“My bed is a safe place.” Make yourself comfortable in your own bed. Make it a sacred sanctuary where your mind will feel at ease and happier.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“I want to challenge you to just go and enjoy your bed again. I think this is the third time I have challenged you to do this. And I know you are going to love my advice because we all love our beds. But you do not just do not need to sleep there, try doing some affirmations.”

“I like to recommend that you even do some meditation before you get our of bed because once your feet hit the floor, all bets are off. Your life can become reactive rather than just proactive once you are out of bed and the kids come in or your spouse needs something. So  make your bed more than just a place of sleep. Make it a sacred sanctuary. Time of prayer or thinking of a higher power. Meditation. Affirmations. So many good things can take place when you are cuddling underneath that down comforter. ”


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