Are you seeking clarity, peace, and personal growth in life? Jaime Myers shares the lessons she has learned about following her intuition, listening to her body, nurturing her needs, and allowing life to unfold at its own sacred pace. Jaime will help you understand how everything in life happens FOR you rather than TO you.

Jaime Myers is the Founder of Shine Life Design LLC and leads retreats and courses for women to discover and live from their own personal truth. Known for her humor, clarity and authenticity, Jaime delivers from the heart. She lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband, Seth, and two young sons.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Jaime:

“Every master was once a disaster.”

“Be a beginner and be willing to falter around once and  know that masters were once there too.”

“All is in order. Watch a flower grow, it grows at this very specific, perfect pace. And you can't go over and open the leaves and open the buds and force it. I found everything unfolds at its own sacred pace.”

“Everything, whether it's a project or a relationship or an idea, unfolds at its own sacred pace.”

“Everything happens FOR me rather than TO me. Everything is happening for my own personal growth.”

“I believe that there is a grand organized design, that there's a bigger picture than we know of -something going on beyond that we can see.”

“Sometimes things can look like ‘this sucks!' or ‘Why is this happening?' Like there is a bigger plan, those of us who see it and can look back and reflect on it, we see that ‘Wow! I am really thankful that happened.' It was hard but I am grateful for it because I am now where I am. I learned that and I grew that muscle.”

“I kept taking one step at a time, one day at a time. and just being grateful that I had enough to get by. I am resourceful. I just started asking people at those companies, ‘Do you know of a job?' And I just kept taking one step at a time. Another one of my favorite quotes is, ‘If you are going through hell, keep going.' It's humbling. I learned a lot.”

“Everything, even the challenges that have occurred are worth it and of value and made me stronger, made my marriage stronger, my family. I don't really experience low points anymore. Even though I have challenges and struggles.”

“Women are looking for some peace.”

“Just slow down. Cultivate some peace. You can't gain clarity about anything or tune in to your own intuition or truth, or anything if you don't have some peace in your life or if you haven't slowed down long enough.”

“We are all unique. We all have our own unique path. Our bodies are designed. We aren't thrown into our life without any navigation system. We wouldn't survive.”

“Just take baby steps and surround yourself with people who nurture you. Spend time with people that you like yourself around.”

Some of Jaime's Favorite Things:

Personal habit: “Remembering that we are all unique, and collaborating and supporting other people.”

Easy meal: Street tacos. Tiny little taco shells. Put in some vegetables, and -if you eat meat, add chicken- and cheese.

Possession: I love artwork. We have a beautiful painting that we got from Portland, Oregon.

jaime myers

Book: Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Bucket list item: “I want to spend summer at a lake house. And I don't even care where it is.”

Best advice received: “To get enough sleep. Life changer. I am a completely different person when I get enough sleep.”

Happiest memory: “My wedding day. Every one of my family members that I love and adore and my special friends were there in one place. It was just a wonderful, beautiful, special day. I didn't bring any stress. I let it be whatever it was going to be and it was really beautiful. And one of my favorite days of my life.”

Jaime's Happiness Formula:

  1. “Nurture your needs. Take care of your basic needs: sleep, food, alone time
  2. “To live and speak your own personal truth.”
  3. “Empower your dream, move towards what makes you happy, what feels a little feels like freedom even if it is just an inch in that direction.”

Every Master Was Once a Disaster

A Challenge from Jaime:

“Just start somewhere with speaking your truth, something that feels true to you. Whatever it is, take even one small action in that direction. It helps us be who we are and gain trust in our own selves, in our own path. And then we also attract what we need and the people that like who we are. When we are ourselves we become a magnet for what we are up to in the world.”


Shine Life Design LLC

Body Compass (Led by Jaime and Martha Beck Master Coach, Kim Rice Whittemore, The Body Compass is a brilliant tool to be able to use your body cues to tune into your own brilliant navigation system.)  

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

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