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52: Dig Deep, Listen to Your Gut and Do What You’re Supposed to Do With Your Life (with Loren Brill)

At age 22 Loren Brill found out she had Hodgkins Lymphoma. Cured a year later, Loren decided she REALLY had to start living life as fully as possible. She entered her favorite natural cookie recipe in a contest and won. Now her cookies are in supermarkets across the nation under the Sweet Loren's brand. You'll love hearing Loren's tips for living a vibrant, happy life with 100% dedication (and with zero tolerance for negativity).

Loren is a 32-year-old New York City born and bred foodie and healthy lifestyle entrepreneur. She is the Founder and CEO of Sweet Loren's, a cookie dough company founded on the promise of delicious taste and better-for-you ingredients. Sweet Loren's offers both retail refrigerated cookie dough sold in supermarkets across the country, as well as bulk food service for businesses to bake. Loren is also a certified Hatha Yoga instructor and blogger for the Huffington Post. In her free time Loren loves to travel, laugh, have spontaneous adventures, swim in warm water, cook with friends, try new restaurants, do triathlons, paddle board, wakeboard, ski, spin, paint, and drink good wine..

Nuggets of Wisdom from Loren:

“You miss a hundred percent of the shots you do not take.”

“Fear is really what holds us back most of the time from following our dreams.”

“I realized that in order to build from the ground up, I was going to have to hustle my butt off.”

“But when it is something that you love and it is something that starts growing and has a life of its own, it is something that makes you really happy, it is just this magical combination that has its own driving force and you are just kind of there to guide it along and keep up with it and make sure that it stays on course.”

“It is really important to surround yourself with positive energy and a positive attitude and be gentle on yourself.”

“If you are strong mentally and physically, you can really get through anything. Life becomes really a joy. You feel very empowered.”

Some of Loren‘s Favorite Things:

Personal habit: “Waking up every day and really being grateful and having a clear head. Whether that is a really good workout for you or meditation, but really starting the day grateful with a clear head. And then being able to prioritize.”

Easy meal: “Making plantains. Baking them until soft. And cutting them in the middle and then keep stuffing them with whatever you like. So shredded chicken, shredded vegetables. It's just really easy and delicious and interesting.”

Possession: “A cast iron skillet.”

Loren's Favorite Books: Steve Jobs' Biography

Best advice received: “You've got to be strong.” (Loren's Mom) and “You do not scare me.” (Hoda Kotb)

Loren's Happiness Formula:

“Digging in deep and listening to your gut. Combine that with honoring your dreams. Going for it 100% with a great positive attitude. And making sure that your life is full.”

A Challenge from Loren:

“I challenge anyone listening to let go of fear. To really dig deep and look at their life and see if there is any area where they would want to change and wake up tomorrow and have zero excuses and go after it. To really just throw fear aside.”


Sweet Loren's

Steve Jobs' Biography

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