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359: How to Be a Freaking Dime Even When Life Gets Messy (with Jill Payne)

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beauty of Victoria, BC, Jill Payne's journey took unexpected turns. Her candid account of navigating single motherhood and managing her emotions and energy during the pandemic and beyond sheds light on the transformative impact of self-regulation on mood and energy. You'll love Jill's update on how to “Be a Freaking Dime” even when life is messy!


In This Episode, You'll Discover How To…

  • Master energy management and emotion regulation – even when life is messy.
  • Elevate your parenting through effective mood and energy management.
  • Use your body to shift your thoughts, feelings, and actions.
  • Understand the relationship among personality, energy, and frequency.
  • Handle detail-negative energy.
  • Attract high-frequency people into your life.
  • Embrace contrast and cultivate new desires for personal growth.


“Contrast inspires a new desire. When you have something you don't like, be grateful because it's showing you what you don't want so you can better formulate what you do want.” – Jill Payne


Key Moments:

  • 00:00:00 – Introduction to Managing Energy
  • 00:01:11 – Challenges of Energy Management as a New Mother
  • 00:08:27 – The Realities of Parenting and Energy Management
  • 00:11:35 – Understanding Energy Levels and Capacity
  • 00:13:44 – Managing Emotions and Energy
  • 00:16:22 – Building Capacity for Better Responses
  • 00:19:28 – The Power of Movement and Morning Routine
  • 00:22:53 – Importance of Body in Shifting Thoughts and Actions
  • 00:25:27 – Getting Into What's in Front of You
  • 00:27:08 – Understanding Personality and Energy Management
  • 00:36:24 – Handling Detail Negative Energy
  • 00:39:25 – Establishing Boundaries
  • 00:41:01 – The Phenomenon of Resonance
  • 00:41:50 – Attracting Similar Energy
  • 00:44:12 – Choosing Focus and Vision
  • 00:47:45 – Shifting Focus and Managing Grief
  • 00:54:58 – Embracing Change and Taking Risks
  • 00:55:08 – Using Contrast to Inspire Desire


Listen to the Full Episode:


“What I see for you is holding up the possibility for what you think could be possible for your kids, your spouse. What I see for you is happiness and joy.” – Jill Payne


Resources and Next Steps:

  • Get the book Be a Dime by Jill Payne to access exclusive QR code content in the back of the book and use the QR code to access an online dashboard with weekly videos, daily audios, a full workbook, and a journal, typically available only to Jill's one-on-one coaching clients.
  • Connect with Jill Payne on her website or through Instagram.
  • Join Vibrant Soul, a community to heal, transform, and expand your soul with like-minded friends at
  • Apply the principle “What I see for you” to create a vision for your loved ones and inspire positive change.
  • Embrace the concept that contrast inspires a new desire, allowing you to focus on what you do want rather than what you don't want.


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