This Episode: Be your best self. Be a light in the midst of negativity, anger and fear. 

Lately, I've felt that social media has been flooded with negativity, anger, and fear, so I made a conscious choice to combat this influence by choosing happiness, positivity and light.

The challenge I want to give you, today and forever, is to consciously make the choice to shift your emotions to a place of positivity and joy. These are what we call high vibration emotions. In contrast, low vibration emotions, such as fear, anger, and negativity, prevent us from being our best selves. Remember, happiness is a choice. We do not have to fuel ourselves with the negativity that surrounds us. Instead we can combat negativity by being a light.

As you log onto social media in the days and weeks ahead, make sure to seek out the positive and choose happiness, light and joy. If you would like a big dose of positivity, join us in the vibrant happy women facebook group. We want to make a difference and make the world a happier place. Take care.

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