I share the story of my 3-year-old daughter Cora's self destructive behavior (hair, stitches, scabs) and how we FINALLY stumbled onto a solution after weeks of thinking there WAS no solution. Are there times when you've given up and are just sure there's not a solution? 99% of the time a solution will present itself IF you stay open. Learn how in this episode.

My 3-year-old daughter Cora cut her hair about 6 weeks ago, resulting in a full head shaving (hey, it was that or a mullet… we chose the little boy look!), follow a few days later by switches, followed by a bandaid rash which she picked… the poor little girl wasn't looking too “cute” to say the least.

We tried everything to get her to stop picking at the stitches and the little scabs from the rash. Weeks went by. We promised a waterpark trip, Chuck-e-Cheese… everything to no avail.

But one day after a discussion the answer came: duck tape and mittens. Listen to the episode to learn how this story applies to you!