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358: Why Women Need Time Away (with Dr. Laura Froyen)

Why Women Need Time Away

Dr. Laura Froyen joins me again to chat about the power of taking time for yourself. As moms and caregivers, it's easy to get caught up in taking care of everyone else's needs. But what about our own? 

Laura shares her perspective on why retreats like my annual Vibrant Happy Women Retreat are so rejuvenating. Getting away allows us to get out of the deep end and stop treading water – to rest, reconnect with ourselves, broaden our views, and realign our inner compass. 

In our conversation, Laura reflects on how attending retreats has helped her rediscover her own identity beyond motherhood. We also talk about why time away is healthy for partnerships, allowing spouses and kids to step up at home. 

I hope Laura's wisdom inspires you to prioritize self-care, whether through travel or simple moments of solitude. As she reminds us – we need time to just be, free from others' demands. It's essential for living vibrantly and authentically. 

And if you want to join us at this year's retreat in Mexico Feb 7-11th, visit 


In This Episode, You'll Discover…

  • Why traveling without a spouse can be liberating and allow for powerful personal growth and self-discovery.
  • An unexpected twist at the retreat that brought Laura newfound happiness and energy.
  • The social, emotional, and spiritual value of solitude and the importance of nurturing your own identity outside of motherhood. 
  • Why women need time away and how to make it happen (even if solo travel scares you!)
  • The unique way a retreat illuminates the path ahead for you. 
  • The power of being embraced by a community of welcoming and kind-hearted women. 
  • The importance of remembering what it's like to be an individual human being without anyone needing anything from you.
  • And much more!


“It's okay to remember what it's like to be a whole and independent human being where no one else needs anything from you.” – Jen Riday


Key Moments:

  • [00:02:11] Losing ourselves in motherhood.
  • [00:06:03] Getting out of the deep end.
  • [00:11:30] Identity outside of parenthood.
  • [00:14:10] Finding comfort in solitude.
  • [00:20:42] Family dynamics and boundaries.
  • [00:24:07] Taking time for oneself.
  • [00:27:35] Sacred retreat for women.
  • [00:32:07] Traveling solo and self-discovery.
  • [00:36:47] Increasing enjoyment of parenting.


Listen to the Full Episode:


“We're more than just caregivers and wives and mothers and all the things we are. We're humans, really.” – Laura Froyen


Resources and Next Steps:

  • Connect with Dr. Laura Froyen on her website or through the Balanced Parent Podcast and learn from her soulful, intuitive widsom about peaceful parenting
  • Join the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, which offers a transformative experience and provides a container of time to listen to your thoughts and connect with women from different walks of life.
  • Explore Vibrant Soul, a place to heal, transform, and expand your soul with like-minded friends by visiting
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness and explore adding more alone time to your day-to-day life and beyond.


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