Hugging 13 times a day for optimum mental health! Is it not wonderful? You get to hug 13 times a day, and for sure it will make you happier. Find some one or some bodies to hug today and feel happier.

Some Inspirational Thoughts:

“My daughter just came in to the room where I was sitting and wanted a hug. And she often wants this. She is two and half. My very favorite age. Really, it is. She so cute, and her little blond hair is so fluffy, and she has big blue eyes, and it is just the most fun thing to cuddle with her. And it got me thinking, I remember a statistic, it is probably random and not based on science, but it sounds good that we should hug 13 times a day for optimum mental health. So, that's the challenge. Go hug somebody, or some bodies, 13 times today and see how you feel. ”

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