There is just something about light that makes us feel happy or lighter. It is amazing how we focus on one thing and makes us feel really happy.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“A fun and kind of simple challenge that fits this holiday time of the year.  I want to challenge you to notice all the light around you. Physically and otherwise. Let us start with physically, look at the light available in each room and try to appreciate it. Sunlight coming through the window. Lights from a lightbulb. Maybe you do drive somewhere and noticed some Christmas lights. And then, while you are getting out of your car, you see lights from a star. And then the next day, you might see lights from the sunrise.”

“Do you see how beautiful it can be just to focus on one thing and really let that touch your soul. Then, expand it a little and think about the light that you can feel spiritually or otherwise through out this week. Maybe when you are with a certain friend, you leave completely uplifted or maybe you have a spiritual experience through meditation or prayer or at a church service. Maybe you are walking outside and you just feel a little lighter inside from the activity and the exercise.”


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