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120: Boost Your Zen, Nourish Your Soul (with Grace Estripeaut)

Our nervous systems are on overdrive as we live in a go-go-go society. How can we clear the clutter of stress without giving up on our goals? In this episode Grace Estripeaut shares how to let go of overwhelm using simple and nourishing micro-tweaks that will boost your zen and help you find solid ground again.

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to turn the “spaces in between” into moments of deep nourishment for your soul
  • Why we must maintain the right energy in order for people to want to be around us
  • The secret for discovering what brings you true vibrancy
  • What it means to be in a state of flow and how that helps soothe our nervous systems
  • And much, much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Grace:

“Slow down to speed up. That’s my motto. It’s basically the difference between living on autopilot and being present and intentional.” I feel like anytime I forget to actually slow down when I’m making decisions. It’s basically the difference between pausing, being intentional and present vs. on autopilot.”

“There are moments in-between in your life. You can use them to deplete you or you can use them to replenish you. There are super simple ways to use those moments in-between to nourish you. You can actually choose to, instead of spending three minutes in-between meetings, or scrolling through social media, use those three minutes to close your eyes and just pause. Take a couple deep breaths to connect to yourself. Am I present today? Am I intentional? Do I need to sleep earlier today so I can catch up? Just micro tweaks and micro shifts throughout the day can make a huge difference. We are either compounding towards more stress everyday by certain behaviors like not taking care of ourselves, not really looking at what we are doing… all of that compounds to more stress. Or we can start compounding towards more vibrancy and more decompression in short, small ways, throughout the day. It does not take an hour. Just take a 10 minute walk.”

“Give yourself permission to really discover what brings you vibrancy. Allow that thing to shift into your life. When you find it, honor that. Some women say, ‘Wow! I love dancing and I haven’t done that in twenty years!' Emotional and mental health is super important.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Connected to myself and honoring my needs, allowing myself to be fully human and ask for support and completely connected to myself, my needs, emotions and fears and honor that and take care of myself.”

“Taking care of my energy is essentially my number one priority. That has a lot to do with vibrancy. It takes something to really take responsibility with taking care of our own energy.”

A Challenge from Grace:

“The simplest and the most game-changing thing for people who drive is to start to imagie the red light as a time to breathe. Red means breathe. Breathing will remind you to let loose of the weight you are carrying. Loosen your grip and sit back and relax your shoulders. Or, if you are using public transportation, whenever the vehicle stops, then STOP means breathe. I’m telling you, when we start breathing more, our lives change.”



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