wish you could increase self love and self worth so you can feel more content and happy? You can! In this Happy Bit I explain how to do an emotional detox and let go of that emotional baggage so you can feel lighter and happier. 

If you aren't familiar with meditation or just want a little guidance with this emotional detox process, you can grab the Emotional Detox Guided Meditation bundle here.

During a low time in life I found my mind swimming with negative memories from the past, including interactions with my parents, a college friend, and even modern-day issues with my spouse. The negativity was sinking me, and my self love and self esteem were taking a big hit as a result.

I researched various methods of releasing emotional baggage and came up with my own style of meditation where I relaxed, pulled up a painful memory, and then used the “feel it to heal it” strategy, which means I would feel the sensations and emotions attached to a certain memory, and then let it go.

After each session I felt lighter, more optimistic, just plain happier. So I shared this method with clients and was happy to hear them getting the same results.

If you want to increase your happiness, self love and self worth, do some emotional detox work. Schedule 1-2 sessions per week where you won't be disturbed and let that “crap” go. Emotional baggage doesn't serve you, right? Let it go!

And if you aren't an experienced meditator or would like greater detail about the process, I have recorded this meditation and you can grab your copy here: Emotional Detox Guided Meditation Bundle

Make it a great week!