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How to use a Wheel Of Happiness

The Wheel of Happiness is a tool that is designed to help you live a more balanced life in each of 12 areas. Check out the 12 areas below:

wheel of happiness

How do you rate yourself in the area of Self Love? Or in the areas of Health or Family? Do you have a perfect, balanced circle? Or is your circle a little lopsided and lumpy as you discover where you rate yourself on each part?


Here’s a little gift from me to you. Get your own free, printable version of my Wheel of Happiness. As you fill out your own wheel, it will become clear to you in what area (or areas) you need to do a little growing. It can serve as a guide as you set personal goals for the new year — or anytime. 


When you invest time in yourself and focus on how to grow in each of these areas, you will experience the joy of fulfillment and accomplishment. Why? Because as humans, we are wired for growth! When there’s no growth in these areas, you feel EMPTY. Maybe you feel like you lack purpose. And you definitely don’t feel fulfilled.

Review my video and hear exactly how to use the Wheel of Happiness to help you balance your needs in your own life.


In the Vibrant Happy Women Club, we will be working on ALL 12 parts of the Wheel over the course of this whole year. We will be working together to uplevel our thoughts. Why is this important? Well, your thoughts determine your feelings and your feelings determine actions. Actions produce results. You can’t grow through willpower alone. You will start to have new thoughts, beliefs and identities in each segment of the Wheel as you learn and use tools that we work on together in the Club.


Your reality will change just by you changing your thoughts and beliefs! Isn’t that a reassuring statement? You don't have to remain stuck and empty. Join us in the Club and see what the Wheel of Happiness growth can do for you.


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About jen

Jen Riday is a mom of 6 and life coach who loves to help women experience massive happiness as they let go of stress, sadness or other chronic emotions of negativity.

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Lost track of what makes you happy? This free video training will teach you how to implement the boundaries you need so you can feel happier. 

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Lost track of what makes you happy?

Learn how to implement the boundaries you need so you can feel happier.


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