Got Overwhelm? In this episode Jen challenges you to become more of a minimalist and to begin the process of decluttering so you can have more energy for experiences and people you love.

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Now on to our Happy Bit.

Sometimes I walk around our home and feel overwhelmed with STUFF. Little junky prizes from piano litter the family room floor, the latest booty for practicing faithfully. Pokemon cards on the stairs…. a pile of clothes in the girls' room.

It can be really draining! But, I found the antidote recently when I watched Minimalism, a documentary that rocked my world and motivated me to commit to get rid of 50% of our things. For a family of 8, this is going to be MIND BLOWING. I'll keep you updated…

In the meantime, I want to challenge you to start minimizing your possessions so you can save your precious energy to enjoy EXPERIENCES and PEOPLE, rather than STUFF.

The challenge: start letting go of 10-15 things a day and see how you feel.

Make it a great week!

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