There are so many things that we crave in life that sometimes we forget that there are already good things in our lives. We fail to recognize all the good, all the blessing that we have. We should try and learn to know that our life is already perfect. Just take time to recognize the good things that surrounds you.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“So often, we live in a sense of lack or scarcity because we are always striving for the next goal, hoping for the next raise, wishing we could loose weight, craving greater love in our relationships and on and on. And when we live in this way, we fail to recognize all the good, all the blessing that we have.”

“So a challenge for you this week, choose to instead of wishing something for the future or hoping for a change, choose to see your life as already perfect just where you are now. You might create some statements such as I have an abundance of time. I have plenty of fun. I have more than enough love. I have an abundance of money or my body is perfect because it is mine and on and on. So you can repeat these statements, but not only that, I want you to find three evidences of the truthfulness of each statement each day. You are training your brain to see all the abundance in your life.”


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