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122: Your Messy, Magnificent Life (with Geneen Roth)

A mile-long to-do list can have us leaping from our beds and facing the day each morning with little thought for ourselves or for our bodies. But what happens when we show up in our own 2 feet with complete presence and groundedness?

What You'll Learn in this Episode:

  • How to be in your own two shoes and show up in your body.
  • The secret to breaking the pattern of constant rushing, going and doing.
  • How to identify your 3 core beliefs.
  • Why it’s essential to switch your brain into “what’s right” rather than “what’s wrong” mode.
  • And much more.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Geneen:

“How you do one anything is how you do everything.”

“How you eat is how you live.”

“The world is on your plate.”

“Everybody wants to wake up, but nobody actually wants to change. The desire is there, but you’ve got to put it into practice somehow. The only way to change is to signal to yourself and to your brain that something else is possible. Practice three bites once a day. Then you will realize that this food kind of feels good. Then you can go to five bites. Then you can go to five minutes. You have to start somewhere.”

“Attention is everything. Attention is the way you bless yourself with love.” When you are paying attention to your body, you are also paying attention to your moods and the different thoughts you have and you are somehow holding them. Starting with your body is a great way to start. When you are aware of yourself, we are talking about being grounded in yourself. You are much more available for another person because you’re not utterly lost in your own thoughts. You’re present, and being present is the biggest gift you can give anybody.”

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Woman?

“Being where I am, not wanting anything to be different than it is. Being willing to be right here, with all of its challenges, being with challenges and being with lightness and spaciousness and becoming aware that that’s part of me too. I’m happiest, I’m most vibrant, when I’m grounded in my body and I am being kind to myself and therefore somebody else and not wanting to change somebody else or the situation. I am relaxed within myself.”


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