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101: How to Stay Conscious and “Woke” While Protecting Your Tender, Tired Heart with Casey Erin Wood

Do you feel deeply and find yourself putting up walls to protect your sensitive side? In this episode, Casey Erin Wood shares how to engage in what she calls “exquisite self-care” that enables you to be vulnerable and to stop “numbing out” so you can fully share your gifts with the world. 

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to stay grounded and connected to yourself so you can feel good in your own skin
  • How to stay conscious and “woke” while protecting your tender, tired heart
  • How to process your own emotions in the deluge of everyone else’s
  • How to step into more powerful, active leadership roles when you’d rather numb out and dial back.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Casey:

“Trust. Surrender. Leap.” ~ Casey Erin Wood

“I’m a big believer in trusting in synchronicity and trusting in the signs of the universe. So that’s what TRUST is about. It’s also about trusting in yourself. Then moving into SURRENDER, allowing things to come to you as they will. We can have goals, desires, and dreams. And it’s awesome to move toward those things, but sometimes the universe has different ideas for us, better things. So it’s learning to surrender to the outcome. Then LEAP is getting into action and just moving forward. Again, intentions and affirmations, beautiful and wonderful things that we actually have to move our feet – we have to get into action.”

“An artist’s job is to create this change that we need to see right now. Empaths have a unique ability to sense what’s going on. So they can bring it through their creations in a very powerful way. To empaths, remember that – remember that what you are doing is super important work.”

“Playing with your kids, cuddling your dog, anything that switches your brain into that relaxation state, that switches your brain into that pleasure state, when I talk about magic, that’s what I am talking about. I’m talking about that state of just being in complete relaxation and pleasure. That is a very magical place and it’s a very nourishing and healing place. We need that as much as anything else. As much as we need the work, we need the nourishing and the self-care.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Feeling good in my own skin. Feeling like myself, connected to self – I feel good. When I'm ungrounded it sucks all the energy out of me. In flow, easy, world’s full of grace.”

A Challenge from Casey:

“Give yourself Magic Breaks (giving yourself a moment of pleasure. 3 times a day, stop and do something that feels good.”

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