Most of us compare ourselves with other people's best self. What we do not know that there is more to us than our worst self. Try to recognize each of you good qualities by doing good self talks and believe in them. So, take a stab at your negative self-talk. Turn it around into something positive and start to get amazing at how amazing your really are. You rock!

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“I want to talk about our negative self talk, our negative beliefs. Now, you might think you do not have any but hear me out. I have been around women lately who say things like, ‘Well, she is amazing, she has an amazing family, and then, I cannot even get my act together and do this.' or ‘She has such a clean house and then look at my house, oh! No way am I hosting that event.' These phrases go on and on, we are constantly comparing our insides to other people's outsides or our worst self to what we perceive as is another person's best self. Now, when we operate in this way, we essentially limit ourselves because there are so many good things we can do, so much joy we can have and so many people we can help if we just would not label ourselves as incapable.”

“Start today to use some positive self-talk. Say, I am amazing, I am loved. And truly believe it, what happens when you believe these things, well then suddenly you know you are worthy to do good things.”


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