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83: Claim Your Feminine Power (Mastin Kipp)

Many women play small, staying stuck because they don't know how to become craftsmen of their lives and create true emotional and creative abundance. In this episode guest Mastin Kipp shares the steps for women to become more empowered through cultivating emotion that is shared with the world in the form of service.

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Nuggets of Wisdom from Mastin:

“Not mine, but thy will be done.” ~Jesus

“I’m a recovering Christian or a Christian mystic. Truth is truth is truth.”

“Religion gets in the way of trying to connect to a higher power – [Jesus] was a great spiritual teacher: being willing to die, metaphorically laying life on the line with faith to go after your purpose, paying attention to the signs that are coming, getting out of fight or flight and into a more intuitive mindset.”

“Typically, following your intuition is scary. That’s how great things come to be. When you follow that path and that pattern, the things that you thought you want into your life that are way better than you can possibly imagine – you are going to get through hard times to get there, typically.”

“Claim your power functional life coaching is really about accelerating results. It doesn’t need 10 years in therapy. It’s a cornucopia of how you can move forward. Claim your power is a systems approach to creating accelerated results using the process I just described.”

“What I care about is that whatever you are doing with your life, it brings you emotional wealth and you are lit up by it.”

Some of Mastin's Favorite Things:

“Nighttime routine is solid. Wake up at 4 or 5am. Epsom salt bath. Cardio. Meditation. Gym-lifting. Parasympathetic activities of massage, yoga, stretching…”

“I’m a creature of habit. I do everything I can to make sure my routine is on point.”

Favorite Book: Headstrong by Dave Asprey

What does it mean to be a Vibrant Happy Man?

“A vibrant happy man creates safe spaces for feminine beings. Masculine and feminine are not genders – they are energies! Masculinity is not some macho thing, but some cool, calm presence that’s unwavering, it doesn’t move. To me, that’s what it means to be a vibrant and masculine man is all about: being a safe landing space. Men need to be a container when feminine energy is coming out – to listen without trying to fix and solve and to try to understand why using the phrase, ‘Tell me more.'”

A Challenge from Mastin:

Goddess Hour (Hero Hour): “Find an hour and sit down and ask yourself 2 questions: ‘How am I feeling?' and ‘What do I need?' And then to spend the next 20 minutes to an hour giving yourself what you need.”


Claim Your Power

Daily Love: Growing Intro Grace

Female Brain by Luanne Brezendon


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