Why sticking a pencil in your mouth makes you happier. 


I was driving with my daughters in the car today and was talking to my second daughter about happiness. She's six years old and sometimes struggles to keep a positive attitude, let's put it that way.

I told them about a study I read, where scientists asked some of their subjects to hold a pencil between their teeth. This forced their lips or mouth to curl upward, which roughly resembles the shape of a smile. What they found was that those holding the pencil in their mouth rated much happier on a happiness test than those who didn't.

What does this mean? When we physiologically do the things that relate to happiness, such as smiling, we will feel happier. So, I tried it. I put the pen in my mouth, and sure enough, it worked! My daughters thought it was hilarious.

In the Riday family, we will be walking around with pens or pencils in our mouths and smiling away.

My challenge for you, try it (the pencil smile). If anything, it looks plain old silly and everyone will be laughing. Make it a great day!

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