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51: Choosing to Be Fierce, Tenacious and Unstoppable (with Carol Egan)

Carol Egan felt a bit broken when they took her newborn baby away to be placed in foster care many years ago. But as she watched those elevator doors close behind the woman taking her baby away, a level of fierceness, tenacity and unstoppability came over Carol and she did everything in her power to make enough money to get a place so she could get her baby back. She worked as a waitress and visited her son every day for 4 months until she got him back. The rest of her life built upon that decision to be fierce and Carol has earned several degrees with honors, raised an amazing son as a single parent, and now helps hundreds of women as a health coach.

Carol is a Holistic Health Coach from Avon, CT. She specializes in digestive health and detoxification. She works with women who want to look and feel their very best. After years of taking care of their families and all the to do’s that go with that, many women are troubled with excess weight, low energy and foggy thinking. Carol helps them take control of their health so they can focus on what matters most to them. In her spare time Carol loves to cook, read, go to hot yoga, and she’s building a running practice.

Nuggets of Wisdom from Carol:

“To know that we know what we know and to know that we do not know what we do not know is true knowledge.” ~Copernicus

“There were moments in my healing journey that I started discovering things that I never knew existed, and they changed my life. ”

“That is true knowledge, to know that there's things that could make a difference for you and the quality of your life, but you might not know it even exists. And so, we are open. And all of a sudden, these things start to float to us.”

“I really learned that everything and anything is possible.”

“Life has never asked me to step up like that, like those moments.”

“I could have never done what I did without my mother. She was a huge support.”

“Always come back to self.”

“The truth of the matter is, you have the fierceness within you. We each have the capability to accomplish everything we want. And the more we give our power away… I guess if we reduce it down to a catch phrase, be one hundred percent responsible for you life. Be the CEO and the director of the course of your life.”

“I believe that we are all capable of achieving far greater things than we can even see possible. ”

“There's things that you might not see in this moment because a moment is taking you over.”

“The pill is going to help you think you are feeling better, but your body is still degrading. It is still degenerating. Whatever has caused you to have autoimmune disease has to be addressed on a holistic level.”

“My ultimate goal is to bring people to a lived experience in their body where they literally feel healthy or what healthy feels like.”

Some of Carol‘s Favorite Things:

Personal habit: 5 to Thrive, which helps people get back to themselves. 1. Sleep gives you an advantage hormonally. 2. You are what you eat -Nutrition 3. Become a zone master; meditation and mindfulness 4. Oxygen – we get it through both exercise and nutrition and the most primary nutrient that we need. 5. Hydration

Easy meal: “I like spicy peppers. If you do not like spicy peppers, get a red pepper. Split it in half, lengthwise. Hollow it out and smash an avocado and load it up. And then in a small bowl, because I have been eating so much of this, I love radicchio. I chop up the radicchio or something like arugula. I chop it up finely like a chopped salad. I chop up olives. I chop up a little onion, a little hotter pepper, a little roasted red pepper, depending on what the base is. And I make this little chopped salad next. Sprouts, always sprouts. And I just put in on top. It is a great portable thing because you do not have to do anything.”

Possession: “My juicer”

Carol's Favorite Books: The Alchemist – Paolo Coelho and Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Best advice received: “Do not be afraid to take a risk.”

Carol's Happiness Formula:

“Create calm in the body, plus clear, plus energized equals happiness.”

“Calm ourselves with our breathe to create clarity, to create mental clarity. So our choices and our decisions are smart and aligned with what we really want.”

“Clearly, we need energy. If we are tired and exhausted and not healthy in our body then we are not going to achieve happiness that lasts, happiness that fulfills us.”

A Challenge from Carol:

“For today, add in one healthy thing a day. If you could have one green juice, one green smoothie, or one meal size green salad, that would be a great step to start working on your energy from a cellular level.”


The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

Big Magic – Elizabeth Gilbert

Jen's Eliminate Overwhelm Guide

Carol's 5-to-Thrive Guide

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