What appeals to your more? Vacation or staycation? One big vacation is fun. Right on. But how about if you can have more short vacations with the same amount of fun? Less expense, more fun and adventure with your family.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“I was in yoga class, kind of paying attention to why I have been feeling antsy, and I realized, I want to take a vacation, I want something new, something exciting, something novel to think about or experience. And one option would be to take our family of 8 on a big vacation, but then I thought of all the packing and the expense and the fact that a vacation with 6 kids really is not much of a vacation for a mom so then I thought, what of my other options and I realized I could take the same amount of money and divide it by the number of weeks in a year and budget out lots of fun events and experiences in our area. There are so many opportunities and essentially, we can have a weekly staycation. We do not even need a hotel, to tell you the truth, that is not even relaxing with six kids. But we can sleep at home and just do something fun and exciting each week. ”


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