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How to Choose How You Want to Feel

Have you ever paused to consider this question: How do I want to feel? What if you could choose how you feel each day by setting your intentions. 

So often we are caught up in our daily to-do’s, taking care of everyone else’s needs or hustling to work and getting our kids ready for school, and we forget that we can choose how we want to feel. We don’t have to let our emotions be determined by our circumstances! We get to choose.

So, where do you want to fall on the spectrum of emotions?

Do you want to hover around the low end of the spectrum feeling shame, worry or frustration? Wouldn't you rather spend most of your time on the high vibe end of the spectrum where love, joy, contentment and peace are found?

We all grow up learning the energy modeled by our parents. What was the energy and mood of the home you were raised in? 

Your children are watching you constantly whether you realize it or not and they are modeling you. And modeling your energy. What emotional energy do you want to help create in your home? Is it the same as you had growing up or do you want to uplevel that energy in some way?

As you uplevel your energy and mood, guess what? Your spouse, your children, and others who may live with you will uplevel as well. It’s just a fact.


If you put your happiness first, your happiness will spread and trickle into everyone else around you! Isn’t that awesome? If you think about it, time invested in your happiness is actually a gift to your family as well. It isn’t selfish. It is an important part of creating the vibe in your family and in your home. This living simply is the key to a happier life. 

I invite you to set an intention to make time for your happiness. Self-care, morning routines, enough sleep, developing your skills, finding those things that light you up — all these things can fill you with happiness, contentment, and joy. Almost like magic, you will see that when you feel this way, others around you will catch that spark! 

You deserve to feel AMAZING! 

If you want help getting to where you want to be emotionally, join us in the Vibrant Happy Women Club! We work weekly on how to uplevel our emotions. Visit jenriday-club to find out more.


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About jen

Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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