Have you ever lived like you always want to please others other than yourself? But what about what you want? What makes you feel the deepest joy? Everybody deserved to live in that place of authenticity. Letting go of the shoulds and expectations of others.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

” I want to give you a challenge today. Take a notebook or a journal and answer some questions. Maybe with your eyes closed and then write down what you learned after you finish asking the questions but this might be, ‘What makes me feel the deepest joy? Truly consider the times, what is happening around you when you were feeling the deepest joy? And in contrast, what brings me pain sadness and frustration and again write down what is happening when you feel those feelings. You can go deeper and deeper with all sorts of question, but what this leads to is knowing yourself, what you really like.”

” I want each of you to know what you love and in that process, you will probably discover, your gifts and even part of your purpose. And when you are living from that place of purpose and authenticity, your life is so much happier.”


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