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357: Supporting Men’s Emotional Wellbeing (with Anne Fraser)

Breaking the stereotype of “emotionally clueless men,” Anne Fraser takes a stand for men's emotional wellbeing and healing, aiming to support them through a journey of understanding and love.

Raised in a dysfunctional family, Anne Fraser witnessed the toxic dynamics of her alcoholic grandfather and needy grandmother, which shaped her belief that women had to earn love through attractiveness and caretaking. Unsurprisingly, this narrative carried over into her own marriage, where she found herself married to an avoidant and controlling partner.

However, a life-changing car accident in 2009 shifted Anne's perspective. Faced with the fragility of life, she embarked on a journey of self-empowerment and healing. Through therapy, coaching, and personal growth workshops, Anne discovered the importance of self-love, boundaries, and personal responsibility for her own happiness. As she focused on her own growth and encouraged her children to do the same, her husband also began his own transformative journey.

Today, Anne's relationship with her husband is a testament to the power of inner healing and the possibility of creating a healthy and loving partnership. Anne's story serves as an inspiration for anyone seeking to break free from unhealthy relationship patterns and find true emotional fulfillment.


In This Episode, You'll Be Able To:

  • Discover the key to healing and transforming your relationship for long-lasting happiness.
  • Unlock the power of men's emotional wellbeing and find new ways to support your partner's emotional well-being.
  • Break free from unhealthy relationship cycles and create a foundation of love, respect, and understanding.
  • Explore how family roles can impact your relationships and gain insights to foster healthier dynamics.
  • Prioritize personal growth and self-care to enhance your overall well-being and strengthen your relationship.
  • And much more!


“I discovered that I am 100% responsible for my own happiness, that it is not his job, but it's also not my job to be responsible for his happiness.” – Anne Fraser


Key Moments:

00:00:01 – Introduction
00:00:48 – Anne's Background and Work
00:02:45 – Anne's Childhood and Marriage
00:05:33 – Life-Changing Car Accident
00:08:52 – Impact on Anne's Marriage
00:16:21 – Healing Inner Child Wounds
00:17:13 – Husband's Healing Journey
00:18:15 – Encouraging Change
00:19:26 – From Settling to Empowerment
00:21:31 – The Power of Self-Care
00:31:23 – The Role of Men in Our Lives
00:32:28 – Healing for Men
00:33:39 – Impact on Sons
00:35:49 – Focus on Yourself


Listen to the Full Episode:


“My circumstances don't control who I am or how I show up in the world, that I don't have to look outside of myself for what I need.” – Anne Fraser


Resources and Next Steps:

  • Connect with Anne Fraser at to learn how to build meaningful connections and resolve conflicts in relationships.
  • Attend the Vibrant Happy Women Retreat, which offers a transformative experience and provides a container of time to listen to your thoughts and connect with women from different walks of life.
  • Take responsibility for your own happiness and explore the concept of setting boundaries in relationships to create healthier dynamics.
  • Seek additional support and therapy for yourself or your partner if needed to work on personal growth and healing within the relationship.
  • Model healthy behaviors for your children by prioritizing self-care and personal growth.


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