This Episode: Take a bed-cation?

Today I'm talking about my bed.

Now, don't be afraid… this isn't X-rated. It's very much G-rated, but I have to tell you, my bed is one of my favorite places to be.

I love to go there to escape from noise–from my six children. I can go in my room and lock the door. The walls of my room are a nice sage green. The comforter is white, and it reminds me of a luxurious hotel. I climb into bed and just cuddle. I can look out the beautiful window and see blue sky, perhaps some fluffy white clouds, some green trees swaying in the breeze, and I just like to think, to meditate, be still.

After each of our children were born, I spent two weeks in bed, and each time was amazing! What a sacred time. How often do we have the opportunity to just rest, and restore, and think? Sadly, it's usually poor health or a crisis that forces it upon us, but I took the opportunity (voluntarily) and I loved it! I've got to figure out a way to make that happen again…

In our fast paced society, taking the time to rest and restore is a critical component of our happiness. So, my challenge to you–go to bed and relax! If you can't stand your bed (I highly doubt that's even possible), find somewhere you would love to go. Grab a fuzzy blanket and cuddle up in your favorite couch or chair. Stop doing, and just be. Are you sensing a theme in these happy bits?

Spend some time in bed. Rest, relax or do something else you enjoy. See you next time! Take care.


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